One: She Beckons Me Come

I’ve mentioned my fascination with wolves before; I’ve been intrigued by them since I was a child, and later in life the interest grew to include the mythological werewolf. In the late nineteen-nineties I stumbled upon the writings of Robert McCammon, and was immediately captivated by his talented representations of the sometimes man- sometimes wolf creature; he has a way of making them seem real and believable.


One: She Beckons Me Come


Alone, confused, and dazed

On my belly beside a stream

Water gurgles its way to the river

Rippling face stares back at me


Cupping my hands, I drink

The change begins to take place

Teeth grow large, face extends

Ancient heart begins to race


Bones crackle and muscles ripple

Smooth skin becomes hair covered hide

Gasping as pain overcomes me

I turn slowly and lay on my side


Sight dims, I swoon and faint

Then cower in a lair dark and deep

Mind dull and filled with nothing

I awake then and leap to my feet


Growling, I run with abandon

Wind rushing through gray-black fur

I crash through the stream then trees

Not knowing, but running to her


Her calls echo deep in the forest

Mournful, a sirens’ song sound

She beckons me come to her side

I stumble then roll ‘cross the ground


Whimpering, I struggle to rise

Bewildered, I cannot stand

Forefeet snap and burn

And quickly turn into hands


I groan, half human, half beast

Thrashing and fighting the change

In my mind, quick spiraling down

Once again, body roaring with pain


Awake now, in silent black forest

Lost, and naked, and cold

Glowing, eyes watch from a distance

Blink once… and then she is gone


Copyright © C. Mashburn 1999


See the rest of the series and other wolf poems by clicking here —> Changed ~ The series

Sharing this with mindlovemisery on her Prompt 11 – Literary Idols. She’s asked us to write something that was inspired by our favorite poet or author. I don’t have a favorite poet, but my favorite author is Robert McCammon, and he has been a great inspiration to me.


  1. Sherry Mashburn said

    Oh, that’s good! So many emotions here . . . fear, yearning, confusion. Awesome!

    • Thank you, thank you, thank you!

      • PostMan said

        You write with such raw emotion.
        Brilliant pieces, over and over again.

        The PostMan

      • Thanks for the great comments, Mr. PostMan! I’m glad you enjoy the things I write!
        I hope you will come back over and over again! (The second part of this series will be posted just after 8:00 PM tonight.)

  2. Morning said

    Alone, confused, and dazed

    On my belly beside a stream

    Water gurgles its way to the river

    Rippling face stares back at me

    love it, your words constitute stunning imagery here, magical word flow.

  3. Mr. Watson said

    Amazing! Imagine if it were possible…! It was for the brief moment of reading this! I must say… U really know how to paint a picture ! Another great one !

  4. a metamorphosis? I am not sure though sorry
    happy gooseberry day!!!

  5. Kay Salady said

    This is wonderful, Charles. It left me wanting more. I want to know what became of her. ♥

    • You’re in luck, Kay! This is the first of four, and you will find out what became of her. I will be posting one every Sunday evening.
      Thanks for the great comments/compliments!

    • dhitzunako said

      same here… i’m curious! it is great idea to post a story in poem series. i’ll be waiting for the next one. 🙂

      • I’ve tried the series with stories, and it seems my readers have no patience for such things. I think it may work better with the poem on this venue. I’m hoping so!
        Thanks for the great comments!

  6. terri0729 said

    Ooooh, gave me chills! Another good one Charles. Peace and love, Terri

  7. oh i liked d way u described d transformation n back!!! nice one 😀

  8. A.T Smith said

    Thanks for your complimentary comment Charles. I enjoyed your poem very much, there is something about wolves isn’t there …

    • You are very welcome, and thank you for visiting my blog and commenting on the poem. Yes, wolves are fascinating creatures!

  9. cheri said

    loved it—your words paint a vivid picture and deep feelings!!

    • Thank you! You sure seem to be reading and commenting a lot lately. Sup wit dat? Missing me?

  10. tigerbrite said

    Very good. Will be watching out for the next instalment:)

  11. manicddaily said

    Oooh, vivid, mysterious, scary. I’m staying out of those woods!

  12. thingy said

    Ooh, wonderful write.

