What About the Cow?

 This is kind of out of my league, but I enjoy a challenge, so I’m submitting this children’s story to Bluebell Books Short Story Slam #10. Hope y’all enjoy it!

What About the Cow?

Donald is mad at those pesky chipmunks, and for a very good reason. Dale—or is it Chip—is on top of his hat, and the other one is sticking his silly little tongue out at him! They’ve been pestering poor Donald all morning, and he has about reached his limit.

Thumper knows Donald is about to explode, and he whisper to his buddy, Flower, that maybe they should move back so they won’t be in the middle of things when Donald goes totally bonkers. Flower passes the warning to Bambi, and her eyes get so big you’d think headlights were shining in them! She agrees that maybe they should move away and hide in the forest.

The chipmunks continue to chatter and giggle, Donald quacking angrily at them and steam beginning to come out from under his hat. Then a loud noise startles them all.


All the other animals turn toward the sound, and they all stare at Bossy the cow.

Bossy stares back, and when she’s sure she has everyone’s attention, she says, “What about the cow?”

Dale stops trying to push Donald’s hat off his head, and yells at Bossy in his little chipmunk voice, “What do you mean, what about the cow?”

Bossy calmly chews her cud for a moment then says, “If you don’t stop pestering Donald, you’ll miss the show.”

Chip stops wagging his tongue at Donald and turning to Bossy, says, “What show? The one where you jump over the moon? It’s day time, there is no moon.”

Dale chimes in, “Yeah! There isn’t a moon in the day time!”

Bossy smiles and says, “Oh, I know that, but there is this beautiful, sparkling rainbow.”

The chipmunks giggle and point then Dale says, “You can’t jump over the rainbow!”

Chip yells, “Silly cow!”

Bossy just smiles and says, “No, I surely can’t jump over the rainbow, but did you notice how close to the end of it I am?”

Dale and chip shout in unison, “So!”

Bossy says, “So! You haven’t heard about the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?”

“Gold!” the pesky chipmunks shout. And without another word, they jump to the ground and run toward the end of the rainbow. When they get there, they don’t see a pot of gold, and Chip angrily asks Bossy, “Hey where’s the pot of gold?”

Bossy looks startled. “Oh!” she says. “I’m sorry you misunderstood me. The pot of gold is at the other end of the rainbow.”

Chip and Dale looked at each other and then took off like a shot toward the other end of the rainbow. It was a long ways to the other end, but they didn’t mind. They giggled and laughed as they ran, and talked about how rich they were going to be.

Bossy walked over to where Donald and the others were, and as she arrived, Donald said, “Thanks, Bossy!”

Bossy said, “Don’t mention it. I’m always glad to help a friend.”



  1. manicddaily said

    A good job with what I found to be kind of a hard prompt!

    • Thank you! And, I agree, it was a hard one. It was one of those that I looked at last night and said I’d have to pass on this one. Then this morning, I thought, oh what the heck and gave it a run.
      Appreciate the visit and comment!

  2. Sherry Mashburn said

    W e need to print up with the picture and send to Evie!! Love this!!!

  3. lolamouse said

    Good job on a difficult prompt! I was wondering myself what the cow was doing in this picture!

  4. terri0729 said

    I loved yours too Charles! Great story for my grandchildren to read too next time they are here. I thought about writing one also but my mind just wants to work in rhyme all the time so that’s what I ended up with. Habits are hard to break, lol! Blessings, Terri

    • I know what you mean! Back in the late nineties when I wrote a lot of my poetry, I think I started talking in rhymes!
      Glad you enjoyed my little story!

  5. This reminds me of the little one page stories they use to print in the Walt Disney comics when I was a child. I have to confess I didn’t read a lot of those tales back then…no pictures but one.


    • I vaguely remember those, Larry.
      Thanks for the visit and comment! I appreciated it!

  6. Your entry made me smile at the end and like the others I thought this was a really hard prompt so well done for giving it a go!

    • Thanks, Rachel. My wife, Sherry, has encouraged me to try childrens books over the years, and I’ve dabbled in it, but I don’t think it’s my thing, and there are so many other things to write.
      Thanks for the visit and wonderful comments!

  7. heyloworld said

    Made me remember the old days,when we used to read stories like these and get moved by them.

    • Long time ago for me! But yes, I remember.
      Thank you for the visit and comment.

  8. Very clever take on the photo. I enjoyed this!

  9. mish said

    I also found this prompt a little difficult . But it’s good to challenge the creative brain with something different … move outside the comfort zone . Great job Charles !
    Just realised that those little nuisances are chipmunks not squirrels …

    • I saw them right away, and that’s why they were the focal point of my story.
      Thanks for the great comments, Mish!

  10. morning said

    inventive, pot of gold at the end of rainbow is beautiful to have, but hard to get.

    thanks for sharing.

  11. chimnese said

    was extremely fun to read esp how u used the prompt and made use of the characters as they are seen…

  12. it seems like they are chasing the rainbow.

    childhood innocence are captured here, well done.

  13. Cow! Is the story.

  14. dswan2 said

    Sounds like this was down one of your lines! I love a good kid’s story. Write ’em myself, and you did quite a credible job of it! Love that cow!!

  15. ahaha! goodluck to chipmunks! Bossy is Donald’s treasure at the end of the rainbow — ahhh I love friends 🙂

  16. Cute and fun description of all the chracters in the pix. The story is so humorous. I could hear Donald slurping out those words “Thanks Bossy” …!!! I think you did a great job on the prompt. ~~~ : – )

    stop by and read my twist on the pix :


  17. A.B. Thomas said

    Very cool story! You know I never was fooled by Chip n’ Dale, playing all cutesy like – thank you for exposing them as the true pests that they are!

    • That’s what I’m talkin bout, A.B.! Those little troublemakers were always up to no good, and they got a pass because they were cute! Reminds me of somebody, but I can’t quite put my finger on it.
      Thanks for the visit and great comments!

  18. fabulous Cow, brilliant plot.


  19. Excellent charles I enjoyed reading it 🙂

    • Thanks, Jeanie! I’m pleased that you stopped by and took the time to read the story!

  20. Lovely Charles I enjoyed this very much 🙂

  21. Ina said

    Jump over a rainbow, lovely 🙂

  22. laurie said

    That was just too cute and the lesson of helping our friends is a great read for children. Well done. laurie @ Battling My Inner Critic

  23. Wow! great imagination! 🙂 nicely done….

    and thank you for commenting on mine… very much appreciated…! 🙂

  24. LOL… a cute tale, as always! From you, I’ve come to expect nothing less! Well done 🙂

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