My Wheels Don’t Turn

We’re having a fantastic spring here in east central Texas, and hoping it doesn’t snap off into a brutal hot summer like it did last year. Oh, we know it’ll get hot, we’re just hoping it doesn’t get THAT hot again! We’ve already had more rain the first four months of this year than we did for all of last year, so we got that going for us. And, things are looking good; too good, seeing’s how I have to mow the lawn every week!

My Wheels Don’t Turn

But I ain’t broke

   So don’t try to fix me

    Sure, my wheels don’t turn

     But, that’s the way I’m made

      Not for the riding

       Just for the lookin’ at

        No seat to sit upon

         And no petals to push

          But you can look at them

           (Please don’t touch)

            And though I may not compare

             To a shiny red Schwinn

              There’s times when

               I really show my colors


                Springtime is my time

                 That’s when duty calls

                  And I’m the talk of the town

                   The neighborhood, anyway

                     I was made for sunny weather

                       And a little rain

                        Won’t dampen my spirits none either

                           In fact

                            We had a little shower yesterday

                              And I feel good!

So, I gotta ask ya…

                           How ya like me now?!?!


Copyright © 2012 C. Mashburn

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  1. Hi Charles! Very charming, and I think the charm and sweetness alone fulfills your duty here! (One minor typo maybe –I think you mean pedals? ) (I’m sorry, but I’m a lawyer so these things jump out at me.) Thanks much. K.

    • Objection!! Actually, that was an intentional misspelling, but maybe I tried to get too cute?
      Thanks for the read and comment, K. And, please! Don’t hesitate to point out typos, or other infractions! I appreciate it!

      • Well, I thought it might be about flowering, I wasn’t sure. So sorry! You know lots of people post so quickly you see all kinds of stuff! Mea Culpa! Of course, the flowering makes perfect sense here! So sorry. Not too cute. k.

      • No problem! I do appreciate any and all heads-ups!

  2. LOL… Beautiful old bike! I hate mowing the lawn too 🙂

    • Oh now! Hate is pretty harsh! I really don’t mind doing it–Lord knows I need the exercise, and I love being outside–except when it gets real hot! But, when it’s real hot, the grass don’t grow very fast, so it all evens out!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. aprille said

    That is truly the perfect petal pusher 🙂
    You are so lucky, wherever you are: we had hail this afternoon.
    and it stayed down. Half an inch of it. In April/Spring.
    A schwinn would be nice in any colour, but I love the flowered bike.

    • Texas, ma’am! East central part of the beautiful Lone Star State. Born here, raised elsewhere, got back as quick as I could!
      Sorry ’bout your bad weather. We get some of that kinda stuff here, too, but not that often. We’re kinda right between tornado alley and hurricane territory.
      Yep, Shwinns are cool, but I like my flower trike, too!
      Thank you so much for the visit and lovely comment!

  4. Mary said

    I love it. I was made for sunny weather too. Late spring and summer and early fall are MY times. A little rain now and then is a good thing, but spare me the tornadoes! (And, hey, I love the plant holder. Gotta get me one.)

    • Yep. Don’t need no tornadoes!
      We bought the plant holder at our favorite nursery out in a little one-corner town called Roans Prarie, between College Station and Huntsville. They had a bunch of neat ones, but I had to have this one!
      Thanks for stopping by, Mary! I appreciate the comment!

  5. Laurie Kolp said

    I love your take on obligations… flowers indeed. We count on them!

    • Thanks, Laurie! I feel it’s my obligation to beautify my yard! Not to mention, I love doing it!

  6. Zouxzoux said

    This is so light-hearted – I love it! Love your gawjus bike planter too.

    • gawjus! Ha! I had to look at that twice afore I knew what it was! Beautiful! Ha! Nice one!
      Thanks for the gawjus comment!

  7. not too cute at all…i am a fan of word play…really cool planter you have there…flowers too brighten my mood so as spring…we are in the midst of showers right now…it is good cause we have def had the heat this spring as well…

    • Glad you like it, Brian–the poem and the planter!
      We’re having an awesome spring here! Hope the hot foot doesn’t drop too soon, and definitely not as hard and heavy as it did last year!

