Almost Right

Charles Spurgeon once said: “Discernment is not a matter of simply telling the difference between right and wrong; rather, it is telling the difference between right and almost right.”

Almost Right


Yes, there was a time when right

Was never wrong

And the difference between the two

Was easily discernible


It was also thought in times ago

That truth was always best

Cheaters never won

And to bear false witness was a sin


An odor now wafts across our land

Foul and putrid

Soaking into our lives

And even into our hearts and minds


It is the foul odor of decay

Caused by words left out

Or not even close to true or right

The scent of something gone terribly bad


For it is said

Ye will know them by their fruits

And by their actions we see produced

A rotting molding putrid mass


Our foundation crumbles beneath the weight

Of all that is wrong

In a world built on lies

And “truths ” that are merely… almost right


Copyright © 2012 C. Mashburn


Sharing this with Jingle Poetry @ Olive Garden ~ Week 26 and dVerse Poets Pub ~ Open Link Night Week #34


  1. The sins of omission and the policy of “spinning” an argument away from the subject just bust my buttons! So very hard to conduct an adult debate…I hear ya Charles!

    • Here’s a Charlie original, Susan. Tell me if it makes sense: “If you tell someone a half truth enough times, it soon becomes their reality, while the whole truth becomes an unbelievable lie in their mind.” Kind of like the young man on your FB thread who was so certain in his Socialist “truths”, and everything he said could have been taken straight from Alinky’s Rules for Radicals, or, for that matter, the communist manifesto. Adult debate?? There is no such thing anymore.

      • The only thing that young man has going for him is his curiosity. He is young enough to think he knows everything but is an unfortunate,familiar, product of our liberal biased public schools.
        I encourage him and try not to come off too righteous. I want him to keep asking questions.

      • I’ll have to leave the answering of those questions to you and others more patient than I am. I wish you the utmost success, though, because I do know minds and hearts can be changed, and I am ever hopeful!

  2. Jennifaye said

    So true. It’s becoming harder and harder to know the wrong from the almost right.

  3. Sherry Mashburn said

    Little white lies . . . where do they end?

    • I don’t think they do. Their roots keep sinking deeper, and they grow like weeds. But, you know what happens to weeds.

  4. This is a very provoking piece of writing. I have long been interested in the relationship between, for example, a good course of action and the right course of action.

    • Good one, Edward! That is very thought provoking, as well! I’m thinking what might seem good is not always right.
      Thanks for the visit and great comment!

  5. Kirsten said

    Fantastic Charles!!!! I have been the recipient of lies and the perpetrator of lies…the only fruit a lie can bear is bad fruit! And that is the simple truth 🙂

    I think the scariest thing about lies is that they have the propensity become our reality (like you mentioned above in a comment response). I don’t know about you, but I’ve spent too much of my life living in a false reality built on lies! I now choose to live my life in God’s truth because it is the only way for the fruit I bear to be edible to others so that they might see God’s truth too! Does that make sense?

    • I’ve probably been there and done that on just about anything you could bring up, Kirsten. I think we’ve both lived in the same compost heap, but thank God for grace and another shot to bear good fruit! There is no fear in the truth! (And, yes, what you say makes perfect sense!)

      • Kirsten said

        Who knew we were “compost heap” neighbors! lol

        I’m so grateful to God for His grace and His second chances.

        And thank you for your faithfulness in writing…you are a blessing to me & many others 🙂

      • Yes’m, we could’ve been decomposing in the same neighborhood!
        Me too!
        It’s the least I can do.

  6. terri0729 said

    I read this earlier and liked it but I guess that I failed to leave you a comment, shame on me!! ‘Cause this is excellent too! A whole lot of truth wrapped up in there 🙂 smiles, Terri

  7. When you’re right, you’re right!

  8. Good News Devotions said

    Great poem, you always do good writing though. Enjoy’d very much… Blessings Bro Pat.. OH and thanks for sharing.

    • k you very much for the visit and comment, Bro Pat!

      • Good News Devotions said

        You are very welcome…. Blessings.

  9. Nice..Lets pray for the Lord to guide our hearts to truth – Blessings Darrell

  10. Mr. Watson said

    Love it ! 🙂

  11. Pat Hatt said

    A rotting molding putrid mass, geez don’t hold it in, let us know what you really think..LOL….great line and yeah not as easy to distinguish as time goes on.

    • Did I say that? Oh, yeah, I did. Sometimes ya just got to let it out, Pat!
      Thanks for the visit and comment!

