Someone Passed By Today

Shawna of Rosemarymint is tending the dVerse Poets Pub today, and she’s asked us to write a poem about where we were and/or what we were doing in 1999. Well, what I was doing in 1999 was writing poetry, short stories, and novels, and I just happened to have this little poem I wrote in February of 1999 I’ve not yet posted on my blog.. I had just begun to write, so I’ll let you be the judge as to whether I should have kept my day job. I did for a while, but gave it up recently to devote my full attention to writing.

Someone Passed By Today


Someone Passed by today

As I struggled along my way

Through this life with all its trials

And too many lonely miles


That someone stopped to say

They’d walk with me a ways

Said, if I wanted, we could talk

If not, well then, we’d just walk


I paid her no mind for a while

Then I looked and she gave me a smile

Without words she said she was there

With her eyes, she said, I care


After some time and distance

I slowly let down my resistance

Told her I was glad she came

I asked, by the way, your name?


Angel, she said, with a grin

Gave me a little chuck on the chin

She said, it matters not where you go

I’m always with you, you know


Then she waved farewell and faded from sight

Carried upward on a bright beam of light

Another friend who happened my way

Someone passed by today


Copyright © 1999 C. Mashburn


  1. Mama Zen said

    This is lovely!

  2. I think this was Super! You’re doing what you meant to do inky humble opinion. KEEP ON, KEEPIN’ ON!

  3. Sorry…my kindle fire has a mind of its own…you know what I meant, I’m sure.

    • Ya gotta love those word recognition programs. They’re like spell check with an attitude.
      Yes’m, I knew what you meant, and I appreciate the support!

  4. wow moving piece charles…thank goodness for angels you know…there when we need them…with her eyes she said i care…nice…

    • Thanks, Brian! It’s actually one of my favorites from back then, and when I opened the folder, I wondered why I hadn’t posted it yet. I guess I thought maybe it was a little bit corny.

  5. Claudia said

    smiles..nice encounter…good to have someone walk by one’s side…flesh and blood or not…

    • I like the thought of someone being there; real or not.
      Thanks for the comment, Claudia!

  6. Mary said

    Fun to see what you were writing in 1999. I think every single piece of a person’s writing is worth while. And I do believe that many times there are angels that walk with each of us for a little while….with our without the name

    • Thanks, Mary. Some of the stuff I wrote in the “early” days was not so good. I look at a lot of it now, and wince. But, hey, we have to start somewhere!

  7. Shawna said

    This is my favorite part:
    “I asked, by the way, your name?
    Angel, she said, with a grin
    Gave me a little chuck on the chin”

    I thought this was going to be about a woman coming into your life, perhaps your wife. What a nice twist with her being an angel instead.

    I liked the framing of the first and last lines. Great job, Charles.

    • Well, Shawna, you caught me; this was about my wife. We hadn’t been together long, and she was the reason I began to write. I wrote poems for her almost every day, and she encouraged me to pursue writing other things. In more ways than one, she was a godsend, and she’s my real life angel.

  8. Grace said

    If this was inspired by meeting your wife, then she is an angel ~

    Nice one ~

  9. Awww… they do come to us when we need them to (I do believe) some as real people who come into our lives for a short time but that short time somehow makes a huge difference in our lives and, some in messages.
    What a lovely read.

  10. Charmed!

  11. hedgewitch said

    Sweet, Charles.

  12. Chazinator said

    One meets angels in the strangest places. It is good to know that you met yours. They say we each have one. I hope so. The poem really has a sense of joy and sincerity that makes me quite hopeful.

  13. zongrik said

    it’s good to have someone who is always with you

  14. Angels come in all kinds of packages. How lucky for you that you got to marry yours! Loved the poem 🙂

  15. Sheila said

    how lovely. I’ve seen some angels in my lifetime as well.

  16. shanyns said

    I love that you found this and shared it – such a sweet and touching write. I really enjoyed it each time I read it today. 🙂

    • I’m so glad you like it, Shanyns! I lost all my old computer files, but luckily Sherry had kept a hard copy of everything I’d written. I go through them every now and then, and come across some real gems. I think this is one of them!
      Thanks for the visit and wonderful comment!

  17. Pat Hatt said

    That just flowed so well with the rhyme, which the cat found sublime. Always nice to think someone is there watching over us or with us, very nice write

  18. Blue Flute said

    Very nice, I liked how it tied together in a nice story and you started back where you began.

  19. Gay said

    They aren’t just in books and movies. They’re with us and you captured one here and I think out of the corner of my eye, I still see her–Angel. Well done.

  20. Sherry Mashburn said

    You’re MY angel, Charlie . . .

  21. terri0729 said

    Love it, Charlie! so sweet too 🙂

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