The Sun Came Up Again

Going to visit an different poetry site today. I’ve been noticing dVerse Poets on some of the blogs I visit, and decided I’d shoot one of my favorite poems their way and see what they think of it. This is one of the few poems I’ve written that don’t rhyme. I’m old fashioned (stubborn) that way. I like the melodic tone of words that blend and mingle at the end of each line. But, this one ain’t too bad. I hope you enjoy it.

The Sun Came Up Again

The sun came up again

Across the street

In the neighbor’s yard

Through early budding tree limbs

The sky glowed fiery red

Then golden

Then dazzling white

As another day began

A slash of light

Fell ‘cross my arms as I wrote

The thought crossed my mind

That I’d said too much

Heard too much

And it had changed things

I wondered

If they had changed for the better

I hoped so

I’ve changed things before

By being too open

Too honest

I’ve watched the sun come up

Regretting words I’d spoken

The day before

You would think I’d learn

I have learned

I’ve learned

That the sun will come up

Sometimes you will see it

And feel it

Sometimes you won’t

But it’s there

Love is like that

At times you can bask in its warmth

And feel its arms wrapped around you

A flash of it will lay across your heart

Then at other times

It falls silent

And cool

It’s still there

Just not as obvious


You have to know it’s there

Never doubt it

Never turn away

Just know that behind the cloud

Behind the mountain

Behind whatever has made the warm glow fade

It is there

You have to let it be there

You have to want it to be there

It can’t always be glorious

It can’t always be spring

Copyright © 1998 C. Mashburn

Also linked to Promising Poets’ Parking Lot Poet’s Rally Week 60 


  1. No, love has to bloom, it has to be trusted and it has to be equal. We all have to learn how to love, especially if we’ve been hurt and have trouble trusting it again.
    This is lovely.

  2. claudia said

    hey charles..nice to meet you and welcome at dVerse.. i’m a big sunrise lover and so good to know that the sun is there, no matter if we feel or not…beautiful verse you brought to the table..thank you..

  3. This is beautiful, Charles. Love sustains mountains and thunderclouds, words said or not, it stays. Each new day is a fresh start.

    • Yes! I agree that each day is a new day and a new start!
      Thanks for the visit and comment!

  4. ayala said

    Beautiful and wise…. It can’t always be spring.

  5. Pat Hatt said

    Yeah it can’t be forced when it isn’t there, even if the neighbor tries to rub it in..haha..great verse.

  6. Grace said

    “You have to want it to be there” – Love is a decision, so this line captures it very well.

    Nice to see you at D’verse.

    (aka Heaven)

  7. hedgewitch said

    Couldn’t agree with you more–some things are most present when they’re hidden to our eyes, and some things do indeed never go away. Glad to see you at dVerse.

  8. sometimes you will see it and others you wont but it is always there…like love…yes….there is great truth in that…very nice progression in this…

  9. I am counting on spring year round 🙂 Lovely poem and thanks for the very nice comment on mine.


  10. Sherry Mashburn said

    I love the thought behind this poem. So true.

  11. ManicDdaily said

    Your poem is certainly true. It can’t always be spring==but then spring is not necessarily one’s favorite season. (Lots of life, but lots of bugs too!)

    I’m joking here, but, of course, you bring a very broad perspective here. K.

  12. myrna! said

    Charles, I can’t tell you how much I needed to read these words. Thank you.

  13. …and life does go on. no matter what we do or don’t or regret… nice, poignant piece 🙂

  14. ladynyo said

    This can be applied universally, Charles. I like this very much, and when we find the commonality in things, we complete that web of humanity….

    Thank you, Charles, for your words tonight. They lift the Spirit.

    Lady Nyo

    • I hope I didn’t over step and “say too much”.
      I appreciate your visit and wonderful comments!

  15. zongrik said

    it can’t always be spring is really deep

  16. Emma said

    Hey Charles, this is a great exploration for me. There is such wisdom in those final two lines…truly we can’t always be enmeshed in the warmth and promise of spring. Very nice.

    • I’m glad you like it, Emma!
      Thank you for stopping by my blog, and thanks for the nice comment!

  17. “You have to let it be there

    You have to want it to be there

    It can’t always be glorious

    It can’t always be spring”

    Not always Spring, but as long as it is there is all that matters. Well captured!

