Blood On The Moon

This is another of my poems written in 1998. It too has a story with the same name. The story was originally titled “Dust To Dust”, and was the first story I wrote when I began writing in 1995. I had wanted to write since high school, but felt I did not have the education to do it. Sherry told me if I would write, she would edit, and so here we are, thirteen years later. She still edits everything I write, and I couldn’t do this without her.

This poem is also being posted on Gooseberry Garden’s week #3 Poetry Picnic

Blood On The Moon

Tears are streaming down my face
I see blood on the moon
Riders race across the sky
Is Jesus coming soon

People vanish all around me
Gone in the blink of an eye
Thunder crashes, mountains crumble
Day turns dark as night

Cool wind blows across my face
Bittersweet kiss from the groom
My mind screams fear, I tremble
Run and hide in my room

Scarred hands reach to find me
In the dust beneath my bed
He says, “Come with me, child
For we’ve already been wed”

He takes me to the sky with Him
I feel weak, I begin to swoon
I awake from the dream…. Screaming
Out my window…. I see blood on the moon

Copyright © 1998 C. Mashburn

To read the story, click here —> Blood On the Moon ~ the story


  1. This reads like the first resurrection, happy day for some, scary for most
    Happy gooseberry day!

  2. morning said

    folks come and go,

    stunning life with some haunting glow..

    what a show, thanks for sharing.

  3. Rekha said

    Gave me goosebumps. The final day when mankind perishes…maybe make way for a better, orderly bunch.

    • It’s only fitting you should get goosebumps at a Gooseberry picnic!
      Thanks for the visit and great comments, Rekha!

  4. swanrose said

    a very powerful piece… wonderful job

  5. fiveloaf said

    nice! here’s my entry charles:

  6. I love your site and all of your poem. They are so inspiring and I love when you share. Happy gooseberry days

  7. Ina said

    A poem with a message to think about!

  8. eish – this gave me goosebumps…beginning and ending with the same “blood on the moon”…i remember i saw a red full moon a couple of weeks ago – it was really scary indeed…

    • I must’ve done good if it gave you goosebumps!
      Thanks for the visit and great comments!

  9. A powerful write…left me with much too think about. Excellent poem.

    • Thank you, David. I figure if a poem makes people ponder, I’ve done something worthwhile. I appreciate your visit and comment very much!

  10. terri0729 said

    Marvelous! Very well done, Charles!! I loved it. God Bless…
    p.s. That’s cool that you used you mother’s picture too!

  11. tigerbrite said

    Sounds like the fall of Atlantis. Very spooky, the Moon Goddess was obviously angry..

    • Yes’m, I would say so!
      Thanks for the visit and comments!
      Always appreciated!

  12. cinnamon blues said

    A powerful piece, very moving.

  13. pure2core said

    only you can give this poetry a haunting tint…superb write… felt as if I saw it in front of me..gr8!

  14. zongrik said

    blood on the moon is sure different than the big bright light.

  15. Hope said

    wow! intense! wonderful read!
    thank you for your visit!

  16. ghosterb said

    This gave me the chills my friend, Awesome write!

  17. Sherry Mashburn said

    Haunting and terrifying . . .

  18. Manoj Kewalramani said

    hmmmmm very, very interesting. Two themes that struck me: 1) the cyclical nature of life, i.e., despite the biggest of events, things return to, or remain, the way they were in many ways. 2) The nature of reality itself; in the sense that what’s real and how do you define that.

    Let me know if any of that was on your mind when you wrote 🙂

    • The surreal was definitely in the mix. In a situation wwhere all is gone and yet I remain… am I really there?

  19. Beautiful. How often fear is mixed with joy as we contemplate that day. A nephew and two dear friends are fighting cancer right now. My heart is almost too heavy to write.

    • I’m so sorry to hear that about your nephew and friends, Donna. My prayers and hopes to you!

  20. Riders on the Storm!

    • Good background music for this if it were a movie scene.
      Thanks for the visit, David!

  21. Seabell said

    Curious episode, so nicely told!

  22. Nicely written, Charles. I like to think of His coming everyday…in many ways. Too often, I’m afraid, I’m too busy or worried to notice.

  23. A.B. Thomas said

    There’s something comforting yet disturbing at the same time – very cool

  24. blitzken said

    Wow, sounds like my first wedding! 😉

  25. blitzken said

    No no, wait, my second wedding. Oh dang I get them mixed up. 😉

    • It’s all about the choices we make, my man.
      Thanks for the comments and laughs!

  26. Seems you have been dreaming my nightmares. I am sorry that you have but thankful that you write about them!

    • I hope you don’t have that nightmare often, Sherrie!
      Thanks for the visit and comment!

  27. This is fantastic poetry. The title was superb. Well done.


    • Thanks for the awesome compliment/comment, Emmanual! I certainly do appreciate them!

  28. mairmusic said

    Oooo, creepy, scary– you should have saved it for Halloween (:

    • Oh, no. I have a special one I’m saving for haloween!
      Thanks for the visit and comment!

  29. I just heard an NPR story on a book about the rapture (which is what this made me think about), I’m glad you decided to write. It’s important to share your gift with the world. Appreciate your wife editing too, great partnership.

    • Thanks, Anna! Your visits and comments are always appreciated.
      I liked your poem! Kodachrome, I think it was? Made me think of an old Simon and Garfunkel tune.

  30. Rosie said

    That is really thrilling! How did you get that inspiration? I enjoyed that read.

    • Actually, Rosie, the poem was a result of the short story by the same name. I just started writing, and the story took on a life of its own.
      Thanks for the visit and comments!

  31. It’s always nice to be saved, and I love the blood on the moon imagery! Once again a great poem, Charles!

  32. Baishali said

    a powerful moving write. very different.

