This Eden

Jingle Poetry has moved to a new site, and is now “The Gooseberry Garden”. The poem I’m posting today is a new one –I wrote it Friday–and is in response to the theme they’ve chosen this week, “Adam and Eve”. I think you might be surprised at what I’ve done with the topic. The poem is another one for Sherry, as we continue celebrating our life together. I hope you enjoy it.

This Eden


The date of our beginning together

Came and went last week

And it caused me to reflect once again

On something that has often crossed my mind


What if? I sometimes wonder

We had met when we were young

Would our years together now be forty or more

Would our love have been as great then


And what if our beginning had been the beginning

I wonder had you been Eve and I Adam

To have had the whole world and God’s awesome love

Just you and me with all creation to share


Would we have fallen to the serpent’s snare

Believed his lies and tricks

Perhaps it would have been so

But even then we would still have had each other


These dreams of what might have been

Though wonderful to think upon

Mean nothing, for now is all that matters

You and I forever in this Eden we’ve been given


Copyright © 2011 C. Mashburn


  1. Sherry Mashburn said

    I sometimes wonder if any other couples have anything like we have, and I hope they do. The past sixteen years have been wonderful, and I love this “Eden” you have created for us here.

  2. wow. very nice work. I dig highly.

  3. robin said

    now is all that matters… 😉

  4. Awwwwwwwwwww!!!! It says a lot to have wished to have met sooner just to hold each other longer, now that is really true love 🙂
    LOVE IT!!!!!

  5. These dreams of what might have been
    Though wonderful to think upon
    Mean nothing, for now is all that matters
    You and I forever in this Eden we’ve been given

    Amen to that and congratulations on 16 happy years, may you celebrate many more.

    • Thank you for the well wishes, Anna.
      Your visit and nice comments are very much appreciated!

  6. You and your wife sound like an amazing couple! Nicely written!

  7. Beautiful! 🙂

  8. booguloo said

    Anniversaries are always great times for reflection and appreciation for one another. Happy, happy.

  9. TheMsLvh said

    Just beautiful! Your love pours out in this poem. Very nice. Loved the story!

  10. aynsley7 said

    Oh that is so sweet!
    Perfection for the theme!
    I’m so glad you and your Eve are so happy together 🙂

  11. terri0729 said

    Charles, I really liked it! Beautiful thoughts, I think these types of things too. I’ve concluded that Mark and I got together at exactly the time that God intended and our love for each other would not be what it is had we met when we were younger. Blessings 🙂

    • That is awesome, Terri. I wish everyone could experience the wonders of a truly devoted partner in this life. I am so happy to hear that you and Mark have found happiness with each other!
      Thank you for the visit and wonderful comments!

  12. What a lovely poem!

  13. kez said

    beautiful thank you x

  14. SiNA said

    I like the whole idea of reflecting upon a love of yesterday’s. this in particular has captured that pretty well. Adam & Eve touch is real nice.
    well done.


  15. Beautiful. I like the thoughts you ponder here. We do indeed create our own Eden and it can be just as wonderful…and just as deceiving as well. Nice, lovely writing here. Enjoyed very much. Thank you.

  16. Padmavani said

    Hello Charles

    What a beautiful poem and it is a personal one too which adds to the poignancy. Sherry’s validation is the cherry on the cake. How absolutely adorable is this whole experience.

    Loved it!

  17. caridwen said

    Beautiful – what a great anniversary gift! :o)

    • Yes, Cari (guessing that’s your name?) I do believe my wife enjoys being married to a poet (I use the term–poet–quite loosely, mind you).
      Thank you for the visit and nice comment!

  18. tigerbrite said

    Just lovely.

  19. sooo sweet of you 🙂

  20. Charles, I wish you and Sherry the best. It seems you already have your Eden. Beautiful thoughts expressed in poetry.

    • Thank you for the well wishes, Dan. We appreciate them very much. We are very happy.
      Thanks for the visit, comments, and beautiful sentiments!

