Love Your Neighbor! ~ April 29

Love Your Neighbor!

(No groaning or eye rolling, please)

And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. Matthew 22:39

A collective groan and rolling of the eyes probably follows the reading of this verse. Neighbor, as you might guess, does not refer to the folks living nearby; it refers to everyone around you. And make no mistake about it; I know how impossible loving some people can seem. But God loves them all, and if we are one with Him, we will love them all, too.

Did you notice I said “we will love them all, too”? Not, we can, could, or will be able to, but we “will”. When we love God, we will become one with Him, and since God is love, and loves everyone, and we are created in His image, we will love everyone, too. Loving our neighbor is a resultant behavior of loving God.

I don’t love everyone, and if I’m left to my own devices, I probably never will. But if I continue to focus more and more on God, and loving Him, I will love my neighbor as myself.

A quick note (no groaning or eye rolling, please): Those two words “as thyself” are merely saying we should love ourselves as much as we love God and others. Again, I think you’ll be surprised to find that when you love God, you will begin to realize you’re not as bad as you thought you were.

Love God. You’ll be amazed at what happens when you do!


  1. Mary said

    Good message this morning, Charles!

  2. Faye said

    It is amazing when God lets us view our ‘neighbors’ as we should. I’m thankful. I’m also thankful for the awesome and amazing fact that He loves me even though I don’t deserve it!

    • Yes ma’am! If we ever get to be as good as God at loving unconditionally… wow!

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