Forever Changed

This is a work of fiction for the most part. I’m not sure my first kiss was from Lisa (my best friend Barry’s cousin, by the way). But it’s the memory of that spinning bottle, and that fear coursing through a young boy’s brain and body that this little ditty is about. The names, the faces, the places… pick your own, and go back when. That’s what I did. This is my weekly post to the Gooseberry Garden poetry picnic. Enjoy!

Forever Changed

Bottle spinning, is but a blur

There on the basement floor

All eyes upon it as it slows

Not knowing what’s in store


Was Lisa who set it to spinning

Young goddess with golden hair

Every boy prays, let it stop on me

So a kiss with her I might share


Slower still the pop bottle spins

One last taunting turn then points

My eyes grow wide, I cannot move

Fear has frozen my young joints


Panic takes over my mind then

I’m horrified down to my core

Why am I here, what will I do

I’ve never kissed a girl before


From the circle I jump and shout

No way, I just can’t do it

Lisa gives a wink that says

Calm down, boy, I’ll get you through it


Young lips meet mine a trembling

My life then forever is changed

Fate’s hand upon the bottle spun

My whole world at once rearranged


Copyright © 1998 C. Mashburn



  1. Sherry Mashburn said

    Super poem, and fun memory. Is there anyone that didn’t play spin the bottle?

  2. awww the power of a lovely kiss!!! Nicely captured, the youthfulness, the anxiety, well done! 🙂
    My entry:

  3. Definitely a moment I can relate with…excellent poem.

    • I think we all lived this moment, David!
      Thanks a bunch for the visit and great compliment! Very much appreciated!

  4. terri0729 said

    Oh Chales, Waves of nastogia ran over me. Those younger days with the first kiss ever. Superb! Here’s my offering for this week:
    Enjoy the picnic and God bless.

    • I know what yoou mean, Terri! Really takes you back.
      Thanks for the nice comments!

  5. booguloo said

    I agree with L:BtL

  6. eugenicist said

    Lovely….so naive yet so cute

    Very well put…


  7. kaykuala said

    I can see you’ve brought back the truth to the saying, ‘one remembers the first kiss’ I can relate to that. What mostly happened was the girl did her best to calm down the boy who felt nervous not knowing what to expect in return.You have shown it beautifully!

    • They say girls mature faster than boys. Back then (probably now, too) I agreed!
      Thanks for the nice comments!

  8. I remember we played spin the bottle but, I don’t remember what we played for now, it wasn’t a kiss though… Lucky you~!

    • I didn’t know there was anything else you played spin the bottle for!
      Thnaks for the visit and comment!

  9. Katherine said

    Wow such a cute story in your poem! Thanks for sharing it with us 🙂

  10. Ina said

    First kiss 🙂 if it is given in joy it is such a good memory!

  11. Dakshi said

    lovely… 🙂

  12. tigerbrite said

    Lovely story well poemed.

  13. Mike said

    A lovely poem.
    Brought back all kinds of memories from long ago and playing this game.

  14. vivid capture of your emotions on your first kiss,
    with girl character in it, perfect and enjoyable.

  15. you never fail to impress.



  16. Kim Nelson said

    Your poem carries the reader right back to adolescent hi-jinx and coming of age. Terrific work.

  17. Gigi Ann said

    Oh yea… I remember playing Spin the Bottle. However, I didn’t know it made you guys so nervous. I loved That Blast From the Past today.

    • Well, it probably didn’t make all the guys as nervous as it did me. I was terribly shy when I was that age (9-12) and girls terrified me!
      Thanks for the comments!

  18. Pat Cegan said

    Loved, loved, loved your poem. My first kiss, 53 years ago (I can’t believe) it was via a kissing game. I remember the boy coming at me and then nothing for the next five minutes! What fun to remember that. Thanks! hugs, pat

    • I’m glad my little poem could take you back to experience it all over again, Pat. I’m glad, too, that you loved the poem!

  19. I was so nervous when my first kiss happened, that I never managed to recall any memories about it, but the second …oh I do remember like it was today 🙂

    Masterful way of fitting your memory into a poem. I liked it! The game, the emotions, the little story … Beautiful!

    • Well, my memory of this little game is cloudy at best, and yet, somehow, it’s as clear as a bell.
      Thank you fro the awesome comments!

  20. I love this, Charles! And the fact that you called it a”pop” bottle made me smile 🙂 Haven’t heard it called that since I lived up north. Thanks for sharing this with me. Great piece! Hugs!

