Two: Yearning Heart

This is part two of the four part series of poems I call Changed. If you missed part one, She Beckons Me Come, you can read it now by clicking on the title. Part three, In Dreams, and four, The Battle, will be posted October 9 and 16, respectively.

All four are being posted on Gooseberry Garden’s Poetry Picnic.


    Part Two:

        Yearning Heart


I run to the place I last saw her

Her scent is alive in the air

Mixture of pine, earth and heat

Was not long ago she was there


I follow her essence blindly

Her presence lies thick on my skin

Passion and wanting drive me

I begin the change once again


Heart aching, as bones are moving

Hair and hide replace skin

I groan; half pain, half pleasure

I will have her, yet know not when


On four legs I prowl the forest

Yearning heart the driving force

An ache in my loins, eyes glowing

Feet silent on forest floor


‘Cross the meadow then scent is gone

A growl from deep in my chest

I travel worn trail to top of the hill

Then stand alone upon the crest


Baring great teeth, I snarl at the world

To the moon I sing my sorrow

Lay then, on the rock, and sleep

Dream of finding her on the morrow


Copyright © C. Mashburn


  1. “I follow her essence blindly” that is what I think when one loves, it is about the essence of a person, well put 🙂
    happy gooseberry day!!!

  2. Sherry Mashburn said

    erotic and moving . . .

  3. Morning said

    scent is live in the air
    where she was there…

    very enchanting lines, well done.

  4. Andy said

    Hello Charles.
    This one is a little sadder than the last.
    I sense the yearning growing stronger & the determination to possess his love interest.

    Very nicely penned.
    See you next week for Part3.

    Thanks also for the visit & comment. Much appreciated.

    Unchain My Heart

  5. Beautiful piece, Charles!! Melancholic, sweet, and joyful memories packed in one piece! Thanks for sharing!!! 🙂

  6. Enjoyed immensely … my first visit to your site…will return to read more.

    ☮ Siggi in Downeast Maine

    • I’m glad you stopped by, Siggi! And, please, DO come again!
      I appreciate the visit and comment!

  7. I like this series and the personification you’re working with here Charles. Good job. Here’s mine:

  8. dhitzunako said

    Wow, part two. Here, you focus on his loneliness. I’m wondering now, will he find her? Well, gotta keep my eyes on your blog then. 🙂

    • Tune in next week; same time, same channel!
      Thank you for the visit and comment!

  9. Aww this piece is beautiful! To viciously want! Outstanding! 🙂

  10. Rinkly Rimes said

    An unusual approach; human passion in the non-human.

  11. Kay Salady said

    “to the moon I sing my sorrow” – great write Charles!

  12. chimnese said

    amazing and i like the flow of the poem..takes u places..

    my link :

  13. hi C Mashburn

    Ahh!! Dreaming of finding her morrow… the search for her in that place… is not really away its usually within… we comb our memories for her scent all the time… I loved your lines..

    ‘Her scent is alive in the air

    Mixture of pine, earth and heat’

    good image there…
    Thanks for sharing…

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    At twitter @VerseEveryDay

  14. Very image filled, powerful thoughts of the creature, with an overriding sense of danger, hunger and longing. A passionate write.

  15. Waynette said

    Very haunting to me. I feel the sense of searching and wanting

    • Yes. Maybe not in a good way. Too hungry. too intense. Misguided? We shall see. Stay tuned for part three!

  16. Beautifully sad. Another amazing chapter!

  17. Ina said

    Beautiful and sad, very well done! I am going to look up “morrow”, I only knew this word tomorrow.

    • Thank you for the nice comments, Ina.
      Actually, I looked up morrow, too. I wrote tomorrow at first, but felt the use of “morrow” added a certain touch. Had to make sure it was a word, and it fit, before I used it though.

  18. First, thank you so much for the lovely comment you left on Bonfire. You are kind..

    Now, the concrete images in this piece are stunningly visual.

    “Her presence lies thick on my skin.”

    “Her scent is alive in the air Mixture of pine, earth and heat…”

    “Heart aching, as bones are moving
    Hair and hide replace skin”

    This is good stuff! I usually find weakness in rhyming poems, a kind of straining to make the words match. Not so here. You really make it work


    • You are welcome and deserving of the comment.
      Thank you for the awesome comments here on my blog for this poem!
      I agree with your assessment of rhyming poems. Believe me, I have written many that I look back on in wide-eyed horror. I think you will find that most I post on my blog and on the various poetry sites are equal to this one in their rhyming quality. I am very selective about what I expose to the public eye.

  19. ghosterb said

    Very nice my friend, I liked it alot! It reminds me of one of mine :o)

    • Thank you so much!
      I’d love to see the one it reminds you of. Send me the link, if you don’t mind.

  20. Janrae Mendoza said

    This is outstanding. i like the way the lines are delivered. good job. 😀

  21. Charles, this is truly outstanding, I thoroughly enjoyed it. ‘To the moon I sing my sorrow’ reminds me of a lonely wolf. wonderful

  22. the yearning of a wolf or even more mythical ,like a werewolf that super longing! as always no disapointment to read your work my good Sir!! thank you for reding mine!!!

  23. Powerful yearning here….the animal desperation for a love that is out of reach..

  24. I agree with Rinkly, I feel animals have passion, for life if not for love. On the human side, I’m passionate about this poem, beautiful! 🙂

  25. Adam said

    What a wonderful continuation of the story. In part one I sensed that the longing was more urgent, more feral. Part two makes me feel that this is possibly a long term pursuit that may never be realised.
    A great read and I’m looking forward to part three 🙂

    • Very perceptive of you to catch the lag in the intensity, Adam. Part three, In Dreams, is even less intense–more on the romantic side–and I think the last one, The Battle, will surprise you, but only in a way. Glad you’re enjoying the series! I appreciate the thought-filled comments!

