He Gave Me a Good Talking To

In two weeks, my blog will have been in active existence for one year and, sometime today, I will receive the 40,000th visit to it. I don’t know how that compares to other blogs, but I think it’s pretty good. But, I don’t really care.

I did. Oh, I really did! In fact, I became obsessed with how many people were visiting my blog, and went crazy trying to put more and more posts on it. I think there were days I posted ten items—poems, stories, and encouragements—but that soon caught up with me, and I flat ran out of steam—not to mention material to write about. So, I cut back a little; then a little more; then a lot, until I was only posting my daily encouragement, two to three poems a week, and the occasional story. Needless to say, the number of visits to my blog plummeted, and instead of two hundred visitors a day, I now get an average of around seventy visits per day. Monday, at twenty-eight, was the lowest number I’ve ever had for one day. I have to admit, I did care, and it hurt a bit; until this morning.

I read other blogs, and one of them I recently began following is written by a guy named Bryan, whose blog is called Chief of the Least. He writes really good, encouraging stuff, and I recommend you visit his blog if you have time. The post he wrote this morning was written especially for me. Well, not really, but it seems that way.

I believe God talks to me sometimes; not in an audible manner, but I think He gets His message to me in various ways. I am a firm believer in the fact the Lord works in mysterious and wonderful ways!

This morning, still feeling slightly discouraged about the low number of visitors yesterday, I was reading my emails and came to the one from Bryan. It was a really good one, and I was feeling better as I read it, then I came to the part Bryan (and God, I believe) wrote directly to me:

Dear Charlie, (<–I made that part up.)

Whatever season you’re currently in you should know that God is the good and gracious sovereign King who alone changes the times and seasons (Daniel 2:21). Be thankful for and faithful to whatever small platform He has given you for this short time. Whether it be a church with stagnant membership, a blog with no traffic, or a co-worker who doesn’t want to hear it.

Keep sowing the gospel seed. The greatest and most fruitful trees all have the same small hidden beginnings in the soil of supposed obscurity. We may never know what eternal fruit God is going to raise up out of the dirt of our lives.”

I love you, God (<–I made that part up, too.)

But, you see, God knew I needed some words of encouragement this morning; He knows I’m human and will get discouraged at times. But I’ve come to realize as long as I keep looking to Him, and seeking Him, He’ll always be there for me. And, when it’s needed, He won’t hesitate to give me a good talking to.

To visit Bryan’s blog and read his entire article,

click here –> Chief of the Least



  1. Thank you much for sharing, Charles! You are great blessing and encourager to those within your sphere of influence. I’m glad God still speaks to those with an ear to him, and he uses means that many times man would never consider.

    Thanks again and God bless!

  2. Raivenne said

    Yes, He does have ways of sending you the message you need to hear in a manner that you will best absorb His words. Kinda cool isn’t it?

    • Very cool! I think the key is to be watching for the message! Never look away, and never give up!

  3. Sherry Mashburn said

    AWESOME. I love it when God talks to me!!

  4. Kirsten said

    I was blessed by reading Bryan’s blog, but then God threw in another blessing…your blog Charles 🙂 I can totally relate to what you said. Thank you for the encouragement!

    • Yes! Bryan’s message was right on the money for me yesterday, and for many others, I’m sure. I’m so glad you stopped by, and I appreciate the kind words. Please come by and visit again when you have time.

  5. Interestingly, God also used the same part you have quoted from chiefofleast to speak to me. Oh, God indeed moves in a mysterious ways his wonders to perform. I love this God the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    • I love Him too! Thank you for stopping by for a visit, and thanks for the wonderful comment!

  6. terri0729 said

    I a believe that too, Charlie! When we aren’t always listening to Him, he smacks us in the face through someone else and says, “Hey, did you hear that?”, lol, or something to that effect. I’m right there with you 🙂 blessings and smiles, Terri

  7. Faye said

    Amen! I understand those feelings! My ministry has at times seemed so small and insignficant. Then listening to a sermon, I realized that the number of people reached aren’t important. That is it – a number. The important thing is ‘each one, reach one’. Paul wrote to the Philippian church who were small in number, but look who are reading his letters to that church today!

    • Yes’m. That’s the way I see it, too!
      Thanks for the encouraging comment, Faye!

      • Faye said

        Oh, I’m so glad that was encouraging. I just read my post and hoped it would come across that way. I just wanted you to know that you are not wrestling alone out there with the same thing I wrestle with too. 🙂 God bless you!

      • The very fact you take the time to comment is encouraging, Faye. You always have good input, and I love hearing from you!

  8. elizena said

    Very awesome! So God talks to Bryan, who shares with you and then you share with us. I love that! Remember that old commercial? I think it was a shampoo one or maybe I’m remembering it wrong? The one that went, “…and so on, and so on…” That’s all I remember, but I swear there was hair in it. LOL! God talks to someone, who’ll talk to someone else and so on and so on.
    And as for wonderfully mysterious ways, that is indeed how God works. Someone asked me a few days ago if God spoke to me or answered my prayers and I responded that yes, He did, but it wasn’t in an audible voice or I’d be trippin’ for the rest of my life or I’d pass out. We laughed for a bit, but then I told her how when I was feeling at my lowest God would send someone to smile at me or someone would come up and hug me and say, “I just felt God wanted me to do that.” He knows when I need encouragement and always sends His earthly angels to minister to me.
    Sometimes, people call me and ask me to pray for them and right in the middle of the prayer, I get one of those ‘Ah ha,’ moments; God reminds me through someone else’s problems; my prayers for them, through other’s problems and wherever I might find myself, that I can do and withstand anything, because He is my strength and fortress; He is my Encourager.
    Charles, we are so doggone lucky to be able to say that we have the most awesome, loving Father. Be blessed my friend and always know that as His son you can do all things through Him that strengthens you. Be blessed.

    • Yes’m, this, I believe, is the benefit of hanging around a good crowd; we get the benefit of all their blessings, too! I am often inspired by comments from others, too, and sometimes, a poem or story will emerge as I reply to the comment. I love it when that happens!
      Yep, we are lucky!

  9. Love this…TAG you’re it.

  10. I was still processing the tags…try again 🙂

    • Okay, it worked that time. Sorry to be a spoil sport, but I don’t do those kinds of exercises. Thanks for including me, though!

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