  18. wonderful depth to this piece… just sitting in the sun

    • Thank you. It’s an older one, but one of my favorites. I still remember the morning I wrote it, and the scene is exactly as I portray it; the thoughts, too.
      Thanks for the visit and wonderful comment!

  19. Jody said

    Thank you for sharing with me!!

  20. ladynimue said

    Beautiful this one !
    Am going through a similar time of doubts.. and this poem cheered me a bit 🙂
    thanks !

    • It blesses me to know I’ve helped cheer you!
      Thank you for stopping by and leaving the nice comment!

  21. You my friend are always glorious!! Thank you for sharing your wonderful work and making your kind remarks on mine!

    • Aw! Stop it, Sherrie! Glorious? Me? You get the first “made-my-day” button for this glorious comment!

  22. I like the idea of the sun coming up in someone else’s yard and all the ideas which ensue from that beginning.

  23. kez said

    such true words written so splendidly thank you x x x

  24. what a great comparison! the sun and love – your words ring so true for me. welcome to the pub!

  25. thursdaychild1973 said

    Great piece, thanks Charles! Words I needed to hear right now too. I’ve come across your work before, and very happy to be revisiting it!

    • I’m so glad the poem could be a help to you!
      Glad you dropped by again, too!
      I appreciate the visit and great comment!

  26. Shen Hart said

    This has such a soft understanding to it, reflecting the images you put into it.

    • That’s pretty much how it felt as I wrote it, Shen. Very easy and mellow morning.
      Thanks for the visit and comment!

  27. edpilolla said

    killer last line. you built a rhythm for it very well.

    • Thank you very much! I’m glad you like it!
      I appreciate the visit and great comment!

  28. Mary said

    There are many facets of love. Your poem captured so many of them, and just beautifully.

  29. Many wise insights here. The last stanza is perfect!

  30. kaykuala said

    Clever way of ‘uniting’ the 2 which may have different effects initially. The sun is always there but love may not. But you brought it out that both are always there. Is just that most are blind not to see love and lose out when they get distracted. Brilliant thinking!

    P/S thanks for your visit

  31. brenda w said

    Oh but we want it to be! Excellent write, thank you for sharing it.

  32. Raivenne said

    “It can’t always be glorious

    It can’t always be spring”

    Excellent words my friend. Interesting, our minds seem to be on similar paths. You post of love and I post of soul mates, yet both acknowledging that neither is white hot 100% of the time.

    • White hot? You know how old I am, right? hahaha Kidding! And yes, you are right. the hot cools pretty quickly, but in my opinion, the hot isn’t love. Love comes after the hot, and it takes forgiveness, commitment, and most of all the attitude that the person you love is more important than you are.

  33. birchpoet said

    Great read! Didn’t miss the rhymes at all. 😉
    I’m a Sunrise/sunset lover and this was lovely.

  34. again charles! your words enlightening me! the message over the words such a beautiful things to learn, a new point of view 🙂

    • I’m glad you were enlightened by the poem.
      Thank you for the visit and wonderful comment!

  35. Mr Blaque said

    Very open, certain things in life are like the sun always raising and setting. Love is one of those up and downers, beautiful imagery

  36. Kathe W. said

    this is lovely- a delightful and thoughtful piece

  37. “Every morning’s sun follows every evening’s night, and every day I know that it will come.” Even when we can’t see it or feel it, it is there. True and lovely thoughts, Charles. Thanks for sharing!

  38. I have been married for 41 years and there have been times love fell behind the clouds…The morning didn’t shine as bright. But the constant of love remained to meet another morning with its glory of sunrise. A beautiful poem Charles that speaks of the reality of love.

    • I applaud your 41 years, Susie! Well done!
      Thank you for the wonderful comment!

    • Susie… people like you, marriages like yours are what stops me from giving in to the armour of cynicism. :] Thanks :] xx

  39. Did you post this one before? It feels very familiar, but I love it. It is absolutely true and, just as another piece you wrote before provoked me, this one soothes me and inspires hope. :] Love eternal, undying, even in a mist or behind an obstacle, it’s there. That’s the best love. :] xx

    • I have posted this before–several times–but it is one I will repost over and over again, not only because new readers are constantly viewing my posts, but because I think it carries a message of hope. I’m glad it soothes and inspires you, Catie. Those are good things!
      I’m glad, too, that you’re visiting my blog again. I missed you!

