Four: The Battle

This is part four of the four part series of poems I call Changed. If you missed part one, She Beckons Me Come, part two, Yearning Heart, or part three, In Dreams, you can read any or all of them now by clicking on their title. There is also a part five, Death in the Spring.

This final chapter is being posted on Gooseberry Garden’s Poetry Picnic.


    Part Four:

        The Battle


Awake, I return to the hunt

Sustenance not what I seek

I search for the love I must have

Human body grows frail and weak


In the air, as if by magic

Her scent is thick and near

I move quickly ‘cross the valley

Her song, it seems, I hear


Her presence draws me to her

Near, though I can tell not where

Before a dark hole in the mountain

I stand frozen in front of her lair


She steps out into the sunlight

My heart beats at a killing pace

From the darkness then, he emerges

At her side, he takes his place


I fall, then change in a moment

So quickly there is no pain

Snarling, I rise to four feet

I will fight, for her love to gain


In her gaze then, I see a pleading

I step forward then slowly retreat

Her eyes beg me, please go away

Was never meant that we should meet


Without a sound I tell her my sorrow

Then turning, I slow lope away

The battle not fought, love only in dreams

Yet, in my heart she forever will stay


Copyright © C. Mashburn

 The fifth and final part five, Death in the Spring.


  1. terri0729 said

    Great ending Charlie! Loved the whole series. Peace and love, Terri

  2. Sherry Mashburn said

    Wow! This gave me shivers!

  3. love only in dreams, she stays in your heart?

    sad, well put.


  4. cheri said

    WOW!!my friend–loved this!!! you told an amazing story in those four poems!!! BRAVO!!!

  5. Morning said

    hopeful and romantic,

    well done.

  6. Seabell said

    Another accomplished love poem… Interesting how people are different. For you love is love, even when love is not possible.

    • Love IS always love!
      Thanks for the wonderful comment!

      • Cheri said

        love IS love..i think one has to have truly experienced love to believe and know that statement to be the The Truth!! i am thankful i know that and so thankful you my friend know that too–it comes through in your writing:)

      • You know it, my sweet friend! I’m going to post a poem in a few minutes–it’s one I wrote this morning–and I think you will really like it.
        I love you!

  7. Andy said

    Hello Charles.
    Being the romantic, I was hoping for a happier ending for this poor creature. Alas, it was not to be so, but this was an amazing & enjoyable story all the same.

    Very well done, my friend!

    Thanks for sharing & for your visit/comment too. Much appreciated.

    The Beauty Of Love

  8. Oh, this is just too beautiful and too sad… “was never meant that we should meet”… wow…

  9. Awww… I was hoping she’d be with the wrong one and that he was making her stay so the hero could fight for her and win against the bad ‘guy’
    Sad to love and to lose that love even in a story… LOL
    I’m too soft by far, I love a happy ending! hehe

    • I knew this ending wouldn’t be the one most would hope for. I follow no formulas in my writing. Life follows no formulas. Sometimes it hurts.
      Thank you so much for the thoughtful comments!

  10. another great poem Charlie and your ending is my favorite love your blog and coming here to read your posts all the time happy picnic

  11. elizena said

    Wonderful and wonderfully sad. I have a lump in my throat. A love lost and that was never really meant to be. My heart aches. Just because you can’t be with the one you love it doesn’t mean that you stop loving. I really enjoyed read this even though it’s made me cry. Blessings!

    • Well, you won’t like the fifth in the series much. I guess you’ll like it, but you might need tissues.
      Thank you for the vist and comment, Elizena!

  12. A sad ending, but love isn’t always meant to be. However, this series was amazing and very much enjoyable!
    Take care, Lauren

    • Alas, this is sad, but not the end. There is a part five called “Death in the Spring“, and it is the saddest one of all. I will provide a link here, but will also email the link to you, because for some reason, links don’t always work in my replies.
      I am really pleased you took the time to read the series, I’m glad you enjoyed it, and I appreciate the comments, too!

      • Thanks for the info and I look forward to reading it, Charles. I also invite you to peruse my site again, sometime, when you have the chance! Have a great Friday!

      • Good! Thanks!
        I will drop by again soon!

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