    • I didn’t know “pop” was an up-north term. We called it soda pop when I was young, and still refer to it as that now and then. I guess all the trveling we did when I was young, we picked up phrases from the plalces we passed through. I went to nine different schools, in I don’t eevn know how many states, in the first three grades.
      Thanks for the great comments, Kellie!

  21. fiveloaf said

    nice stye charles! thank you for sharing. here’s mine..

  22. Raivenne said

    Ah, how many first kisses began with spin the bottle? Wonderfully and wistfully told, Charles.

  23. Another good one, Charles. Thanks

  24. Well captured!

  25. Charles, you have a delightful story within your well-crafted poem. Very nice.

  26. dc said

    Haha – that took me back!

  27. I never played spin the bottle, but what a lovely memory – thanks for sharing the angst and emotions of that first time!

  28. I so remember spin the bottle. Oh Yes! The fear and what was to take place and happen. whether it a kiss or …. Caught so well here in your prose” Extremely well done. Thank you for stopping by!

  29. Kay Salady said

    This certainly brought back some memories for me, Charles! That was great!

  30. A.B. Thomas said

    A fantastic memory to ecapsulate into such a great write! I never played spin the bottle but in my early adult life I did have similar experiences with pass the bottle…

  31. Morning said

    it is both timid and exciting experience,
    remarkable recalling..


  32. You wrote this in 1998?

    • Yes. Many of the poems I post were written in 1998. It was a very prolific time for me. I was in a groove!

  33. Hope said

    enjoyed your write very much. nice style and fun to read.

    thank you for your visit and comment on mine today 🙂

  34. Pervagus said

    Really enjoyed the poem. Made me smile so much. Never played spin the bottle myself (went to an all boys school ;-)) Great write

  35. I am so happy you submitted this for the potluck. I do enjoy reading your site so much. I have read so many good posts on this site. Mine this week is

  36. ghosterb said

    I love your poem my friend! What a fun memory to spin into a beautiful poem.

  37. pure2core said

    wow! wow! wow! thoroughly superb expressive poetry…Hats off..Thanks for share..

  38. dani said

    love this! everyone nervous, but even more so if you liked the other person.

    • Yes! It was an exciting time, learning about the other “side”!
      Thank you frot he wonderful comments!

  39. Rekha said

    We played the spin but only for other truths and dares….this sounds so much fun…I love how your words always have a natural flow and seem effortless.

  40. Miss Kitten said

    I really like your take on the challenge. You really convey the sense of awkwardness and gentle panic in the moment. Hmm…now I’m trying to remember my first. I remember the kiss, but I can’t recall his name. It’s on the tip of my tongue, haha…just like he was.

    • You are too funny! On the tip of your tongue.
      Thanks for the visit and wonderful comments!

  41. Yes memories of spin the bottle…thank you for sharing yours. It took me back to my own nervous days of youth.

    • Those were some days, Susie. Glad I could take you back to them.
      Thanks for the visit and comments!

  42. A beautiful story and a beautiful poem! 🙂 … i feel like am watching a movie. U captured the scene with your words so cleverly. 😀 … the spinning bottle, Lisa, and the boy, … I see them. awesome storytelling!

    • Thank you for these awesome comments and compliments, Elyas! I appreciate them very much!

  43. Ankoku Hikaru said

    Nicely Written.

  44. A great subject to write about. I remember those days and that experience all too well. You capture it brilliantly, and give a brief glimpse of my long ago youth. A wonderful write.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it, Emmett. Thanks very much for the comments and compliments, too!

  45. This is a great memory woven with delightful prose … thank you for sharing. I honestly can say – I do not remember going to a party with spin the bottle … I know of it … but for some reason I don’t recall … hmmm, that may say something too! LOL

    • Oh, Becca, I remember so well, being at a party or just with a group of neighborhood friends, and someone suggesting we play spin the bottle. I would panic! I can’t remember why it scared me so, but it did!
      Thanks for the visit and great comments!

  46. Life said

    awwwwwwwwwww……..i loved it…:)
    this is so crisp and so cute..:)

    and thanks for visiting my blog as well.

    my new update is

    • Thanks so much for the wonderful comments.
      And, you are quite welcome for my visit!

  47. deadpoet88 said

    Nice one, I have never played this game,but I have watched others playing. I always thought it must be kind of scary. You’ve brought out those feelings well. well done!

  48. Brings back such memories. How many first kisses were bestowed by this wonderful game of innocence 🙂

  49. Caledoniapoems said

    A great poem – thanks for sharing 😉

  50. David King said

    Lovely poem. Cleverly avoids the usual traps. Very refreshing.

  51. Fate’s hand upon the bottle spun

    My whole world at once rearranged

    so genuine…yeah those days of awakening
    enjoyed this !!!!!

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