The Lake

The Jingle Poetry Potluck theme this week is “Passionate Nights of Love”, and this poem I wrote in 1995 fits the theme quite well, I think. I was inspired to write it one November morning as I drove to work, my mind on what a lucky man I was to have recently met Sherry, my loving and awesome wife. My route those days took me past Decker Lake (near Austin), and on this cool morning a mist was gently rising from the still water. As I passed a cove near the road, I saw a fish jump, and a new poem for Sherry began to wander through my mind. I was writing lots of poems in those days; most of them for and inspired by her. Our anniversary is coming up this week, so I think it only fitting I honor her by sharing this poem with all of you.


The Lake


As I watch the steam rise from the lake

I think of the sweet love we made

We lay there, our bodies cooling

Like a runner who’s stopped in the shade


The water is smooth and it glistens

In the early morning sun

Like your eyes as you gaze up at me

Telling me I’m the only one


A fish jumps, the silence is broken

You sigh as you lay in my arms

Ripples spread in widening circles

I feel the flutter of your quick beating heart


Water laps soft on the shore now

I hear the soft call of a dove

As I drift off into slumber

You whisper sweet dreams, my love


In a few moments the water is still

The lake again calm and serene

You sleep with your head on my shoulder

My eyes close, I slip into dreams


Copyright © 1995 C. Mashburn



  1. Sherry Mashburn said

    I love you

  2. booguloo said

    Very nice.

  3. Morning said

    super sweet..

    keep love burning.

  4. Thanks a lot for your beautiful contributions to poetry potluck…

    superb talent, keep it coming.

    • I appreciate the opportunity to be a part of this group of talented folks.
      Thank you for the visit and comments/compliments!

  5. TheMsLvh said

    very romantic Charles. Nice!

  6. thingy said

    How lovely. Gentle and sweet. : )

  7. awwww how romantic!!! the setting, the feeling, the tenderness evoked in those lines!!! AWESOME!!! 🙂

    Happy potluck!!!

  8. Andy said

    This is utterly beautiful, Charles.
    You’re a man after my own heart…I frequently pen poems for my wife. She’s not yet agreed to share any of them though.

    You had me laughing with your comment on Remove These Satin Sheets…. I was actually jumping for joy when I realized what the theme was for tonight!

    I have two entries tonight. This one is definitely for the late nighters!
    Make Sweet Love To Me

    Thanks for sharing & for the visits too. I appreciate your feedback.
    Enjoy Potluck!

    • I’ve written hundreds of poems for Sherry in the sixteen years we’ve been together. This is the first one I’ve shared on my blog.
      Thanks for the links to your poems. I read and commented on “Make Sweet Love To Me” this morning. Another good one.
      Your visits and comments are always appreciated here!

  9. How lovely and romantic!

  10. Mr. Watson said

    Great Job. Picture painted perfectly !

  11. PhotoDiction said

    How very romantic! And wonderful how love remains and the ripples continue to emanate. Happy anniversary 🙂

    • Thank you for the anniversary wishes.
      Thank you, also, for the visit and wonderful comments!

  12. Lyn said

    A beautiful picture of a sweet love..lovely details, quite visual!

  13. mairmusic said

    Just too lovely– and reading her comment I know you must be perfect together. Happy Anniversary!

    • Thanks for the anniversary wishes, and yes, we are.
      Thanks for the visit and wonderful comments!

  14. Sweet and soothing, like real love and love-making are. Well written, C.

  15. Ina said

    Beautiful tribute to love! And Happy Aniversary!

  16. Dave said

    Very nice and like you said you’re a lucky man. Myself, not so lucky.

    • Sorry to hear that Dave–about your luck–but I say we should never gve up.
      Thanks for the visit and comment!

  17. terri0729 said

    Charles, I really like your poem too! Sweet, sentimental and romantic all in one. Great job!

  18. kez said

    beautiful tribute to your wife and of your love ( happy anniversary ) thanks for visiting my blog and your kind comments, have since written a light hearted one on this theme if you read it hope it makes you smile many thanks again x

    • Thanks for the visit, comments and anniversary wishes.
      I did read your lighthearted poem, and enjoyed it.

