Look At This!

I am pleased to forward to you the link to an interview posted on the Bluebell Books website today featuring my book, Be Still. It is a wonderful surprise that it happened to come out on my birthday! I am honored to participate on their awesome site, and to be able to contribute my stories and poems with others from all over the world. Please stop by and visit Bluebell Books when you have time.

Click here to read the interview —> Bluebell Books: Sunday Interview

Please note: While they are very much appreciated, this post is not a solicitation for birthday greetings. However, donations may be sent to… KIDDING!!


  1. Sherry Mashburn said

    Great interview!!

  2. ShirleyAnderson said

    Great interview Charlie! I enjoy everything you write. What is this????
    It’s your Birthday? Dang! you’re 2 months younger than me 😦 Happy Birthday to you and I wish you many, many more.

    • I think there were only a couple of people in our high school class that were (are) younger than me. Thank you! I’ll be glad stick around for a bunch more years!

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