She Sat Alone

So, you’re not in the mood for laughter today? Then pull up a chair, set a box of tissues on the table, and get ready to have your heart strangled and torn into tiny pieces, as you read this poem based on my short story, “A Box of Moonpies”. The story is almost 4000 words long, so you’re not likely to see it on my blog. If you’d like to read it, let me know. If there’s enough interest, I’ll post it.

She Sat Alone

She sat by the bed, gently holding his hand

Her other hand covered red eyes

Choking back tears, she muffled great sobs

With heart heaving, soul wrenching sighs

Don’t leave me she thought, and tried not to show

The fear that played in brown eyes

Smiling, she joked ‘bout things they had done

Her laughter and smiles were but lies

She placed a small finger upon his dry lips

Said, I love you, you dear gentle man

He smiled with his eyes, said, yes love I know

With a sweet gentle squeeze of his hand

The time was too short for this sad last goodbye

For too long these two were in love

No fairness your leaving, was all she could think

Of this man she’d not had enough of

How could you, she asked, go and leave me alone

His hand slipped from hers as he died

Yet, she knew from her heart, he never would go

She sat alone and softly she cried


Copyright © 1998 C. Mashburn



  1. Sherry Mashburn said

    Beautiful, Charlie

  2. antomaniax said

    Very nice poem!

  3. Thinking of a time when this would be mine
    I understand the sadness of your state of mind.
    Time will move your thought of sadness to another
    realm and you will come back, now and then…
    only now and then.
    Thanks for sharing you poetry.

  4. terri0729 said

    I didn’t plan on crying today! But I did. Mark said the he dreamed one night that we went together and I told him that I was going to hold him too it 🙂 I think this is the biggest fear for those of us who love another so deeply and we cannot think of life without them. As a matter of fact, I stay far away from it. Very nicely done! Blessings on you and yours…

    • I don’t fear it, Terri, but I don’t like the idea. I’m like you, though, I just stay away from those thoughts. I am so happy with my life and y wonderful wife that I try to concentrate on living life to its fullest with her every day. Tomorrow will get here soon enough. Thanks for the visit and comments, and thanks, also for subscribing to my blog. I think you will enjoy it!

  5. Why do they have to die all the time! I don’t like this. Nice poem though.

  6. Derek said

    It’s amazing that you can put yourself in the perspective to write this. Beautiful and emotional. Two thumbs up.

    • Thanks, Derek! It’s amazing, even to me. I don’t know how I do it, it just seems to besomething I can do. I am able to write from almost any perspective, and it takes no preparation. I just say, okay, here’s the situation, and I write it. It often feels like I’m an actor in a role. I appreciate your visit and comments!

    • It amazes me, too, Derek. I sometimes feel I’m an actor, stepping into a role. I simply imagine what a person must feel a t a given time, and I write it.
      Thanks for the visit and comments!

  7. Becky said

    Pass those tissue, please.

    Great poem. 🙂

  8. Abby Kelly said

    Goodness – that’s SAD, but so terribly happy at the same time for those who love Jesus. I just lost my grandfather a couple months ago and I could see my grandmother in those words. I am so proud of her and her hope in Christ, for she sees each day as His continued purpose for her.

    • You are so right, Abby. In the story, the woman’s name is Ruby, and she eipitomizes every strong and brave woman I have ever known. Yes, she cries at the loss of her dear huband, but she will go on.
      Thanks for the visit and wonderful comments!

  9. Not crying, but I did find myself holding my breath waiting for the end… I kind of feel like a voyeur. *shudders* I like when words evoke thoughts and deep feelings and this you most certainly achieved! Beautiful, Charles! Beautiful!

  10. So sad and unfortunately part of life. You’ve captured that moment so well and I can only imagine how lonely it would feel when your lifelong partner leaves before you. Well done!

  11. Excellent cadence, nicely done. May we all have a hand to hold when the time comes.

  12. acoustic3 said

    Wasn’t prepared for that amount of sadness.

