Kellie’s Free Write Friday!

Hey y’all! My friend and fellow blogger, Kellie Elmore does a thing she calls Free Write Friday on her blog—Magic in the Backyardevery Friday. She puts up a topic or a picture, and invites other poets and writers to submit a story about the prompt. I really enjoy participating in it, and thought perhaps some of you would like to join in. It’s not too late to get in on this weeks topic, New Year’s Resolutions.

There’s not much in the way of rules and requirements, and she explains it in her weekly invitation. Click on the link below and give it a shot if you have some time to spare this weekend!

Kellie Elmore’s Free Write Friday

My entry for this week’s FWF: My New Year’s Resolution – NOT!

Kellie also has a book of poetry coming out, and I predict it will be something you’ll want to get a copy of. I’m a big fan of Kellie’s poetry, so I have no doubt the book, also called Magic in the Backyard, will be a treasure trove of her very best work!

Check out Kellie’s blog by clicking here -à Magic in the Backyard



  1. CHARLES! Oh my gosh! What a nice thing for you to do for me! Thank you so much for always encouraging me and your sweet, sweet comments. You are too kind! Great big hugs to you, Charles! ♥

    I’m sharing this on my Facebook page:


    • Well, as you know, Kellie, I am a huge fan of your poetry, and I do want to encourage you and help you in any way I can. I have quite a few followers, and many of them are writers and poets, so maybe I can help stir up some interest in your FWFs. It a mutual edification type thing, as I hope it will encourage others to look at the things I post on your blog, too.
      Saturdays are a slow day at my blog, so it may not do much good this week, but I’ll run the post each Friday from now on, and see if it will get some more participants.
      Thanks for the hugs! Charlie loooooves hugs!

  2. Charles…
    thanks for “goosing” me along to write something.
    I had a total blank on this one,
    I do like her idea of “Free writing — also called stream-of-consciousness writing”…and posting it. It’s difficult for
    the perfectionist in me to do that as a post…
    I too am a fan of Kellie’s and want to support her…
    so I set my fingers to the keyboard and will post
    in a moment.

    Siggi in Downeast Maine

    • That’s wonderful, Siggi! And, I know what you mean about the perfectionist thing. I actually don’t follow the rules that well, and typically polish things up before submitting them. (Don’t tell Kellie! Haha!)
      Thanks for joining in! I’ll be watching for your entry!

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