Daily Encouragement ~ 11/27

Through him and for his names sake, we received grace and apostleship to call people from among all the Gentiles to the obedience that comes from faith. Romans 1:5

There it is again! “We received through grace… “. Paul doesn’t say he gained the apostleship because he was a Godly man or because of anything he did. He received it because God gave it to him. God gave Paul and the other apostles grace so they could do His work. They were a part of His plan.

This is where so many people have a hard time following God and becoming who God intends for them to be. They think they have to do things to impress God. I am convinced all God wants us to do is love Him. When we do it opens our hearts, and He is able to fill us with His love. We are then able to do the things he would have us do. It’s kind of like He turns on our automatic pilot.

That’s right; God puts us on auto-pilot, and we do all the things he would have us do. I know many of you are shaking your heads and saying, “It’s just not that simple”. Well, by golly, I think it is! I think we get so full of love for God we can’t get enough of Him, and as a result our love grows even stronger. With each passing day, we do more for God, seek God more, and trust God more.

Receive God’s grace. He loves you. If you don’t think you’re ready, that’s okay. He’ll wait. He’s got all the time in the universe.

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