Like a Pearl Set in Gold

Sometimes, I am overwhelmed by the blessings I’ve been given. I am healthy, I have more than I need of most everything, but most of all… I am loved. What more can I ask?

Like a Pearl Set in Gold 

It has been said

     One in ten thousand moons

     fall silently from a daytime sky

          to touch a rainbow

          and there to glisten

               like a pearl set in gold

                    resting upon a pale blue cotton dress


Some nights when I am restless

     Tossing and turning

     and wondering why sleep won’t come

          I turn to find you sleeping

          so peacefully at my side

                Moonlight through the curtain gap

               laying soft across your shoulder


Troubles and worries fade

as I gaze lovingly at you

     and realize how blessed I am

     to have found this treasure

          A proverbial rainbow’s end


Peace washes over me

     As I settle back

          and smile at my good fortune


Sheets rustle

and I feel your hand move to my chest

     Sweetly, you whisper, I love you

     then your deep breathing resumes


A tear falls as I give thanks

     For sleepless nights that let me see

          The moon touching the rainbow

               That lies sleeping next to me


Copyright © 2011 C. Mashburn

Posted at Promising Poets Parking Lot’s Thursday Poets’ Rally Week 56.


  1. Waynette said

    I love it. Very nice

  2. Absolutely wonderful, you are a very lucky person. Partly for the blessings you’ve been given, but also for realizing it and being grateful. Very nice. 🙂

  3. catlas said

    WoW Charles, that is so precious!!!

  4. terri0729 said

    Sherrie is a lucky lady to have you Charlie!! It’s great that you appreciate her as I’m sure she does you. peace, love and blessings, Terri

  5. Really beautiful work, each line was exquist!

  6. Sherry Mashburn said

    Beautiful imagery and sentiment . . .

  7. All right fella, this is just plain good.
    you write beautifully, penning lofty ideas
    in lovely lines and poem structure.
    By gads, even the font’s nice.

    I’m gonna hit the Like button…
    Wait, I already have…
    can I hit it twice?

    • Thanks for the high praise, Tink! Much appreciated! You can hit the like button all ya want!

  8. Andy said

    I almost want to cry…this is so beautiful Charles.
    Many people will go through life never experiencing this kind of love. You & I are very fortunate to have such precious pearls of gold in our lives. We must always treat our pearls with the utmost respect & nurture them until we return to dust. You have come to know my heart very well…I love this!

    Thank you so much for sharing & visiting. I always appreciate your comments.

    Cry Not For Me

    • I consider your comments high praise, Andy. You are the master of poetic romance. Thank you!

  9. Morning said

    Sheets rustle

    and I feel your hand move to my chest

    Sweetly, you whisper, I love you

    then your deep breathing resumes

    so romantic, and beautiful, 😉

  10. manicddaily said

    A wonderful close here. Very sweet. You guys are making all of us envious! K.

  11. Mohana said

    So beautiful…

  12. chimnese said

    you so lucky Charles for having that treasure laying next to you…lovely poem.

  13. Vangie said

    The words are beautiful; the sentiment is beautiful; very awesome indeed.

  14. What a beautiful light you shed!!

  15. Awww…. this is so deeply touching. Intimate in its love but, also generous in that loves sharing.
    It seems you truly have found your pearl and rainbow and are so blessed because, you know it.
    Beautiful piece from you once again Charles.

  16. A noble, and well-painted, song of love. It is memorable, Charles.

  17. Ina said

    To wake up next to the one you love, is the best. I love this poem.

  18. thingy said

    A true romantic. Lovely.

  19. SiNA said

    wow! this is SO heartfelt & full of passion. amazing!

  20. ZQ said

    Geesh! My favorite so far 🙂

  21. Nel said

    So sincere and so loving. Sometimes the most surprising realizations come at the unholiest of hours.


  22. kez said

    a beautiful tribute to the love of your life ….thank you for sharing x

  23. chanzibrenner said

    very nice…i like your style!

  24. Such a beautiful Imagination!!!

    Loved the lines…
    “to touch a rainbow
    and there to glisten
    like a pearl set in gold
    resting upon a pale blue cotton dress”


    ~ Keep the Spark ALive..

  25. Abby Kelly said

    This is fantastic! One the best expressions of love that I have ever read. So pure.

  26. You have such a romantic streak; thankfully you are a poet rather than an artist. A poet says in words that express more than a picture does! This poem is a beautiful picture you have painted in words, Charles.

  27. dsnake1 said

    wow! this is so lovely. and romantic. 🙂

    i echo the previous comment. one of the best love poems i have come across

  28. This post is so pure!! I love your image of love. Thank you for sharing

  29. A wonderfull imagery of deep intense love. Love to read (and feel) it. Nicely done. Thanks for sharing.

  30. Dakshi said

    Beautiful poetry….

  31. The moon touching the rainbow

    That lies sleeping next to me ………

    These two lines, Charles, are very tender and loving. A beautiful poem of
    your romantic love. A gift that has been generously been bestowed upon you.

  32. How beautiful….I feel the same way about my dear husband….you are blessed to have your rainbow sleeping next to you

  33. Sweet write about love and gratitude–Thank you!

  34. Kay Salady said

    Beautiful ode to a rainbow of love. xoXox

  35. Old Raven said

    This is truly lovely.

  36. Maitreyee said

    Nice one 🙂

  37. Really beautiful 🙂

  38. Ow this is very sweet 🙂
    love it

  39. cheri said

    gave me chills:)
    you know that is always my best “sign”


    you are represented at poets rally inspiration of the week on week 7,
    Thanks for the support.

    welcome joining poets rally week 57 tomorrow.

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