Daily Encouragement ~ 11/25

            Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.         Romans 12:12

             Hope is defined as: to desire with expectation of fulfillment. It makes sense then that if our hope is to spend eternity with God, and He has promised this to us, we can expect our hope to be fulfilled.

            Affliction is defined as: continued pain or distress. The world is full of affliction, and we must be patient, knowing our hope is in God and our reward is eternal life with Him.

            Faithful is defined as: firm in adherence to promises. To be faithful in prayer is to be constantly in conversation with God, praising Him, professing our love to Him and giving Him thanks for His blessings and promises.

            When our hope is in the Lord, we are able to endure all things. No problem or situation will cause us to take our eyes off the promises He has made. As we face the challenges of life on this earth, we can face them joyfully, knowing our reward is not one we will receive on earth, but one we will receive when we go to be with our Lord. We can face anything, and face it joyfully, if we talk—pray—without ceasing to God. No matter what life is dealing us, we can be joyful, and we can be patient, knowing God is with us and will see us through any and all afflictions.

            But it’s not all bad times and afflictions, and we must also remember to be faithful in prayer and joyful in hope during the good times in our lives. Too often, when things are going our way, we don’t give God a thought. We forget He not only helps us through the hard times, but He provides us with all the good in our lives as well.

            No matter what your circumstance, be joyful, hopeful, patient and faithful!


  1. Sweet words 🙂

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