  13. Kim Nelson said

    You’re timing, or perhaps mine, is uncanny.
    I spent the morning with one of my closest friends, for the first time since her husband died only 5 weeks post diagnosis. Uncanny.
    This poem speaks directly to the heart of the matter.

    • I’m sorry to hear of your friends husband’s passing.
      I hope the poem is in some way helpful. In the story, the woman’s name is Ruby, and she is very courageous.
      Thanks for the visit and coments!

  14. Umesh Rao said

    Beautifully depicted the sad moment of saying good bye..
    She sat alone yet he was with her treasured deeply in her heart.
    Thanks for sharing,

    • That was the point, Umesh. He was gone in body, but never gone from her heart.
      Thank you for the visit and thought-filled comments!

  15. ashbeezone said

    Very Nice Poetry with an expressive emotion which eventually makes everybody SAD after reading this thing.

    Anyways, Take a look some of my Poetry Collections …

    some of my Haiku Collections

    and also, on my very recent Work as well

    !!! Happy Rally !!!
    Cheers !!

    • I visited your blog and read a lot of your poems. They are all quite good! You have a way of telling your varied stories in a down-to-earth manner, which really appeals to my taste.
      Thanks for leaving the links, and thanks for reading and commenting on my poem!

      • ashbeezone said

        By the way, You could even subscribe my Blog for reading some of my more Works. 😉

      • I just might do that as soon as I get caught up! Getting so many responses, I’m falling behind on my writing. But, hey! I’m not complaining!

  16. This is a beautiful work, Charles! i really like it. Thank you for sharing! You have captured that particular emotion quite well.

  17. Then pull up a chair, set a box of tissues on the table, and get ready to have your heart strangled and torn into tiny pieces, as you read this poem based on my short story, “A Box of Moonpies”.

    You were not kidding! maawah … sniff sniff! 😦 This brought me right back to the moment my dad, my rock, my first love passed away a couple of years ago … you captured it well. I would be interested in reading “A Box of Moonpies”!! Beautifully written!!

    • Aw, thanks Becca! I’d say I’m sorry I made you cry, but like I tell Sherry when she reads one like this, “That’s my job!”
      I need to reconstruct “A Box of Moonpies”, and will do so–maybe this morning–and get it posted. I reclaimed it from an old format, and it is currently a “word” mess.
      Thanks so much for another great visit and comments. Always a pleasure to have you come around!

  18. Yes, this is why I always tell my husband he has to let me die first (don’t think he’ll listen though) – sorry my poem made your head go ’round, hope it’s still securely attached. Well said.

    • Anna! You make my old head explode with them big words! My goodness, girl, you must wear out thesauruses quickly. I say that in jest, because I know you probably have all those words in your head! Me, I say ain’t, y’all, whup and I’m fixin to. ( As in, “I’m a fixin to whup up a batch of griddle cakes, y’all. I ain’t lyin’.”) Thesaurus is a big word to me, and when I open one, it might as well be written in French!
      Anywho, thanks for the visit and comments!

      • A friend helped me revise my poem so it may be better now, less neurologically damaging at least. It’s still chock o’block with them big words but heavens I love them. I have fond memories of living in North Carolina and being teased for my diction. I never could get the hang of double negatives or dropping the g off words like swimmin’. I did however pick up the lovely Hey (pronouned Haaaaay in friendly greeting). Thanks for the hearty laugh and I’ll leave you with the giggle worthy fact that last week I posted a poem with 2,400+ words called Sesquipedalianism and Logophilia Engage in Logomachy ;)!

      • OH-MY-GAWD <— (southern and politically correct spelling for God). I am utterly terrified by the title! That's akin to showing a cross to a vampire! I won't even let my eyes wander back to it! 2400 hundred words?Are there that many big words? Is it in English? I am literally trembling over here! I'll be dodging shadows all day… I… I…

  19. Ina said

    The most difficult goodbye, beautfully told here.

  20. fiveloaf said

    glad i came by charles.. nice! glad to be of acquaintance through thursday rally..