  33. manicddaily said

    Very dramatic!

  34. chimnese said

    poetry with a spiritual meaning is my fave..good thought provoking visions..

  35. heart pounding! you are a powerful writer 🙂

  36. Dave said

    A well written eerie poem.

  37. Mike said

    A powerful poem and a great read.

  38. manueland said

    Seems to me that the power of the imagination is so ‘real’ that can change ‘reality’ even though, Reality is Wonderful.

    I enjoyed reading your emotions Charles

    Thanks for your visit to my virtual home

  39. Charles,
    I just wanted to peek at this before I went out, dawdling as I was, and thinking I’d probably enjoy what you might happen to be serving up. Perhaps by now I should be forewarned that you work may take me deeper than mere enjoyment at times.

    This did. I am moved, and taken off guard, because if someone had described to me what this poem is about, I would not have expected to enter into its world so readily.

    I’m not sure whether you meant this, but it seems the speaker of the poem is afraid he is Judas, but apparently Jesus does not think so.

    Startlingly good job on this.

    And another loving, gracious tip of your hat to your wife’s role in your life, in the intro. That is always beautiful to see.

    • Thank you for these wonderful comments and compliments, Elaine! (I’m sure Sherry thanks you, too.)
      As for the meaning, I was going more for the line of thought that the person was afraid they had not lived a life worthy of the savior’s rescue.

  40. Your spiritual desire rings clearly through the images here. It follows a universal longing of mankind to find purpose and also to be one with their creator. Well done.


  41. Nanda said

    Beautifully sad!
    Well done.

  42. snailsweat said

    As terifieing the notion of going with a stranger to the sky is, part of me would want to go curiously enough. do you feel the same way?

  43. snailsweat said

    not a problem thanks for the post, and thanks for checking my page out, im just getting started on my blog so every bit of encouragement helps!

  44. This is such a powerful poem, thank you for sharing it! If this was me, I’d probably be cowering in my room too, wondering if I’m really worthy of Jesus’ welcome and invitation to join him.

    • That’s kind of where I was coming form on this one, Stef.
      Thanks for the visit and great comment!

  45. Interesting choice to break the rhythm in the final stanza!

  46. A timely topic and one that many will relate to.

  47. Bodhirose said

    So powerful, Charles. I don’t think you have anything to worry about!

  48. Parts remind me of a Michael Omartian song coupled with a childhood nightmare I can still recall.

  49. Yet another brilliant and powerful piece! Made me think of somebody (a child maybe) having troubling thoughts / dreams after reading the Book of Revelations.

    The riders being the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, people vanishing as in the Rapture and possibly the scarred hands (representing is crucifixion) belong to Jesus “come with me child, for we’ve already been wed” possibly meaning that the child has already been saved.

    This is just my take on it, but either way an AWESOME piece.

    • Thank you so much for these awesome comments and compliments. And, you are right on with your analysis of the poem.

  50. Kay Salady said

    I really like this poem, Charles. It reminds me of one of my favorite songs. Listen to this:

    • What a perfect fit! I love the song, and it does fit the poem quite well! Thanks for sharing it with me, Kay. Have a wonderful day!

  51. Beautiful! very nicely done! I opt to be ready when that time comes… “no turning back now”….

    Thank you for dropping by on my page too… 🙂

    • Me too! Thanks for the visit and comment!
      And, you are very welcome for the vissit to your page.

  52. you have captured the dying moment precisely and in a spiritual way,
    yes, Jesus is there,
    bless you.

    well done entry.

  53. wow… beautiful… where can i buy your book? i would love to hear more of your work!

    • Thank you, Bridget! I assume you are asking about my book, Be Still. Several links to purchase all my books can be found on the right side of my blog. You can read lots of my poems, stories, and encouragements right here on the blog, as well.
      I appreciate your visit, comments and interest.

  54. loved the story…:-)… there is that earnestness but with the same time traces of that cloaked abstract…

  55. Kate Snape said

    I love it! It sent chills down my spine! It has an eerie feel to it and I particularly like the last line of the first verse “Is Jesus coming soon” Thanks for the read!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it, Kate! The stroy is even more eerie. Taks a look at it if you have time.
      You are welcome for the read, and thank you for the visit and great comments!

  56. edpilolla said

    what a dark, seductive ride. you’ve woven a story in here from a moment of reacting to the strange moon, and it is delicious. this has so much rhythm it almost reads like a chant, and though it’s not, truly, it is enchanting.

  57. It takes great courage and faith to write such thoughts.true that Jesus will come and soon.There are signs and visions .Great poem.

  58. Leonargo said

    This sounds like experiencing a dead visitor, and the dust, but in the end you are flying. Perhaps it is true that the moons have an amazing unseen effect on life.
    A truely powerful piece, thank you.

  59. Interesting 🙂 …

  60. Old Raven said

    Wow! This is extraordinary! Through the fears and the chaos … appears to be a sense of comfort and an eye to the future. You have created something very vivid. I like it.

  61. Mr. Watson said

    Amazing write Charles…. !

  62. tigercity said

    On first reading I thought the poem was about the Colombia space shuttle disaster in the 80s.. maybe a sight a child had observed then rushed inside, emotionally scarred.. but you’re describing the doomsday.. the ultimate day on earth.. Blood on the Moon is a wonderful, powerful title..

    • Oh. I can see where you might have thought that. First it’s been said, but not a stretch at all.
      Thanks for the great comments!

  63. The future has such questions and fears…your poem offers comfort…good job

  64. Paige said

    very pretty. I like your word choice.

  65. Abby Kelly said

    This is wonderful -makes me so anxious for that day!

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