Daily Encouragement ~ 2/27

And Jesus knowing their thoughts said, Wherefore think ye evil in your hearts? Matthew 9:4

I think the first part of this verse is a reality we often forget; Jesus knows our every thought. We often go about our daily business, doing things we shouldn’t do, and thinking no one will be the wiser. You know, the little white lies, and the bad thoughts about those we come in contact with who don’t adhere to our way of thinking and/or doing things. But Jesus knows.

And to my way of thinking, the fact that Jesus knows is more disturbing to me than the fact those I have the bad thought about know what I’m thinking. What the other person might think of me, or how they might react to me, is temporary and temporal; what Jesus thinks has lasting implications.

The good news is this; when we focus our attention on Jesus and loving Him, those evil thoughts will eventually cease to exist in our hearts. They might still slip into our minds, but our heart will be quick to expel them, because it will be governed by the heart of Jesus.

Loving Jesus is a full-time job; if you give loving Him your undivided attention, evil won’t be able to find any room in your heart.


  1. Sherry Mashburn said

    He sees into the deepest parts of me. . . and loves me still. I don’t want to disappoint Him.

  2. elizena said

    I agree with Sherri as well. I could tell the difference from the way I was before I became a Christian and the person I became after. The before Jesus me had a mouth that sailors and truck drivers would have been ashamed of. I reminded everyone that my daddy had been the pastor not me. For some reason everyone thought that because my momma and daddy were Christians, that automatically made me one. (Christianity is not inherited people!)
    Anyway, one day I turned around and realized that Jesus had been there the entire time waiting for me to see the light. First I was shocked, then conviction hit me on the forehead like the V8 commercials, “Whoa! I should have watched my mouth!”
    I’m not perfect, never will be, but I will not curse no matter what I’m going through and I will call you on it if I hear one come out of your mouth. I want so badly to please my heavenly Daddy, not because I’m expecting a reward, but just because I love Him; going to heaven and meeting the disciples and Abraham and Joseph, etc. will just be the awesome extras.
    Be blessed my friend!

    • I was just reading about the percentage of preacher’s kids who stray from the faith as soon as they get away from home. The good news is, most of them come back later in life because of their upbringing. (Raise up a child in the way they should go…)
      I am a good example of that principle. I thank God for my mom; she made sure we had the right foundation.
      Thanks for the wonderful comments, Elizena!

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