  19. What an endearing tribute to your love with Sherry … appreciate you sharing with us. Happy Anniversary, newlyweds!!!

  20. Isn’t it nice to be able to write of love and a life shared.

    • It is a priveledge and a blessing to be able to do so, Donna. I am truly blessed.
      Thank yu for the visit and wonderful comments!

  21. caridwen said

    You definitely recreate a scene beautifully. .. but I can’t help but wonder about the bugs!!! :oO

    • Well, Cari. I didn’t put any bugs in the poem, an this scene by the lake was merely a daydream as I drove to work that morning. The lake was real, the steam was real, the fish was real; but Sherry and I were not there beside the lake. Bugs! That’s funny. We should have a theme “bugs” one week. It would be interesting to see what everyone could come up with.
      Thanks for the visit and comments!

  22. Larry said

    Ahhh, you make me feel young again. Thank you for your comments on my Blog, Old Man and the Syllables.


    • You’re as young as you think you are! we just have to ignore the creaky bones sometimes!
      You’re welcome, Larry, and thank you, too! I appreciate the visit and comments a bunch!

  23. What a sweet and wonderfully soft memory. Beautifully crafted into prose. Sensual and charming.

  24. Seabell said

    I was reading your poem and thinking how interesting is when the way we feel changes our perception of things… Really nice!

    • And that is so true. attitude is everything when it ocmes to writing about love.
      Thank you for the visit and nice comments!

  25. Beautiful! 🙂 … one of the best ways to honor someone important in your life!

  26. such a wonderful expression of true love. great write.

  27. Kay Salady said

    Oh, Charles! The poetry written from the heart is absolute divinity. Thank you so very much for sharing the passion for your love here with us. May it continue to blossom!

    • Sherry is actually the reason I write. I started writing poems for her when we met, and my writing–like our love for each other–just continues to grow and grow.
      Thank you for the visit and wonderful comments, Kay!

  28. Heaven said

    sweet and lovely ~

  29. kaykuala said

    How fitting and most apt. Ever thankful and appreciative of that one person who has stayed by you all these years. Not many can own up to this. They never experience the bliss of married life which is a monopoly of the being that cares – a rare person these days. Sincere regards to Sherry and you Charles, and a Happy Anniversary!

    P/S You are a treasure trove of poetry gems. Putting you on my blog list straight away.

    • Thank you so much for these awesome and wonderful comments and compliments, Hank. And especially, thank you for the anniversary wishes.
      Your compliment about my being a treasure trove of poetry gems is humbly and greatfully accepted and appreciated.
      Thank you for putting me on your blog list. Your visit has capped my day quite gloriously!

  30. this is extremely beautiful. Very very nice.

  31. Happy Anniversary to you and your wife, Charles!

    So pretty and romantic! This is a beautiful poem. I was wondering, from your intro, how you would fit the fish in. Nicely done.

    The rhythm you chose got me thinking of a very famous poem, “Die Lorelei.” by Heinrich Heine. One of the stanzas seems to fit the mood of your poem:

    “The faint air cools in the gloaming,
    And peaceful flows the Rhine,
    The thirsty summits are drinking
    The sunset’s flooding wine;”

    (translated by Mark Twain.)

    • Thank you, Elaine for the anniversary wishes.
      And a big thank you for the wonderful comments. When someone compares my writing to a famous poet–for any reason–I have to say, “Are you kidding me?” I don’t consider myself a poet, you see. In fact, I think I’m just an ordinary guy who lets his feelings spill out in a somwhat poetic form. (Sherry rolls her eyes at me when I say stuff like that.)
      You are right though, the stanza you posted in your comment does have the same feel and similar content.
      I am overwelmed by your comments. Thank you so much for visiting my blog. Do come back, please!

      • The comments are my pleasure Charles, especially when you are offering such good work to enjoy. I think Sherry is right to roll her eyes.

        Of course, modesty about one’s own work probably keeps things in perspective, which may even help keep the work better.

        I had a professor in college who told me that it was a long time that he was writing poetry before he was even telling anyone that he wrote poetry, and even a longer time before he would dare to call himself.a poet. And by the time he said that to me, he had quite a bit of published poetry.