  8. tashtoo said

    I think that little trike is answering its obligations just beautifully! Thanks for bringing some sunshine to my bubble today Charles…I was in a cloudy place and needed a hand 😉 These must be those helping words you speak of 🙂 Truly adored this!

    • I’m so glad I could bring some sunshine to your day! That makes my day a success!
      I’m so glad you stopped by!

  9. Shawna said

    Awww, that’s cute. 🙂 Congratulations on all the rain; my family lives near San Antonio, so I know they are happy as well. Last year, I thought I’d never hear the end of comments like “we’re desperate for rain.”

    • Yes, last year was a tough one for Texas in the rain department! Things are lush and green here for now!
      Thanks for the visit and comment!

  10. zongrik said

    my wheels don’t turn -> that’s a great metaphor

    i like the planter a lot

    duty to challenge

  11. Awww…I love that bicycle… I want one! It’s wonderful… beautiful poem Charles!

  12. hobgoblin2011 said

    Very fun read. I can’t say I agree with you about the rain, not today anyhow lol, it poured and is supposed to for the next three days. But really enjoyed the write. Thanks

    • We don’t usually get those kinds of rains that go on for days. Usually just storms that blow up in the afternoon and don’t last long.
      Glad you enjoyed the poem!

  13. That would be nice to do during spring and summer ~

    Nice one Charles ~

  14. Ha ha, cheeky little poem full of attitude, really good fun and I do like that little bike every inch as much as a shiny Schwinn… Or maybe more so!

    • Attitude…I like that! Makes me think of the little chicken in the cartoons that wanted to be a chicken hawk. He was always struttin around with his chest puffed out.
      It’s a cool little trike!
      Thanks for the visit and great comment!

  15. David King said

    Flowers and obligations! Not many of us would have put those two together. Excellent take.

    • It was a bit of a stretch, David, but hey, I tried!
      I appreciate the nice comment!

  16. claudia said

    very, very cool… if all the things with non-turning wheels could be turned into something so beautiful, the world would be a better place…loved it charles

    • Great idea, Claudia! I think I’ll get an old Ford convertible, put it in the front yard on blocks, and plant flowers in it–maybe even a tree! NOT! The HOA would have a tow truck here before I could set the parking brake! hahaha
      Thanks for the visit and comment!

  17. poemsofhateandhope said

    I was in Texas last summer- I nearly melted. This was a great poem- love how you gave the little bike a ‘voice’- it felt almost cheeky- like a child! And fulfilling it’s duty to brighten the garden completely

    • It was a scorcher last year, that’s for sure. Many days, it was hotter here than it was in Phoenix, and that ain’t right!
      It was definitely written in aa tongue-in-cheek fashion, and like Vanessa said, I tried to instill a bit of attitude into the trikes character, as well. Just trying to have some fun with it!
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  18. Super! What a lovely piece!

  19. Chazinator said

    This is really cool, I thought you were talking about yourself and then the picture shows up! As it is, Ypur poem makes its point very surely and with sincerest honesty, a common-sense awareness that knows what what. In a world that often has too many shades of gray, such awareness is refreshing and important to hear.

    • In a slight way, it is about me, or people in general. It will make even more sense when I post the follow up, “I Ain’t Broke”. (I hope to post that one on Tuesday.)
      Thanks for the visit and great comment, Charles!

  20. hedgewitch said

    Love it Charles–i’m in Oklahoma, you know, so I totally understand about the weather–almost every day my husband and I (both gardeners) say something like ‘I can;t believe it’s this nice–just wait!” I love your bicicyle built for flowers, and the ability to enjoy life while the enjoying’s good.

    • My mom’s in OKC, and they are having a fantastic spring. It’s typically 5-10 degrees cooler there than it is here–depending on the time of year.
      As for enjoying life, I’m getting pretty good at rolling with the punches and landing on my feet. It’s all good!
      Thanks for the visit and comment!

  21. Raivenne said

    So charming, it brought a smile to my face. I love it

    • Thanks, Raivenne! It’s been a while since I charmed anyone!

      • Raivenne said

        I’m sure Sherry would disagree!

      • Oh, well, that’s different. She lives a charmed life! (you know, havin me around all the time…)

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