The Fayette Creature


The efficiency cabins where we stayed.

If you live in Texas and like to fish, swim, boat, or just relax in beautiful surroundings near the water, I highly recommend a trip to Oak Thicket Park at Fayette Lake. Sherry and I spent the weekend there, and it is a gorgeous park. We stayed in one of the efficiency cabins, but they also have larger two-bedroom units, and one bunkhouse, for larger gatherings. Screened shelters, RV spaces, and tent camping are also available, all of which are wonderfully shaded.

The first "Wow"!

The park is quiet and family oriented, and we got just what we were looking for—lots of peaceful relaxation. This scene is the one we walked up on when we first arrived at the cabin. We said, “Wow!”

Base Camp.

In fact, it was where we spent a large portion of our time.

The Fayette Creature!!

There was a bit of excitement the first evening, when we encountered the infamous Fayette Creature. Thankfully, it caught a gentle wave and drifted off into the deep water. Scary moments, for sure!

I hope they're okay!

These two waded by a few minutes later, seining for minnows. I hollered a warning to them about the creature, but they just laughed and went on about their business. I hope they’re okay!

I’ve got more pictures, and more “wows”, and plan to share them with you in the coming days! We really enjoyed our weekend, and hope you had a great one, too!

Copyright © 2012 C. Mashburn

Here are some links to other pictures and stories about our weekend at Fayette Lake:

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Oak Thicket Park at Fayette Lake info. <— click on the link to see park web site.


  1. Sherry Mashburn said

    It was the BEST weekend!!

  2. Good News said

    Gee-whiz I missed all the fun…LOL.. But I sure do like the pictures especially the cabin.. I’m Gonna have me a cabin like that in my next Life and it’s going to be right next to the River of Life… Charles, You can join me if you wish HA,HA. Blessings and thanks for sharing… Bro Pat.

    • I already have a reservation, Bro Pat! Maybe we’ll be neighbors!
      Thanks for the visit and great comment!

      • Good News said

        OK my friend I’ll be in search for you

  3. Raivenne said

    Aww! I really do need to see more of Texas than DFW.

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