Somethin’ ‘Bout a Glitch

Here’s another one of my sillier poems. TV commercial are great for tickling the imagination, and this poem was inspired by one of the popular ones from back in the nineties. I’m posting it on The Purple Treehouse Funny Bunny Fridays week 3.

Something ‘Bout A Glitch


Old Charlie went to Motel 6

He thought he’d spend the night

Heard them bragging on TV

How they’d leave on a light


The night clerk told him, yessiree

We’ve got a room for you

We even left the light on

So you can see what e’er you do


Old Charlie said, won’t need the light

Just gotta get some sleep

But I knew you left it on, he said

I seen it on TV


Well, Charlie hit the sack and then

Looked over at the light

Now this won’t do, he said aloud

I’ll be awake all night


Old Charlie he searched high and low

mumbled somethin’ ‘bout a glitch

It looks as though this lamp here

Ain’t got no doggone switch


He called the night clerk on the phone

And told him ‘bout the trouble

The guy just laughed and then he said

I sure hate to burst your bubble


But yes, he said, the light is on

Laughed so hard it made him cough

We said we’d leave it on for you

But never said we’d turn it off!


Copyright © 1998 C. Mashburn


  1. Sherry Mashburn said

    I HATE hotel/motel rooms that are all lit up!!!!

  2. terri0729 said

    I remember those commercials too, LOL! this on is too funny Charlie!! I loved it!! Peace and love…

  3. Wow, I bet Motel 6 ain’t gonna be happy with you! That was pretty funny. Hope it wasn’t a true life adventure. 🙂


    • What? Shucks, Larry; I thought they might call me up and want to hear me sing it. I had big plans for bein the next Tom Bodett!

  4. Ina said

    lol Just unscrew the light bulb? Funny poem!

  5. kez said

    cool tale told with humour …thanks x

  6. Timoteo said

    They won’t get much business from young couples, once the word of this gets around !

  7. Ah, that’s funny! Some commercials can be funny!

  8. This is a very funny poem next time just unscrew the light bulbs this one will do it

  9. Wonderful, clever, fun!!!!!! I enjoyed this very much, thank you for sharing. Hey have you ever read the book Tom Bodett wrote called “The End of the Road”?

    • Thanks, Sherrie! I’m glad you enjoyed it!
      I haven’t read that book, but I’ll look it up. I love to read!

  10. manicddaily said

    I live in the City (NYC) so this leaving on the light is actually kind of an issue here. It is never truly dark! (Or quiet!) So understand the frustration.

  11. ghosterb said

    Now that was cute…LOL…thanks for the smile Charles!

  12. Morning said

    the light in on,

    it takes me a few seconds to get it, double funny, thanks for the tickle.


  13. Haha! Loved your modern day / adult nursery rhyme. 🙂

  14. emanita01 said

    What fun! Made me remember:” Be careful about what you ask for. You might just get i!”

    On the unscrewing the light bulb advice.;

    I’d have said say: Unscrew the light bulb! What else?
    LOL 😀

    • Okay! Next time I’ll unscrew the light bulb!
      Thanks for the fun comments, Emanita!

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