Precious Moments

Sherry and I lived in a small subdivision on Lake Travis for a little over nine years. The time we spent there was wonderful and there were lots of precious moments. This poem describes one of the many special evenings we shared there.

Precious Moments

As we enjoyed a simple supper

At a table beside the lake

The sun seemed somehow anxious

To drop over the horizon


As it slipped behind the hills

The sky glowed a cautious yellow

Then as evening came

Faded to a hazy denim blue


Friends stopped by

Said hellos and sat for a while

Then bade us goodbye and left us

To our quiet little party


As the sky darkened to twilight gray

In the sun’s place there appeared

A lazy crescent moon

Reclining in the western sky


Hands entwined, we talked of tomorrows

As we relished the last moments

Of another perfect summer day

For such precious moments, I am thankful


Copyright © 2011 C. Mashburn

Shared on Gooseberry Garden Poetry Picnic #14


  1. Heaven said

    precious moments indeed.. thanks for sharing this ~

  2. beautiful, moving words.

  3. terri0729 said

    Lovely Charlie! Those are the things that make life great and worthwhile, aren’t they? Those simple, quiet moments. Blessings, Terri

  4. thingy said

    Such a lovely view. Thanks. : )

  5. Andy said

    Hello Charles.
    Those precious moments will remain in our hearts for all time.
    Penned beautifully.
    Thank you for sharing & visiting. Your comments are always a source of encouragement for me.

    Have a wonderful week ahead, my friend!

    Beautiful Woman Of My Heart

  6. Morning said

    precious moments with friends,

    great thankfulness.


  7. Precious moments so simple but have such magnitude…thanks for letting me peek in on yours

  8. Moments to treasure indeed.
    Such a lovely picture you painted for us too.

  9. Great thoughts of precious moments from common everyday activities
    …wow…enjoyed your words immensely.
    Siggi in Downeast Maine

  10. small moments are gems, they give us hope and love.

    incredible writing, keep it up.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  11. Sometimes a quiet poem captures the best of life. This is very touching poem.


  12. Moments are the treasures in our lives…wish everyone embraced them as you do!

  13. A peaceful and tranquil location for making wonderful memories …
    Happy Thanksgiving to you both ….!!!

  14. David King said

    Simply and beautifully written. Very moving.

  15. Shiny said

    thanx charles for sharing this.. 🙂 lovely written,,precious indeed..

  16. precious gem poem, well done.


  17. mbwilliams said

    Wow…love this ‘quiet little party’ of a poem

  18. caridwen said

    I love the lazy crescent moon – I have a piece I’m working on in which that same moon is reclining in the sky, watching the reality program below… it’s not ready for sharing yet, though. :o)

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