        I will call myself a poet because I feel it’s a pretty big part of who I am, but it takes guts, especially since my blog is the closest thing I have so far to published poetry, (unless you count some rhapsodic language that has crept its way into a couple of magazine articles I wrote), but I, too, am sort of bowled over when anyone names a famous poet for any reason in connection with my work.

        I am glad you see what I meant with the “Lorelei” verse, in any case.

      • Thanks again, Elaine. I am very cautious about refering to my self as a writer, or poet. Everything I write is pretty much raw and off the cuuf, and if it’s good, it’s because I have done it so much it has evolved. I do admit to having a way with words, and I love to exercise my talent to the degree I can. Words such as yours are very encouraging, and they, along with my love of doing it, keep me writing. Now if I could just figure out how to make money at it!

  32. Well first let me say Happy Anniversary! Much love to you and your dearest for many more years together.
    This is beautiful, Charles. I love how you mix scenery with a love scene, giving images from nature to portray love making and the emotions you leave inside this rich piece just makes me sigh aloud. Thanks for that. You pen beautifully!

    • Thank you for the anniversary wishes, Kellie. And thank you for the beautiful comments. I am thriled when one of my poems illicits such thoughtful response from a reader. Thank you again, and I hope you have a wonderful day. You and some of your feloow poets have started mine out wonderfully with the comments and complimants you left last night.

  33. Soooo romantic…lovely memories for you!

    • Yes, we have many wonderful memories together.
      Thanks again for visiting and commenting!

  34. the best way to slip into a dream … sweet and delicate!

  35. Very, very, very nice. A great gentle touch. An enjoyable read. Thank you too for the visit.

    • A three-very! Thanks, Henry! I appreciate your visit and very much appreciate the very nice comments!!
      And, you are quite welcome for the visit to your blog. I enjoy your writing. You have a unique style/voice, and I can easily relate and understand the things you write. The piece you have up now–The Empty Space–is beautiful; it’s simple and straight forward, yet very deep. I like that. I am a big fan of your writing.

  36. Manoj Kewalramani said

    Ahh this is so beautiful… brilliant stuff!!

  37. Manoj Kewalramani said

    I have to say one more thing to say… when i read you poems and then i read my stuff; i can feel the joy that your words.. the amount of love… and i can contrast it with the angst that my stuff has… ahh and i hope that i too can write about the good times the way you do 🙂

    wish you guys a happy anniversary (found that out from the comments :))

    • When I write, I try to write like I am the only one who will ever read it. I write these poems to, and for, my wife, as if they are private letters to her. When I do that, I can let my feelings and love flow freely into the words I put on the page. I must tell you, I have written many poems from other emotional perspectives as well. When I am angry, or sad, or mad, I don’t hold it in, I let it out and see what happens. I do the same when I am writing a short story or novel.
      You will write of the good times, my firend. I predict there are many in front of you.
      Thank you for the anniversary well wishes, and thanks, too, for the comments and discussion.

  38. With your words I could see the scene, perfectly! Nice one.


    • Your comments make me smile. If you have seen the scene I’ve tried to paint with my words, then I have done my job. Thank you for the visit and great comments!

  39. blitzken said

    Lovely imagery! Enjoyed that. Hope you do mine as well:

    • Thank you! I appreciate the visit and comments, and yes, I enjoyed the visit to your blog, as well as your poems!

  40. Irene said

    Dreamy and romantic, makes the reader feel all nice..

  41. manicddaily said

    You have a lucky wife!

    (And she probably feels pretty lucky too.)

  42. Miss Kitten said

    That was lovely. Just lovely. Sweet and full of tenderness. Love your rhymes!

    • Thank you, Miss Kitten! Your visit and comments are most appreciated and lovely!!

  43. lolamouse said

    Lovely and sweet! And so nice to read that it’s inspired by a real life love, it seems! How wonderful!

    • It is inspired by a real life love, and the love is truly awesome.
      Thank you for the visit and wonderful comments!

  44. How lovely. 🙂 A fine choice of words and vivid imagery. Loved it.

  45. Chelsea Bets said

    Very honest. Thanks for sharing it. 🙂

  46. deadpoet88 said

    Very heartfelt poem, one can feel the love in it. Well written, took me to a dream world!

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