Daily Encouragement ~ 11/30

I will extend peace to her like a river, and the wealth of the nations like a flooding stream; you will nurse and be carried on her arm and dandled on her knee. Isaiah 66:12

This verse caught my attention, first by the “peace like a river” reference, but then by the visual “carried on her arm and dandled on her knee” portion of it. Actually, both are very visual.

“Peace like a river”, conjures up a vision of a wide river, long after the rains have stopped and the swollen stream has returned to its banks. I see the waters, slightly muddy, but moving calmly toward the sea; some debris still drifting in its current, but calmness being the river’s predominant characteristic; it is peaceful. I feel like our lives are sometimes much the same as the river after a rain. We go through the storms of life, and our hearts become swollen with sadness, fear, and too often, anger. Then, when the storm is past, we settle back into our daily lives, and things return to a more peaceful state.

“Carried on her arm and dandled on her knee”, brings forth the vision of a young mother carrying the baby on her hip; the child watching with wide and curious eyes everything they pass. When the mother sits and bounces the child on her knee, I see the baby laughing and grinning as it is playfully jostled. (I love the word “dandled” that is used in the verse.) Again I am reminded of our own lives; Jesus carrying us; us looking excitedly—sometimes fearfully—at our surroundings; God lovingly dandling us on his knee when we are finally at peace, knowing His love for us is our protection from the vast and dangerous world we live in.

I’m thinking I should write a story on all this. I could call it, “Peace Like A River”; or maybe, “Dandled On His Knee.”


  1. jmdh said

    I like dandled on his knee

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