The Best Christmas Ever

Poetry Potluck is having a Merry Christmas Special, and I’m hoping the poem I’m posting will bring a smile to some faces. Mom and Ray are here with us–a tradition for a lot of years; and my dear Sherry—the most wonderful gift I’ve ever received—is at my side. So, yes, I think this poem is a perfect fit for a Merry Christmas Special. Enjoy!

The Best Christmas Ever

I woke up early this morning

As lately I often do

And, as I thought ‘bout the day ahead

I basked in the presence of you


The music of your soft breathing

Put my mind and heart at ease

The feel of you there beside me

Filled me with wonderful peace


This may be the best Christmas ever

Was a thought that ran ‘cross my mind

But then I recalled many others

Sweet memories of mornings so fine


Times as a child when I awoke so excited

Jumped from the bed and rushed to see

The treasures and many wonders

Santa’d left under the tree


But then I wondered if this one

Is the best, with Mom and Ray here

For certainly it’s high on the list

‘tis a blessing to have them near


It was then the answer hit me

That no Christmas could be any better

Than all those I’ve spent with you

Yes, they were all the best Christmas ever


Copyright © 2006 C. Mashburn


  1. Beautifully said Charles, thanks for the gift! 🙂

  2. Shelli said


  3. That’s very romantic. 🙂

  4. Well said, well said. I too know that sentiment and could not have expessed it better. Penned most beautifully.

  5. Morning said

    delightful, thoughtful, and remarkable piece.
    Glad to see you having a very Merry Christmas.


    Enjoy an unbeatable evening.


  6. terri0729 said

    Charlie, lovely, lovely as always 🙂 !! another fine job. Blessings, Terri

  7. Andy said

    Hello Charles. Happy Holidays!
    Love the sentiments expressed here. Nothing better than being surrounded by the ones you love not just on this special day, but every day.
    Always a pleasure to read your poetry.
    Thanks for sharing & visiting. Your comments are most appreciated.

    Give Me Sexy, Give Me Sugar

  8. Beautiful Charles! Yes, you were right our hearts and pens are in the same place this Christmas year.
    Happy Christmas my friend!
    Mark Butkus

  9. Your work is wonderful, Charles, it has the warmth of good wood built into gorgeous furniture, it gives me a place to rest, to stay and visit with my hopes and memories!

    • Thank you so much! My hope is that I truly encourage you when you visit, Sherrie. You are an inspiration and encouragement to me, as well!

  10. Sherry Mashburn said

    I am truly blessed . . . and these past 16 Christmases have been wonderful, with the best yet to come. I love you, Charlie.

  11. Touching tribute to your wife, and so true.

  12. emanita01 said

    Hello there C!
    And yet another wonderful Christamas present that you’ve chosen to share with me ;-D

    I am grateful for the chance you’ve given me to have a peek into your holiday world.

    Sincere thanks my friend ❤

  13. thingy said

    How sweet. You always give me a feeling of comfort. Happy New Year, to you and your beloved. : )

  14. Yun Yi said

    Colorful words, and a colorful day! Nicely done!

  15. Awwww… so wonderful to know we have the best and yet the best is still to come. Lovely, and your comments to each other made my heart smile.
    Merry Christmas to you both.

  16. such a nice, happy feel good write. Merry Christmas to you! wishing you many more best Christmas! 🙂 xo

  17. ~L said


    You made me smile!!!

    I shall take this marble and stick it in my pocket today:)

    • I love it when I make someone smile. Take a pocketful of marbles! I have lots!

  18. Hema said

    Charles, your words are so simple and beautiful. Enjoyed it!

  19. clariice said

    Best Christmas ever – is to realise that you have been spending all the fantastic times with them everyday and continue to appreciate them for being there for you 🙂

  20. Zoe said

    Oh this is so sweet! It is hard sometimes, isn’t it, to separate delicious memories from one another and chose a favourite. Lovely poem for Christmas.

    • Yes, but it’s great to have so many wonderful memories to choose from!
      Thanks for the visit and nice comment, Zoe!

  21. Lovely flow. festive greetings! 🙂

  22. Love this, well done… I hope your Christmas is continuing, thank you, much appreciated, WS

    • Thanks, John. We’re going to try and make it last all year! In fact I’ve come up with a new greeting for New Years: Happy All Year!

  23. Charles, nothing beats sharing special times with your loved ones. When all is said and done relationships are at the core of our being. Well written poem.

  24. jeannette said

    such a sweet gift for your wife….wish you and your family the best in 2012!

  25. Hi Charles,

    Nice feelings, thoughts and images. A reflective, yet festive,Christmas piece. The changing colors are fun, too, reminiscent of a blinking, glittering Christmas tree.

    It seems to me that traditions like this survive for the very fact that they build on the ones before, so that in some way, they do indeed each and all have to be the best ones ever.

    Best wishes to you for a Merry Christmas season and a Happy New Year!


    • Thank you for the wonderful commentary on my poem, Elaine. And, yes, traditions do seem to build on the ones before. We think it helps, too, that we approach the coming one with great expectations.
      We trust you had a wonderful Christmas, and pray the coming year will be filled with blessings!

  26. SiNA said

    amidst all the heartfelt joy…i feel pain…then my eyes are moistened…BEAUTIFUL!

    • No pain or moist eyes, Sina! It’s all joy and beautiful!
      Thank you for the visit and comment!

  27. bijaylaxmi said

    Lovely Poem Charles Sir. It’s so soothing and delighting just like a new year gift. Thank you so much for the poem…and wish you a wonderful new year…:)

  28. Sheelonee said

    This is so colourful and happy and nice and beautiful Charles.God bless!

    • Thank you, Sheelonee! I’m glad you like it, and I appreciate the nice comment!

  29. That was so sweet, and really fondled like a comforting wind.

  30. Super Great ….!!!
    Merry Christmas,

  31. Truly such a beautiful Christmas you had 😀
    I loved the whole poem sooo much 🙂

  32. elizena said

    It must be because I’m a woman Charles, but I’m crying again! I just sat here and remembered so many Christmases that I thought I’d forgotten. Most of those memories have my parents in them, they have since gone home to be with the Lord.
    Anyway, my 28 year old son reminded me today that his best Christmas was when my younger brother dressed up as Santa Claus and climbed up on the roof for his benefit. He knew it wasn’t real, but that Shio had made the effort for him made it a wonderful Christmas.
    My most perfect and wonderful Christmases are those that I spend with my family and family in Christ. God has blessed me with so much. Be blessed! In Christ Jesus.

    • We thought for a while, because of different things going on, Mom and Ray wouldn’t get to come this Christmas. We were dissapointed, but kept a brave face on because we didn’t want them to feel bad. Things changed, and when Ray told me they were coming, I was like a little kid; so excited, I was almost jumping up and down! And it was a wonderful Christmas because they were with us, but most of all it was wonderful because my dear Sherry was at my side. She makes every day seem like Christmas.
      Thank you for all the wonderful comments today, Elizena. It looks like you spent several hours on my blog, and that amazes, delights and blesses me! May God’s blessings chase you down and overwhelm you in this year 2012!

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