22 Holes! – And One Big Dent?

Yes, there was more to this tale. I was mortified at the thought of facing my dad when I got home that afternoon, but what I didn’t know is this screw-up had only just begun.

What happened next was—I can say this now—downright comical. (To read the first part of this sordid tale, click here —> 22 Holes! In One Tire? )

I made it through the rest of the afternoon; I was a mad-man at football practice, taking out my fear and frustration on anyone that crossed my path; Coach Ramsey was impressed.

When I arrived at the gas station, the same guy was still there, and he was grinning like a possum as he came rolling the new tire out of the work area. I scowled at him as he went by, then watched as he put the tire into the back of the El Camino. The way he accomplished that little chore impressed my sixteen-year-old mind greatly.

He lifted the tire about a foot off the ground, then dropped it. The tire bounced into the air, he grabbed it in one sweetly smooth motion and guided it into the back of the truck. I looked at him, my mouth open and eyes wide, and he just shrugged and grinned even bigger. All the way home, I was thinking about the way he bounced that tire; it was as though it got into the pickup by magic!

Okay, you probably know where this is going, but let me remind you that in Arizona, we had a border all the way around the yard, so when the irrigation man flooded it once a week, the water would stay in the yard and soak in.

I pulled up in front of the house, jumped out of the truck, wanting to get the tire changed before the old man got home. I grabbed the tire, swung it out of the El Camino, and dropped it. The tire hit the border around the yard, and WHAM it slammed into the side of the pickup.

I was nearly in tears as I stood staring at a half-moon shaped dent in the rear quarter-panel of the El Camino. “Holy crap!” I screamed. (Did I mention the El Camino was fairly new?)

My brain kicked into teenage survival mode, and I raced around to the store room, where I kept my body and fender tools. Yes, I had some—I think I mentioned in my “Go Get The Drew Twins” story that I was in the never ending process of fixing up my Austin Healey.

Amazingly, I was able to bang the dent out in no time at all, and got the tools put away and the tire changed before the old man got home; just barely.

He pulled up as I was finishing, and he had his buddy Dave with him. The Austin Healey was small—a two-seater—and Dave was a big guy (my dad wasn’t small, but Dave dwarfed him) so they looked like Magilla Gorilla and King Kong stuffed into the little car. As they extricated themselves from confines of the tiny car, I was horrified to see, in the small space behind them, what, I had no doubt, was the tire with 22 holes in it.

The old man grabs the tire with one hand, walks around to the back of the El Camino and drops the tailgate. Setting the tire on the tailgate, he says to Dave, “C”mere, Dave. Lemme show you what my boy did.”

My faced turned the color of the El Camino.

Did I mention that the El Camino was a beautiful deep maroon?

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