  12. Mary said

    Everytime an election rolls around, the ‘stink’ gets stronger, I think. And then there is the archdiocese here which is being sued by many who have been abused by pedophiles over the years. There is talk of the diocese being “bankrupt” but also strong talk that the diocese is hiding their money in overseas banks. What kind of truth is that?? Sickening how ‘truth’ seems to have changed over the years. Thought-provoking poem.

    • I agree on the election odor; seems to get worse every year, too. That is disgusting about the archdiocese; especially the money part. The thing is, it’s not truth that has changed, because truth is what it is; the acceptance of lies and half truths that have replaced the truth is where the problem is. Greed and envy are to blame.
      Thanks for the visit and comment, Mary!

  13. A friend of mine and I just had this all out too. I say that she witholds truth knowing that it will have an effect and therefore she just simply witholds information and (to me) it is as much a lie as a lie is itself and when challenged she’ll say, I was going to tell you but I’ve gotten now so that I don’t trust what she says anymore because I don’t know if it’s truth or something else is being with held and, it’s so sad because most of it is silly anyway, but, once trust is shaken too badly, sometimes it just can’t recover.
    Nicely said Charles, and yes, if someone says half truths so many times, eventually it becomes the established ‘truth and fact’ and that says a lot about how much of humanity (in the west) has become, self centered and egotistical and selfish. Sad isn’t it!

    • I don’t think it’s just in the west, but there are probably some places where truth is still revered. But you are right in that the problem has much to do with self centeredness, selfishness, not to mention envy and greed. Yes, it is sad, but not beyond hope.
      Thanks for the thought-filled comment, Daydreamer!

  14. Well said, and all too true. I just stopped by via dVerse.

  15. true that…sadly…the truth has become owned by the ones that hold it and twisted to meet their ends…it is hard these days to really discern what is true unless you are very careful…

    • I think we just have to know what’s true to us and hold on to it. I’ve gotten pretty adept at seeing through the BS.
      Thanks for the visit and comment, Brian!

  16. ladynimue said

    So true !! the “almost truths” have been weakening us day by day .,.

    • Half truths are nothing but lies with a mask on.
      Thanks for the visit and comment!

  17. Love me some Spurgeon too; Great poem, I always have an appreciation for original works of poetry. I have a couple of my own I may share someday…

    • Yes sir! Thanks for the compliment. I love writing poetry, though I don’t plan to ever make any money doing it. The really bad ones far outnumber the kind of good ones. Sherry says I’m my own worst critic though, so I just throw ’em out there.

  18. This was a a deep read that penetrated my brain, with some compelling truths that we all seem guilty of living at times.

  19. elizena said

    You know I wonder if it’s actually that we can’t tell the difference between right, wrong or almost right, or if it’s just become so much more convenient to pretend or to just go with the flow. I was telling my sister this morning, that sometimes if we’re doing something we know is wrong, we don’t want to be the only one doing it, because then it’s so blazingly obvious that what we’re doing is wrong, but if we can get someone else to join us in what we’re doing, then all of a sudden we can say, “See what I’m doing can’t be that bad if someone else is doing it.” I’ve been there, done that. It took a strong person to stand up and tell me, “You can pretend all you want, you know what you’re doing is wrong.”
    I wish it was that easy to fix what’s wrong with our society, but when we have leaders like the ones we have, it darn near impossible.
    I mean our leaders and society tell us it’s okay to have sex outside of marriage, just use protection and if you get pregnant, that’s okay too, just terminate the pregnancy. If you kill someone, just plead insanity. If you lie and get caught, that’s okay just tell another lie to cover that one up (the president and most politicians). Oh man, I could go on forever (don’t worry, I won’t. LOL!)
    I think the biggest problem is that we allow ourselves to be frightened into not standing up for the truth or into thinking that even if we don’t, someone else will. I think we have remember that if we want the best for our families and our country, fear or not, we have to grit our teeth and stand up and make lots of noise for the truth. Eventually, the more noise we make someone is bound to listen.
    Okay, getting off my soap box now. LOL! Have a blessed week.

    • I agree, the biggest problem is fear. We have allowed ourselves to be convinced that it is unpopular to disagree with “them”. If the MSM and/or government says this is the way it is, we are not allowed to speak our minds otherwise. So much for freedom of speech.
      Thanks for the heartfelt comments, Elizena!

  20. Well said. And so true!

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