A Perfect Poet Award!

I am very pleased to inform my readers that my poem, In the Blink of an Eye, was chosen to receive Thursday Poets’ Rally Week 52.’s Perfect Poet Award! 

In the Blink of an Eye


Two wolf cubs in a moonlit field

They run and jump and tumble

While mom sniffs out a midnight meal

The little ones snarl and rumble


Teeth barred, their growls of warning

Unheeded by one the other

Run in circles beneath the legs

Of startled hunting mother


Mom gazes after fleeing pups

Returns then to the search

“Who” says owl with golden eyes

From lofty tree limb perch


A low growl escapes wolf mother

Heart beating and filled with fear

She barks a warning to her young

Instructs them to come near


Bird blinks slow then great wings beat

Moon shadow drifts ‘cross the ground

Pups yip, mom growls a warning

Then three watch, make no more sound


Moments pass, the danger gone

Mom resumes the search for food

One eye searches for living meat

The other stays on her brood


Life goes on, the circle turns

The three will live another day

Here, where in the blink of an eye

The hunter becomes the prey


Copyright © 1999 C. Mashburn

I would like to nominate Terri for the next award


  1. Cheri said

    Congratulations!! You are a WINNER in my book every week!!

    • Strike up the band!
      You’re #3!
      I was thinking the other day; wouldn’t it be cool to make those big foam fingers with 2,3,4, & 5 fingers? Not everyone is #1, ya know!

  2. Mom said

    Good job Charlie, very proud of you!

  3. terri0729 said

    Congrats Charles!! Feels good doesn’t it?! I loved getting mine too. Peace and love, Terri

    • I looked at the list and didn’t see your name. I nominated you for the next one!
      Thanks, and yes, it is cool!

  4. terri0729 said

    Thanks Charles!! I know, I didn’t see it there either but I got it a few weeks ago. It’s posted on my site 🙂 Congrats again…

  5. Susan said

    Congratulations, Charlie! Great job . . .!

  6. Ken Mashburn said


  7. Vangie said

    Congratulations, your poem is awesome!

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