    I love the marbles in the background, and I appreciate you stopping by my blog. Thanks. : )

  13. i honestly wasn’t expecting such a flood of emotions…and the last stanza left such a sad taste in my mind…you did a marvelous job at filling your reader’s heart with feelings…beautiful!

    • Thank you for the wonderful comments, Liliana! They are very much appreciated.
      Please watch for the rest of the series!

  14. Ina said

    Wow that is quite a story, wonderful! 🙂

  15. Adam said

    A great poem. Quite sad in the fact that the change didn’t last long enough for him to see his love, unbearably sad if this happens every time.

    With your fascination with wolves, can i recommend a poem to you which you may enjoy.
    The poem is titled ‘Wolf’ by Billy Collins.
    Thank you Charles for the fantastic comment that you left on my blog 🙂

    • Thank you, Adam. I’m glad you liked this and keep in mind, I describe it as a tragic love story.
      I will look up the poem you suggest.
      As for your first of thirty, I am seriously impressed. If it is typical, I like your style!

  16. Irene said

    You’ve captured the transformation wonderfully!

  17. This is gripping. I totally want to see where this goes…

  18. thanks for stopping by! i will b coming back 🙂

  19. Eerie, and Ouch! I can hear those bones cracking… very visual as well. It should be an interesting series, I will look forward to the others. Well done 🙂

  20. Great poem, Charles. Thanks for stopping by.

  21. robin said

    i love the image of wolves too… “She beckons me come to her side

    I stumble then roll ‘cross the ground” very well written…

  22. Shawn Bird said

    Ooooh. Evil stream!

    Thanks for visiting I appreciate you popping by to leave a comment!

  23. SiNA said

    wow! so masterfully penned 🙂 amazing flow of music…

  24. swanrose said

    I like how the first stanza could be the start of a normal story and it then it takes the turn. No pun intended 🙂

  25. A wolf howling at the moon is one of the loneliest sounds around. All the emotion of the forest comes through. In your poem I could feel the emotions raging, the confusion, the agony and terror of being caught between two worlds. Great job!

  26. David King said

    You handled the transformations well.

  27. Heaven said

    I enjoyed this.. nice retelling of finding love and losing it ~

  28. lolamouse said

    Eek! What a nightmare! Very intense and raw.

  29. Wow! Nice work…a potpourri of emotions…

  30. divine transformation piece, wolves are great inspirations on poetry, glad to see you focus on this .

  31. life goes in circles, lovely retelling of a story on love and pains.

    Thanks for the visit to my place.

  32. Seabell said

    Wolves are perfect, beautiful creatures. I understand your fascination!

  33. tekia said

    Very nice! It has a haunting tone to it. Nice tale. I assume the “she” is the moon? I enjoyed the read.

    • It’s interesting that you would see that, and I can actually see how you come to that thought, but the she is actually a female wolf/werewolf. Part two of the four part series will be posted next Sunday at approximately 8:00 PM.
      Thanks for the read and comment!

  34. Found you at MsL’s blog, and so glad you left this link! You are a wolf person, and if you love the “pure wolf” side of things, that is, the natural beauty and spirit of wolves, check out Sherry Blue Sky.

    I found the werewolf in this poem immediately; caught between two worlds. Found amazing freedom in the section of pure wolf, running with abandon, and understanding the disappointment of being a changeling. This is very good work, Charles!
    Amy Barlow Liberatore (“Sharp Little Pencil”)

    • I’m glad to see you found me through my leaving a link. I started doing that a while back, and I think it has led to quite a few finding me when commenting on other blogs.
      I will definitely check out Sherry Blue Sky. I don’t spend a lot of time on wolves, but they are a favorite of mine and I do love to write about them.
      Be sure to watch for the three remaining parts of this series. I’ll be posting one each Sunday night the next three weeks on Gooseberry Garden.
      Thanks for the visit, info, and comments!

  35. Ankoku Hikaru said

    Well Written with powerful words. The emotions within… Great Poem. Keep it Up.

  36. Very nice, Charles! Sorry. For the shortage of comments from me lately. My “blogatical” has been. Ravenous for all of my former blogging time!

    • No problem. I surely know how being away can take its toll! Thanks for stopping by!