  21. This is a wonderful and beautiful tribute to your wife and marriage. It fit well with the prompt. I enjoyed it very much.
    Unforunately, marriages don’t always have a happy ending. I can atest to that with many friends and relatives; right before my eyes. I wrote about it back in July. Hope you don’t mind .. I will post it here for you in the event that you’d like to read it. Still working on my challenge ~~: – O

    Happy Anniversary ….

    • Thank you very much for the visit, comments and especially the well wishes. We both understand the fact that many marriages do not have happy endings. As you might guess, this is not our first.
      I read and commented on your story. I like it and wish you and your husband many more years of happiness. Say the number proudly!

  22. manicddaily said

    Very sweet. Glad there’s no serpent!

    • Oh, he’s passed by, but if he comes back, he’d best be wearing a really good disguise.
      Thanks for the visit and nice comments!

  23. Beautiful. I do believe in love and everything is the way that is is because it was meant to be this way. Apple or no apple. 🙂
    Your love for each other is wonderful.

  24. Cute! Very romantic and pure. Cheers!

  25. Pat Cegan said

    charming, true and well done, what could be better! You, two are very blessed. Hugs, pat

  26. Fountains said

    Yes, charming was the first word I thought of. This shows the innocent and romantic side of love.

  27. magical and sweet.

    keep smiling, stay blessed.


  28. Very nice, Charles, to see the present is better than the “perhaps.”

  29. Absolutely beautiful–wonderful use of imagery and allusion.

    • Thank you so much, Angela! Your visit and beautiful comments are very much appreciated!

  30. You and Sherry are very blessed, Charles! I believe this is exactly as God planned marriage to be … a gift to each other and the atmosphere Eden! Timing is all part of the plan … thankfully, neither of you missed the cue!! To many more lovely years in Eden!!

    • Yes we are, Becca! And we, too, believe that all things before brought us to the now we are in. God had it planned all along–we firmly believe that. And I couldn’t miss the cue; she had a sign!!
      Thank you for the visit and wonderful comments!

  31. Many ponder the “what ifs” because they have regrets. It’s nice to see the only regret is in the yearning for more time together. A lovely “love” poem.

    • We don’t really regret any of it, Ginny. We figure it worked out just the way it waas suposed to. I actually doubt if she could have handled who I used to be, and all life’s before’s came together to make me who I am todaay (reasonably tolerable).
      Thanks for the visit and great comments!

  32. Gigi Ann said

    So nice to see you and Sherry have spend sixteen great years together. And what a nice poem to your sweetheart.

  33. stay married, remain positive and happy.

    thanks for visiting me…

    • We will! Thanks!
      And you’re welcome!
      I had to go back and read that first one a couple more times. It kind of left me speechless the first couple times I read it.

  34. Very sweet and hope-filled. I’ll know that Eden when I reach it. The when could take a while, though 😉

    • It sometimes takes a while to get there, but the journey is well worth it!
      Thanks, David!

  35. Oh, how lovely! What gorgeous imagery… “You and I forever in this Eden we’ve been given”… I love it!

  36. Heaven said

    Very lovely share.. specially these lines:

    Mean nothing, for now is all that matters

    You and I forever in this Eden we’ve been given

    • Thank you, so much! Your visit and wonderful comments are very much appreciated.

  37. thingy said

    My gosh, this is so beautiful. : )

  38. Very clever take on the prompt, very enjoyable poem. Loved it.
    The Lonely Recluse.

  39. mairmusic said

    You are lucky indeed.

  40. Kay Salady said

    They say, “all the world loves a stage”. However, I do believe we lean more toward love. As ever, just lovely Charles.

    • I believe love is everything. I might add, I have not always believed that.
      Thanks for the visit and the beautiful comment.

  41. Stafford said

    I think we create our own ‘garden of Eden’ and just as well because in the Biblical one the Lion would have starved to death! 🙂
    I note you are later life partners and quote Frank Sinatra. “Love is lovelier the second time around”. Good stuff!

    • Yes, this is not our first rodeo. We got it right this time!
      Thanks for the visit and great comments!

  42. hey… lovely read… would’ve loved more on the serpent’s snare…:-)…

  43. Seabell said

    Really nice way to put it: live the present in the paradise where we live…

    • That’s the best way, love in the present. Leave the past behind and move ever forward.
      Thanks for the visit and nice comment!

