And The Winna Is…

Sometimes dreams are fun, sometimes not so much. I find it interesting that sometimes we awaken remembering dreams vividly, and other times they haunt us by being just beyond our ability to reel them in. I also find it interesting that psychologists and researchers pretend to be able to “interpret” dreams. Yeah, right. Next thing you know, people will be claiming they can predict the weather. But enough of this interpreting nonsense; what about mood swings? 

I was doing some research—okay, it isn’t really research; I was just thinking about stuff—and it seems to me our lives are a constant roller coaster ride. We’re high on life one minute, feeling like we can kick the giant’s butt with a yo-yo in one hand and a popsicle in the other, then the next minute we feel lower than old gravy on the bottom shelf of a broken refrigerator. Know what I mean?

But I think I’ve discovered the problem—or discovered the answer might be a better way to say it. It’s all about energy levels. I contend if we keep our energy level up, our attitude will maintain a good level, as well. I know when I’m at my lowest ebb mentally and spiritually it’s usually directly related to my physical state of being. If I feel good physically, I’m sharp mentally, and that usually means I’m feeling good about life in general.

So, all that said, I conclude the answer is… drum roll, please: more naps!  BAH DUM BUMP! I do believe I’ll go slide into my Big Comfy chair.


  1. Sherry Mashburn said

    Ha! Should have known where this was leading!!! BTW, very disturbing visual on the old gravy (everyone out there: we do NOT have old gravy on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator!).

  2. And don’t forget EATING!!! Hah, I’m a big fan of eating… but seriously i have taken some time to realise that if i’m seemingly very anxious or sad or angry or just generally feeling prone to angsty-ness… Very often if i have a good sandwich or a bowl of soup, or maybe even a good wedge of cake… the issues all feel like they’ve been halved…. do you think this might just be that I’m comfort eating… or is it the energy thing you’re talking about? (cause i think it’s also important to have a good food attitude… don’t wanna go binge eating or getting too caught up in gluttony) hmm…. also… the whole dream thing….. I am so confused by dreams, and it’s the most maddening thing when the memory of one seems just out of reach… my dreams are normally quite odd. :] xx

    • Wouldn’t it be outrageous if we could record our dreams and play them back in the morning! STORY IDEA!
      Definitely comfort food. No… soup and sandwich… no… definitely NOT comfort food. Don’t get me started.
      The thing to do for angstyness is write. I can write some really good stuff when I’m on any kind of emotional high (or low).

  3. Faye said

    I liked the yo-yo and popsicle analogy. I could write a long time about dreams. You are right. It would be interesting to record them and play them back the next day. Did you have a particularing interesting one lately to bring on this post? Just wondering…

    • Those analogies come from out of nowhere sometimes. I write them, then go back and say, “where’d that come from?”
      No, no dreams that startled this little piece into being. I don’t pay much attention to dreams, except when I wake up mad because of one. Those kind take some work to shake off somethimes.
      Have a great day, Faye!

  4. Faye said

    Thank you Charlie! You have a blessed day too!

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