I Can’t Do This Anymore

For my dear wife, Sherry. I think she will understand.

I Can’t Do This Anymore


I’m sorry, I can’t do this

         This Valentine thing

Invented by man

    And commercialized to the max


You know how I hate it

      The way we’re controlled

And cajoled

   Into buying things


To prove our love?

     Are you kidding me?

Do I really need to purchase



It does hurt me though

           Knowing you love these things

These silly traditions and holidays

       But, I just can’t get myself to play along


And I’m sorry

    Sorry to have to tell you this

On this day

       This supposedly all about love day


But… I can’t love you anymore


     No, I can’t love you any more

           On this day set aside for love

     I can’t love you any more today

           Than I did yesterday, or every day before it


     I can’t love you any more

         Than I did the first time I saw you

     A vision in blue

            Walking right in front of me


     I knew in that instant

             That very instant

     As you hurried past, and I whispered…

                                     God, I hope that’s her


     I can’t love you any more, Sherry

              I love you more than life, you see

     And I just don’t know how

        I can love you any more than I do


                I hope you understand


Copyright © C. Mashburn

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  1. Raivenne said

    I’m going to presume you show your love in so many other ways throughout the year, that she’ll let this one pass (this time).

    However, if we never see another blog post from you, we’ll know what happened. * insert big teasing grin here*.

    • Uh-oh. Are you saying I might have stepped over the line with this one, Raivenne?
      But, in answer to your first question; YES! Yes, I do! Every day!

    • zongrik said

      that’s a really interesting way to look at this…i like it. i didn’t see it this way at all.

  2. terri0729 said

    Amen to that, Charlie!! I just said something similar to this to someone else yesterday 🙂 Why should there only be one day a year that we tell someone how much we love them? Just another money making operation! smiles, Terri

    • Yes! But, um, I haven’t heard from Sherry since I posted this. I mighta messed up!
      Thanks for the visit and coment, Terri!

      • terri0729 said

        LOL, let’s hope not 🙂 She should know you well enough by now! Mark and I were laughing about this whole Valentine’s thing this morning when he said that he never buys flowers on this day since his first wife threw hers in the trash one time ’cause she was mad at him and I had to remind him that he has bought me flowers before, and not just on this day, ha-ha! He must just love me that much more than her 🙂 Just kidding, I know he does. But he had forgotten all about it. I stated that he gave me flowers when he bought me the stuffed gorilla with boxer shorts that said I love you on them. He said, “Huh, I did? Do you still have it?” I replied, “No, I threw it away!! Duh, it sitting right on the chest-of-drawers next to the bed, ding dong!” Gave us a good laugh for the morning anyway ’cause I’m the one who forgets stuff. Grins, Terri

      • I finally couldn’t stand it anymore, so I emailed her. She said she never got it. Whew! Now… waiting again!

  3. Sherry Mashburn said

    Well, my mascara is running down my face, and I have to explain to the staff why I look like a racoon!!!

    I love you, Charlie. And yes, I enjoy these special little holidays. But you show me each and every day how much you truly care . . . not just one day of the year.

  4. naramalone said

    I’m thinking a poem like this is way better than roses and chocolates or anything else.

  5. Awww… yes, love is 365 days a year, not just one day all ruined by commercialism and making $$$ … lovely write.

  6. Pat Hatt said

    Yes you are 100% correct. This one whole commercialized diaper wearing man with an arrow day, can go away. The other days is when it should shine, not on the day the commercializing idiots tell you too.

  7. hedgewitch said

    Nicely expressed, and any lady would be running her mascara to read this one, I think.

    • That’s what she said! She wasn’t too happy about that part, but she liked the poem pretty good!

  8. ManicDdaily said

    Ha! Very sweet! (And a good way to avoid the line at Godiva’s!)

    No, she’s very lucky. Thanks, Charles. K.

    • I try to make every day special for my dear Sherry.
      Thanks for the visit and nice comment, K!

  9. ha this is hot…great love poem…love your word play in this…and yeah maybe you cant love more, but i bet she is a bit right about now…smiles…

    • She’s a happy lady; I try to make sure she’s always that way.
      Thanks for the visit and comment, Brian! Very much appreciated!

  10. claudia said

    oh i’m sure she understands….such an honest verse is better than any flowers or chocolate…smiles… lovely charles..

    • That’s what I was thinkin, Claudia! And, she does understand. In spite of my numerous flaws, she allows me to be me.
      Thanks for the lovely comment!

