Popcorn and Soda Pop

We weren’t really poor when I was a kid, but I’d guess we were lower middle class, or maybe upper lower class, when it came to our standard of living. It really doesn’t matter, because in spite of some bad stuff, we were happy for the most part. I credit Mom for that. This story is about one of the little things she did that made those times special.

She amazes me these days, because when I lift her up and put her on the pedestal where I feel she belongs, she complains and says she doesn’t deserve it. She has the nerve to tell me she doesn’t think she was that good a mom. I can’t believe she doesn’t know how great she was, and still is. She says she made mistakes; well, duh! Didn’t everyone, doesn’t everyone, make mistakes?

What Mom doesn’t realize is we don’t remember the mistakes; we probably don’t even know about many of them. What we remember is how much she loved us, and we don’t remember her love because of all the big things she did, or the things she bought for us; things I know she had to sacrifice so we could have them. She probably doesn’t realize that I noticed she did without things and worked extra shifts at hard and sometimes meaningless jobs just so I could have the things I wanted.

No, what we remember are the little things; things like popcorn and soda pop. We didn’t do it often, and maybe that’s why it was such a treat, but every once in awhile, mom would buy a six-pack of soda pop—usually Barq’s in a variety of flavors, so we could all have our favorite. Then she would make a big batch of popcorn. This was before microwave popcorn, and even Jiffy Pop, so popcorn was done in the big pan. It was exciting watching her shake that pan—the lid clanging—so the popped kernels wouldn’t stick to the bottom of the pan.

Then we would sit in the floor, have popcorn and soda pop, and watch whatever was on television. (Yes we had television way back then, even though we didn’t have microwaves yet!) That’s the kind of things I remember; just a little thing, but a special time, with Mom and my sister and brothers.

You’re the best Mom!


  1. Sherry Mashburn said

    Great story! This also brings back memories of my family and the “little” things are what I remember most.

  2. I think moms are the best that happen to us! I personally adore my mom and she like yours sometimes says she isn’t good enough mom, but this is what good mothers usually say, they always want the best for their kids and always think they haven’t provided enough! Enjoyed reading this post Charles!

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