  40. I loved reading this. Thanks for visiting my haiku-blog about Basho.

    • I’ve visited your blog several times in the past, but was not able to leave a comment. I was finally able to leave one this trip! I enjoy your Haiku blog!
      Thank you for stopping by here and leaving the nice comment!

  41. Snowflakes said

    enjoyed it,

    you never fail to impress.

  42. That sun causes more trouble,
    Because folks can’t agree,
    Whether sun up or sun down,
    Is best to see.

    Charles, your poem was magnificent.
    Love is like Mr. Sun,
    Can’t please everyone,
    once it’s begun,
    and doesn’t please anyone,
    once it’s done.

  43. pure2core said

    I can say i am the admirer of your message oriented poems.. simple and valuable..Thanks for share Sir..Happy to have read this one..

  44. Christine said

    I love this poem; breathtaking in its imagery and message. I like the parallel you drew between the sunlight and love. Superb.

  45. Powerfully authentic and perceptive. Ultimately full of hope and optimism.
    I loved it.

    • Thank you for the awesome comment, James! I appreciate your kind words very much!

  46. I really like this poem… and somehow it feels like a rhyme even though it doesn’t rhyme. Did that make sense?

    • I think that’s my style. Most of the non-rhyming stuff I write seems to have a cadence to it that makes it feel the same as the ones that rhyme. Does that make sense???
      Thanks for the visit and great comment!

  47. Amazing poetry…Each stanza, was an enjoyable bonanza 🙂

    I got to know about you from The Poetic Palace.


  48. thoughtsnotlost said

    You moved me so much with this one, I think the tears began to well by the time I got to this wonderful liine:

    “A flash of it will lay across your heart”

    Great read and oh so true!

    • Wow! Thank you for the awesome comment. It is rewarding when someone is moved by something I’ve written!

  49. I loved the way the poem emphasizes – the strong silent presence of the sun – illustrating ever-lasting love. We always thought love should be passionate burning and raging. Not true. It’s always the slow silent burning – we feel it there, we know it’s there, not just physically not just words, we feel it with our heart. Hence even when it’s not obvious, we are confident yet of its presence 🙂

    Wonderful lasting!

  50. dsnake1 said

    beautiful words, charles. 🙂

    yes,“Never doubt it, Never turn away”. i am moved by these lines.

  51. Andy said

    Hello Charles.
    Like everything else, love needs to be nurtured & cherished in order for it to bloom, to grow. For me who exists in the image of love, I’m all for never doubting it & never turning away from it, but giving it your whole heart & getting lost in it.

    Beautiful expressions.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Harp Of My Soul

    • I agree, Andy. Doubt is a seed that can grow weeds in the garden of love and once they begin to grow untended they can take over and choke out the beutiful flower that is love. On the other hand, if you never turn away from love and give it your constant attention, it will continue to flourish and remain beautiful.
      Thank you for dropping by and blessing me with this wonderful comment!

  52. poetryroad said

    This poem reminded me of the Moon Flower and its ability to open and close. I like how you let us peek into your feelings then covered them up, then exposed them again throughout the stanza’s keeping us reading to the end.

    • Thank you very much! I’m glad you enjoyed the poem!
      I enjoyed your nice comments about it!

  53. A.B. Thomas said

    It was a marvel the first time I read this piece and it still has that fantastic voice within it once more!

  54. SiNA said

    yup so true…things are there but only we don’t see them…that’s very bitter and also comforting at the same time…

  55. we start afresh each day with a clean slate … trusting faith, hope and love with be steady companions as we progress on the daily journey of life … striving to do better this day than the day before.

    well done ~~

  56. Well done. Loved reading this poem. Thanks for sharing it with the world

  57. Tweety said

    Oh this is so lovely…. Each word here gives hope…Love is there for all of us.. 🙂 Thank you for such a lovely creation 🙂

    • Thank you for the awesome comment!
      I’m glad you see hope in this poem! It’s very much what I hoped to portray.

  58. Beautifully done!

  59. mbwilliams said

    Very wise words Charles, these ones at least, will do only good released out into the world

  60. I think being too honest and open is a blessing! Good for you. You sound like a very caring soul — one who keeps the weeds of doubt out of your garden.

    And love the “Slash” of light that was on your arm. Poetry rocksQ

    Hope you are well today.

    • Thank you very much, Jannie!
      This is one of my most favorite poems. I remember the morning vividly, and it all came to me and happened just as I describe it.
      Thanks for stopping by!

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