We Made A Big Splash!

It’s been so long since we’ve had any rain, this story seems like science fiction, but the rain will come, and this story is true. I know times are rough out in Spicewood right now, what with the wildfires and all, so I hope this little tail can make folks out there smile for a moment.

When we lived in Spicewood beach—a small eclectic community on Lake Travis—Sherry normally did not ride along with me when I played golf. It was pretty much a guy thing; it was hot outside, and she was content to stay in the air conditioned house most days. For whatever reason, she decided to accompany me one hot summer afternoon. I don’t recall the forecast for that particular day, but it decided to rain.

It was just me, Sherry, and my pal, Jaybird, and we’d barely gotten started when clouds seemed to appear out of nowhere, and a spit of rain started to intermittently come down. Short thunderstorms are not uncommon in the Texas hill country during the summer, so we paid no heed, and figured even if it rained, it wouldn’t last long. Wrong again.

We pulled up to the second tee-box—the only one on the course that has (had) a small canopy—and as we arrived, it started to rain pretty hard. We were parked under the canopy though, so we figured to just wait it out then continue our game. Not to be.

The wind picked up, and pretty soon the rain was coming down in torrents, as well as sideways. We were getting soaked, and it started to look like the rain wasn’t going to stop any time soon. We decided to make a run for it; a good plan that proved to have some drawbacks.

Jay bird yelled that he was going to get out of there and go over to Dave’s house—Dave lives across the street and down just a bit from where we were parked—and away he went, traveling down the fairway. Water was rooster-tailing from his tires as he sped away.

I asked Sherry if she wanted to make a run for it—up the hill to our house—and she said we couldn’t get any wetter, so we might as well try it. I wheeled the golf cart out onto the road that runs alongside the course then turns to go up the hill, and we took off.

The windshield on the cart was folded down—it was made that way so you could get a breeze in the summer—and in retrospect, I should have put it in the up position before we made our run for the house. Oopsie!

The rain was blasting us right in the face, and we were laughing and spitting water as we raced for home. About twenty feet down the road, a virtual river was racing across the pavement; I didn’t even slow down, and when we hit the flowing water, we made a big splash!

The front of the cart threw up a wall of water, and directed it right into our faces. Sherry sputtered then screamed, and I started laughing. We couldn’t have been any wetter if we’d been in the lake.

We got finally made it to the house, and after a warm shower, we sat around and giggled about the big splash. Things like that are always funny when they’re over. Ah, shoot… that one was pretty funny from start to finish!


  1. Sherry Mashburn said

    Don’t let him fool you . . . he purposely did not put up the windshield, AND he deliberately ran through the water so it would splash us. But that’s what make memories, and it was FUN!!!

  2. LOL sounds like it was fun too.
    Thoughts and prayers for the folks in Texas, they desperately need some rain right now in most parts.

    • Thanks! It was fun!
      Yes, we could use some rain, but none in sight. All sunshine for the next ten days.
      Appreciate the visit, comment, and prayers!

  3. fun story – two happy people ~~~~ : – )
    Toodles, Isadora

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