Happy Birthday, Sherry!

Today is Sherry’s birthday, and this is my tribute to her. It is taken from my book, Be Still, and it says all I want to say quite well.

 A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies. Her husband has full confidence in her and lacks nothing of value. She brings him good, not harm, all the days of her life. Proverbs 31: 10-12

me & sherryYes, today, and every day, I celebrate this special lady who helps me face life without fear; loves me more than I deserve; brings peace into my life and fills my days with joy.

My precious Sherry celebrates her birthday today—I believe she said she was 39—and I just want to thank God for her. I can’t imagine where I might be without her, and I cannot plan a future where she is not by my side.

I believe the secret to a successful marriage is for both parties to try and out-love the one another. If the love is from the heart—a heart God resides in—love cannot fail.

There are no jewels that compare, nor are there words to describe this beautiful and talented lady who walks beside me. I have endeavored to honor her with poem and song, but my efforts seem to not do justice to the friend and companion she is and all she’s done for me.

No matter my need, she meets it. No matter my whim, she indulges it. She loves unceasingly and completely. Her heart is surely full of God and His love.

God is love, and she was created in His image.

I am blessed.



  1. Tanya said


  2. cheri said

    that gave me chills…you are a Blessed man to have found suh a beautiful person to journey through this life with–i am happy for you both…i think what got me the most, is when you called her friend!!
    Tell Sherry HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY from me:)

    • Sherry says to tell you thank you. And, that is the best part of our relationship, is that we truly are best friends.

  3. Ken said

    Happy Birthday Sherry!!!! Hope you have a great trip to Wa. Enjoy! Cheers Ken

    • Sherry says, that was nice! Thank you, Ken!
      And we are already having a great time, bro!

  4. Waynette said

    Charlie, you do deserve the love she gives you! This is a vry beautiful tribute to her and you are awesome. I love you both!!

    • Thank you, Waynette!
      But! Sherry says, “AHEM! It seems you forgot the ‘Happy Birthday, Sherry’, in your message!”

  5. A beautiful gift for your wifes birthday.
    Very nice,

    Happy Birthday, Sherry
    May God Bless you with many more shining birthdays.

  6. Sherry Mashburn said

    I am the one that is blessed. Thank you to all for the birthday wishes.

  7. Elizabeth said

    What a beautiful tribute to your lovely Sherry. You are blessed in each other. x

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    Happy Birthday!

  9. Percilla Newberry said

    Happy Birthday Sherry and many more. Hope your day is filled with blessings, love and joy.

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