  37. David King said

    Metamorphosis is something very deep in the human psyche. You have tapped into it very well.

  38. emanita01 said

    Awesome writing. Reading your poem was breathtaking!

    For sending me here and, in means to thank you, please go to the link below. After reading your poem sending you there seems highly appropriate ;-D

    • Thank you so much, Emanita! Your comments and suggesting my poem to others is a wonderful compliment!

  39. edpilolla said

    not knowing but running to her was like an accelerant here, like a wick hissing at full throttle. love-love the raging energy in this piece.
    i also have been lit with creative energy for wolves lately. not a bad spell to be put upon, i find:)

  40. Charles, this is magnificent! You truly did a wonderful job with leading us through the transformation and the wild story of this…thing. A lonely man beast and the world he finds himself in. I was captivated. Thanks for sharing it with me! Bravo!

    • Thanks, Kellie! But, there’s more! Don’t miss the three remaining poems in this series. I think you will enjoy them!

  41. Miss Kitten said

    Wow! This was a gripping piece. So full of emotion and pain.

    Here’s my comparatively light-hearted piece, which is from a few months ago:

  42. Kremo said

    Amazing! Can really visualize it well !!!

  43. clariice said

    The images were vivid. I could feel raw emotions.
    Looking forward to the next read!

    • Wonderful! Sunday night! Don’t miss it!
      Thanks for the wonderful comments, Clarice!

  44. Fantastic! The moments of transition between man and beast are exceptionally vivid and that last moment of loss and confusion is very powerful.

  45. Sweet Pea said

    i was all like

    not your (my) everyday read for sure.
    but i liked it.

    and thanks for your comment.
    and for your visit =))

  46. Grå Sky said

    Oh wow Charles, love the imagery. A story of infatuation impossible. Of transformation. Nice work 🙂

  47. Charles,
    You never disappoint. Always outstanding and always an interesting read. The many comments say it all. Good one again ….

  48. Thanks for sharing your excellent poem! ENjoyed it! 🙂

  49. shanyns said

    Very nicely done! Love how you put this together!

  50. Beautiful, great images

  51. mbwilliams said

    The animal in all of us! Wolves have a mythical power linking us to our past and I think you capture that here. love it!

    • Thanks, mb. I think you’re on to something. There’s always been a bit of the wolf in me, I think.
      Appreciate the visit and comment!

  52. robin said

    touching words… i love your style.. i’ll be back…

  53. Andy said

    Hello Charles.
    I’m starting at the beginning of this series so I can follow along.

    Awesome! Totally vivid. Had me gripped right from the beginning.
    Also a little sad this half beast half human.

    Excellent writing…now off to Part2.

    Unchain My Heart

  54. mairmusic said

    Chilling, compelling.

  55. OMG – I read this when you first posted, and thought I left a comment … but alas it must be in cyperspace …

    I look forward to reading the entire series … I have a fascination with wolves as well … and believe the white wolf is one of my “spirit animals” … I had a wolf-hybrid … irridescent white with amber eyes … he thought he was a lap pup, even at 180 lbs, and would only lick a person to death! 🙂

    • I’m glad you’re enjoying the series, Becca! Very interesting that you had a wolf pet. I cannot imagine that!

  56. …wow this is in my taste! Nice meeting you Charles, and many thanks for visiting my blog. On my way to read the next one………

  57. After reading this poem so many times I must say. Your poem is so charming and very deep. Loved it and waiting for the next 3 poems.

    Thanks for sharing.

  58. Cool, I like this, very detailed, and luring, 🙂 I have one also, called Rattling the Chains, 🙂 thank you so much…

  59. Wow! A creepy piece. I made the words so vivid. Well done.


  60. elizena said

    This was really awesome, even though it scared me a bit, but it had me wanting more. I’m on my way to read the rest of this series. Awesome!!

  61. Wonderful and compelling until the end!

  62. Love it ~ puts me in mind of a book I read aeons ago, can’t recall who wrote it, but the same sympathetic tone …

  63. Wow Charles this is spectacular so vivid I read this and it was like watching a movie, chilling indeed!

    • Okay… how’d you get to it? I’m working on linking it to your prompt, but haven’t done so yet. ???

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