  11. Dark Angel said

    How ridiculously sweet you two are, made my night 🙂

  12. pure2core said

    That’s really a very nice poem..Even I feel the same..Thanks for share..

  13. This poem means so much more than a dozen roses that begin their wilt before you get through the check-out line. Wonderful!

  14. oceangirl said

    This tears me up. The most beautiful poem I’ve ever read.

  15. Writing prose is so romantic! Kudos!

  16. Sherry’s one lucky lady!

  17. Love it! For Valentine’s Day I got a card that said “Still not sick of you,” followed quickly by a more traditional card in case the funny (but true) one didn’t go over so well. I would have been happy with just the funny one. It made me laugh. 🙂 Peace, Linda

    • I think the second one was insurance, and I’m thinking you didn’t laugh hard enough at the first one!
      Thanks for the visit and comment, Linda!

      • If I didn’t laugh hard enough it was only because I hadn’t yet had my first cup of coffee. 😉

      • Okay. I better write that down under rules for giving valentines! 46. Wait til she’s had first cup of coffee
        Thanks for the tip, Linda!!

  18. I hate commercialism and it has seeped into this country terribly. Well said. Sherry is one lucky girl.


  19. What a sweet poem! A small piece of your heart in verse form makes the perfect Valentine’s present 🙂 Sherry is definitely a lucky woman.

    • I haven’t written a Valentine’s poem for Sherry every year, but I know I’ve done at least 10 in our 16 years, and probably about a hundred poems for other occasions and just because. I’m pretty sure she knows I love her a whole bunch!
      Thank you for the nice comment, Mary!

  20. Heaven said

    This is very sweet….much better than receiving flowers that wilt, and chocolates that are consumed….indeed it is everyday that we show our love ~

  21. perfectly delightful… a wonderful surprise in the word play. Nice to meet you. =)

    • Nice to meet you, too, Patricia. Thank you for the wonderful comment! Please stop by again!

  22. Neha said

    This is a very special valentine’s gift!

  23. bajanpoet said

    No, I can’t love you any more

    On this day set aside for love

    I can’t love you any more today

    Than I did yesterday, or every day before it

    Awesome verse, Charlie! Sherry IS a lucky girl 🙂

    Well put 🙂

    • Thank you very much! I think your Valentine poem is awesome! Never give up!

      • bajanpoet said

        Thanks so much Charles 🙂 I’m not giving up – I’m still writing the wordshine into her heart 🙂

  24. Your wife must have been thrilled with her Valentine gift of the heart.


    Mark Butkus

  25. Bianca said

    I had a bit of a laugh at this because I don’t do valentines day but being quite young I know how some girls react to it, they think its the bee all and end all. All jokes aside, this is a beautiful poem and your wife is lucky to have someone who cares so much about her all day, every day. I am sure she understands very well!

    • Good for you, Bianca!
      I’m glad you liked my “valentine”.
      Thanks for the visit and comment!

  26. elizena said

    God started the days of love the moment He created us and we should celebrate His love, the biggest, most awesomely perfect love, every day of the week. I too hate the commercialized Day of Love…well except for the chocolate! This diabetic loves her chocolate. LOL! But seriously we treated Tuesday like what it was, another gift from God and we went to worship practiced and showed each other the love of our Father in us. By the way, I’m sure your wife forgave you, because the love God gave you for her is not a one day thing, but a 24 hour, 7 days a week thing. You are both so blessed to have each other. Blessings my friend!

    • Sherry is without a doubt my greatest blessing on this earth!
      Thanks for the wonderful comment, Elizena!

  27. What lovely thoughts… I am thinking Sherry will greatly appreciate your words much more than Hallmark’s… 🙂

    • Oh, yes. I haven”t bought her a card for any occasion in 16 years. She loves it!
      Thank you for the visit and comment!

  28. Charles. Belated visit after you were kind enough to read and comment on my Valentine’s Day poem. This is just a fabulous take on 14th February. I love it! I think you either a cynical grumpy old man like me, or ahead of yourself and poo poo the damned commercialism of every single special day ever created by man to celebrate God or any other noble or philanthropic cause you can shake a stick at. Well done my man.

    • Right on both counts! I’m a little bit of the grouchy old cynic, and a whole bunch down on the commercialism of EVERYTHING!
      Thanks a bunch for the great comment!

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