  26. SiNA said

    wow! this is absolutely full of passion…the pleasure and pain bit does the trick for me 😀

  27. I think this poem is wonderful and crafted beautifully. IT CAPTURES THE VULNERABILITY OF BEING IN LOVE AS WELL AS THE EXCITEMENT, oops… sorry didn’t mean to shout. :] Love is such a complex thing… :]
    Bless you, God uses you to bless others. :] xx

    • Thank you Catie! You can shout if you want to–if it’s good stuff!
      Always a pleasure to have you visit and comment!

  28. anjum wasim dar said

    love has its own identity scents, visions mists and then sometimes disappointments enter too.A lovely poem of true feelings flowing well in pace and rhythm.

  29. Pamanner said

    First, I love marbles :-). Second, you’ve created a dark, sensual, tension filled poem! Full of suspense!

  30. love the textures, it indeed sounds like a wolf’s perspective in human form.

  31. Bodhirose said

    Sounds like a passionate wolf–not going to give up until he finds his mate. I’m sure he will too!

    I really enjoyed this!

  32. Another fine poem and amazing chapter. This is such a pleasure to come here and read your blog. Happy picnic I do enjoy your blog so much and so glad that you share on different picnic so I can read all your wonderful works.

  33. The urgent pursuit of longing in the first … the bond and vow to continue in the pursuit, no matter the lengh of time in the second part … I look forward the next “chapter” … Mesmerizing and captivating! Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  34. j said

    i loved it…how the story moved and went along depicting pursuit…and it’s tragic end of frustration yet having some form of hope.

  35. Powerful Write!!Felt I was following the scent myself.So glad to ahve found this blog.Thanks for dropping by on mine,too.Btw,posted another piece.If you have time pls .do drop by,again.

    • Thank you for the great comments!
      I’m glad you’re enjoying the poem series AND the blog!
      I will go back and check out your second entry.

  36. terri0729 said

    Oh Charlie, It gave me the shivers. It sounds like a werewolf almost, lol. I really liked it! Can’t wait for the next installment. Peace and love, Terri

    • Terri… it IS a werewolf!
      Thanks for the comments! I’m glad you’re enjoying the series!

      • terri0729 said

        LOL! Good, I thought it was supposed to be just a wolf, glad to know my mind isn’t out of whack! Too funny. Peace and love…

  37. Jamie said

    Werewolves have always scared me since I first came across them as a child – in writing, of course – particularly Anthony Boucher’s Compleat Werewolf, a collection of short stories.
    Your poem reads very well, and does not fall into any cliched traps which might make one think of the numerous books, TV series and films depicting these supernatural beasts. I even went back and read Part 1.
    Look forward to more!

    • Thank you for the thought-filled comments, Jamie! I especially appreciate your not seeing any cliches. I try not to use them, and in most of my werewolf writings, I portray a different–more human/normal–person side of the character.

  38. lolamouse said

    “mixture of pine, earth, and heat…” so descriptive! I can almost smell this myself. Excellent poem. The urgency and rawness is palpable.

  39. Oh my… an alpha male seeking her mate…:) exquisite writing! 😀

    Thank you for your comment on mine..

  40. Lu Ann said

    Wooow, a great ending, it tears away all doubts. Thanks for shaing 😉

    • Alright! I love them “Wooows”! Thanks Lu Ann. Stay tuned for part three! (Sunday 10/9 at 8:15pm)

  41. I love the line ” To the moon I sing my sorrow” … it would be the perfect way to let sorrow go. I must read part 3 & 4.
    Beautiful, Charles,

  42. manicddaily said

    I sense that you are on Team Jacob! A lot of fun.

    • I don’t know what Team Jacob is. ??

      • You’re better off not knowing.

      • If you come back and read the remaining two chapters, you may find yourself to be quite perceptive.
        Thanks for the comments!

  43. “To the moon I sing my sorrow…” Souds familliar to me 🙂
    Beutifully expressed emotions, powerful and daring poem, I’ll surely be back to read more

    • Thank you for reading these first two in the series, Lenore. Your comments are very much appreciated, and I hope you’ll come back and read the remaining two in the series. #3, In Dreams, will be posted this Sunday at 8:15 PM; #4, The Battle, will be posted 10/16 at 8:15 PM.

  44. amazing this one was 🙂

  45. Damn! Sexy…

  46. Lonely chase 🙂

  47. Seabell said

    A strong message, still beautifully delivered…

  48. Ankoku Hikaru said

    Nicely Written. I indeed enjoyed this piece.

  49. My encomia: Your two poems reveal the dance of the inner paramour, longing for that which is painfully close but always out of reach. They put me in mind of Rumi’s odes to the beloved.

  50. Awesome, love the imagery here, brilliant, thank you so much,,, WS

  51. Charles, I’m late commenting, but this is sustaining the tension very well. I can feel his frustration, the animal-in-human-in-animal give and take. Hauntingly beautiful – but what happens when they fiinally meet? What form will the wolf be? Sure will keep me coming back! Amy

  52. elizena said

    Beautifully haunting and full of passion. The wolf on a hilltop with the moon behind him searching for his mate. I loved it! Blessings.

  53. A very vivid yearning in your words; a wonderful continuation!

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