    • Always good to meet new folks through these poetic gatherings!
      Thanks for the visit and comments!

  21. Feels strange to find something so sad to be so beautiful.

    As always your words are very elegant

  22. lucychili said

    and it comes
    this moment
    sad and sweet

  23. Well, that was a tough one to read… beautifully weaved words, describing an incredible sadness… Amazingly well captured feelings….Great work.

    • Thank you so much for the great comments and compliments! They are very much appreciated!

  24. Truly beautiful description of the emotions we feel for those we are losing. If anyone reads this and doesn’t treasure each moment with someone they love then they have not been touched. Shivers of fear moved through me. You captured how I would feel if I lost my sweet, dear hubby.
    Exquisite writing, Charles,

    • I was reading and re-writing the story this morning, Isadora, and I got choked up when I got to the end. It gets to me every time. I will post it soon, but it is one that readers will need to print and read at their leisure.
      Thanks for the wonderful comments!

  25. amazing departure piece…
    you make sadness perfect in poetry.
    Thanks for sharing.

  26. ALIVE aLwaYz said

    but to let go one must!
    nice piece, sobbing for lost love, an emotive expression.

  27. poetryroad said

    sweet, sad and well written. loss ia always so emotional and your words did a wonderful job describing it.

  28. californiabean said

    Wrenching – I’ve never been in the room when anyone has died, but I think this captures the moment in a perfect way

    • I have never been in a situation such as this one either, thank God.
      Your visit and comments are very much appreciated!

  29. mairmusic said

    Lovely– reminds me of my parents, sadly.

  30. This is very heartfelt, Strength needed, thank you.. Much appreciated

  31. TheMsLvh said

    Compelling. Grief is a tough one. Great and deeply thoughtfull poem.

    • Thank you. Yes, it is a hard thing to live, and to write. This one was very emotional during the writing, and in re-writing the story yesterday, I got choked up a few times.
      Thank you frot he wonderful comments!

  32. Chimnese said

    Omg u made me cry this is so sad.

    • Then I did good, right? When my wife, Sherry, reads one of my poems or stories and it makes her cry, I tell her, “That’s my job!”
      Thanks for the great comment!

  33. deeju said

    OH! you made my eyes wet, Charles…I read this poem, got stuck up with emotions, recollected my poor mom’s state during the loss of my dad.

    • I’m sorry it brought up hard memories. It get’s to me when I read it, too.
      Thanks for the visit and comments!

  34. Iris D said

    poignant and beautful farewell. Love never dies, it just changes. Great poem.

  35. Very touching. I feel for the one left behind. This was indeed from the heart of one who has felt a deep loss. My sincerest condolences

    I would be honored if you looked at my submission for this week. It is a tribute to those who are no longer with us.

    • Actually, this is a work of fiction. It is based on a short story I wrote just prior to the poem.
      Thanks for the viit and comments!
      I enjoyed your tribute to our soldiers.

  36. Leonargo said

    Death put so eloquently and nobly. Thank you.

  37. Bittersweet. Reminds me of the night we said goodbye to my grandma and how my uncle (the one who she raised and eventually cared for her in her old age) held her hand when she took her last breath. Thanks for sharing this with me. here is one I write about that moment…

  38. Chimnese said

    it was beautiful but yet so sad aswel…

  39. Caledoniapoems said

    Beautiful x

  40. clariice said

    Sad, I could sense the love and bond beneath the parting.
    Thanks for sharing!

  41. Kay Salady said

    Thank you, Charles, for a beautiful poem. This certainly brought back a memory.

  42. I love your blog

  43. magher1 said

    So moving… Makes me curious about the story as a whole.

    • I intend to post the story soon–maybe Sunday. It’s rather long, so not many will want to read it, but some have expressed an interest.
      Thanks for the visit and comment!

  44. Yes, very sad but very well done. Sadness seeps through just from situation. Thanks. k.

    • Yes’m. Thankfully, this one is totally fiction.
      Thanks for reading and commenting, K!

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