  44. Irene said

    Your poem is very touching. May you have more happy and blessed years together. God bless! 🙂

    • Thank you, Irene. Your visit, comment and well wishes are very much appreciated!

  45. “Would we have fallen to the serpent’s snare” … I like this line. I haven’t heard of the Poetry Picnic, but I’d like to link up. I accidentally wrote an Adam and Eve poem yesterday; you may enjoy it. I’d love to have some feedback!

    • I see on your poem that you found the picnic. I like the poem, and was going to comment, but got sidetrack when I went back to Gooseberry to see if you’d posted it there. I didn’t find it, but probably just missed it.
      Thank you so much for your visit to my blog, and for the wonderful comments!

  46. shail said

    The date of ‘our. beginning is close at hand and your lines remind me of of the same ‘Eden’ here and now. 🙂

    • Thank you. I don’t know what you were doing with the word “our”, (It shows as ‘our. but I think you are probably correct in that the new beginning is at hand.
      Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting on the poem!

  47. As I read your words I felt joy in my heart.
    Real love exists.
    Thank you!

    • Yes it does, Sara! I’m glad my poem brought you joy! That is a blessing to me!
      Thank you for the visit and wonderful comment!

  48. mbwilliams said

    “And what if our beginning had been the beginning”
    love this line – so insightful. Perhaps it was?

  49. Chimnese said

    we can learn from the adam & eve….they set the path for us whehther love or life…great take on this theme.

  50. Miss Kitten said

    Adam and Eve do teach a valuable lesson about love. Yes, they had it all, and yes they were kicked out of paradise. But they got through it and still had each other. Well done!

    • Thank you, Miss Kitten! Your visit and thoughtful coments are very much appreciated!

  51. Rekha said

    This is so beautiful…makes so much sense not to linger on “had-been” but on the beauty of togetherness that exists in the today. It is intriguing and enchanting how most readers seem to get something different out of the same set of words. Sorry I am late..hope to the first or atleast the second to comment on your work for once. 🙂

    • Thank you, Rekha! Yes it is interesting how each reader might see something different in the same words. To me, that is what poetry and writing are about. I think as we read a poem or story, the images it brings to mind–and the meanings it impartsus–are uniquely our own. I may see the garden and happiness, another may see the serpent and evilness. It is all in the individual perspective recieved as the words are read, and all of them are correct! This, my friend, is how I believe it should be!
      Don’t concern yourself with when you comment! I am thrilled you take time to read and comment, no matter when it might be!

  52. Dave said

    Congratulations. Interesting questions. Thanks Charles.

  53. Morning said

    brilliant, right to the point.

    thanks for the continued love to poetry picnic,
    keep shining.
    keep sharing.

    • Thank you for the visit and comments! I intend to continue to be a part of your wonderful site. Thank you for providing such a nice venue for writers to share their work.

  54. Larry said

    Summing up a lot in your poem. What a great viewpoint.


  55. I can imagine the expression on her face while reading this. Worthwhile read.


    • It was aa follow up to one I gave her earlier in the week on our anniversary. I Am Loved. And the look on her face–both times–was wonderful!
      Thanks for the visit and comments!

  56. dani said

    there’s nothing like being in love with a poet and/or loved by a poet. ♥ i love imagining the two of you as Adam and Eve! an original and romantic poem from the heart! love it ♥

    • Thanks, Dani! I think it’s awesome being the poet, and I know Sherry loves it!
      Appreciate the visit and wonderful comments!

  57. Just as lovely the second time around 🙂
    Happy Rally!

  58. These dreams of what might have been
    Though wonderful to think upon
    Mean nothing, for now is all that matters
    You and I forever in this Eden we’ve been given…

    …indeed…enchanting write.

  59. fiveloaf said

    reflective but very well said- gosh you do not need anymore comments than is already here! 🙂

  60. uma said

    Yes true…sometimes past is scary with the serpent around

  61. lolamouse said

    Lovely thoughts. Congratulations on finding love-whenever and wherever you find it!

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