Do You Believe in Magic?

There were so many beautiful things to see at Oak Thicket Park, and as we walked the various trails, I took several pictures. These shots I’m sharing with you do not do justice to the beauty we encountered, and I’m thinking about getting a new camera. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy these little magical glimpses of our weekend.

Do You Believe in Magic?

                            Walking along a forest trail

                The morning cool and fresh

    We came upon a tunnel

Sighing wind-whispered secrets

Curious trees leaning


Tangled vines reaching

Shyly touching

As we pass

Dappled light

Sprinkled on the floor

And nervous leaves

scuttered out of our way


At path’s end we came upon

     A scene of magical illusion

          A clearing where elves surely play

               From clouds and leaves and sunlight

                        Making art of limb and trunk

The magic of sunlight, leaves and clouds.

                                       Awesomeness on display

                                                                                 Marveling, we thought to move closer

Wondering, did our eyes deceive

We walked on

Eyes all a-sparkle

Believing in magic… and elves

And sunlight painted trees


Copyright © 2012 C. Mashburn

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  1. JOY said

    Great words to describe! I’m trying to use my imagination.. and that’s the power of magic! 🙂

    • Yes, that’s the power in magic–imagination!
      Thank you, Joy!
      I appreciate the visit and comment!

  2. Sherry Mashburn said

    Oh, wow! This captures it perfectly, Charlie!

  3. leahJlynn said

    I this was lovely and imaginative poem. I enjoyed reading this for some reason it put a smile on my face.

    • I love to put a smile on the reader’s face!
      Thank you very much for the visit and lovely comment!

      • leahJlynn said

        No problem, when you have time pls do go and visit my blog here: I’am using for the NaPoWriMo. Thanks and Blessings

      • I’m sorry. I meant to visit your blog right after I replied to your comment, and I got side tracked!

  4. Lovely ~~

  5. Love piece! Thanks for sharing!

  6. smiles..this is beautifull…i love nature too so it was extra enchanting…and love the bit of magic you found on your walk…and glad you shared just a bit of it with us…smiles…

    • Glad you enjoyed it, Brian! Thanks for stopping by!
      I appreciate the visit and comment!

  7. said

    I liked it very much. I love elves and magic..especially Keebler elves!

    • hmmmm… Waynette, elves, and huge pile of cookies…
      might take a while to get THAT visual outta my head!!

  8. Isn’t it wonderful to feel the magic and, to be a part of it all.
    Lovely write Charles.

  9. Lovely imagery, thank you for sharing.

  10. excellent. how often is believing just a matter of slowing down long enough to notice?

    • So true, Mark. Sadly, most of us don’t slow down enough to notice the beauty around us until it’s almost too late!
      Thanks for the excellent comment!

  11. Have you been visiting my favourite place?? Those photo’s look just like where I take my bush walks near the mangroves…as that is a place where all the fairy creatures come out to play with the birds…loved this, falling into natures means falling into your own imagination…lovely!

    • This little weekend trip seemed magical from the start. There was one bad part, which I will write about–in jest–but it seemed that everywhere we looked something speciaal was there to see! I hope your bush walks are that way, too!
      Thank you for the wonderful comment!

  12. A beautiful scene and your camera looks pretty good! Certainly your mind’s eye is. K.

    • The camera really isn’t bad for a basic digital. It takes good pictures as long as you’re not trying to zoom in too close. My biggest complaint is it’s slow. There’s a second or two between when you push the button and the shutter opening.
      But, thanks! I’m glad you liked it!

  13. clawfish said

    So wonderfully rendered both in words and visually loved it

  14. Love this…”And nervous leaves scuttered out of our way”
    Do you think leaves might suffer from shyness? 😉
    Felt as though I was there with your delightful imagery. Great photos made this a real journey taken along with you! Bravo!

    • Leaves moving around always seem to have a personality; shy, angry, scared, antagonistic, joyful. I always see an attitude in their movement. It’s just me, isn’t it? I hate it when that happens
      Thanks for the great comment, Susan. I appreciate it!

  15. Shawna said

    Sounds like a beautiful and mystical walk into another world. I like the description of the leaves as being “nervous.”

    • It was awesome, Shawna!
      And, I like giving personalities and emotions to inanimate things!
      Thanks for the visit and comment!

  16. chris said

    Ohhh, I LOVE this! Had a similar experience once, finding a fairy ring on a moonlit night. Your poem, though in dappled daylight, brought that back for me. Beautiful!

    • I’m glad I could take you back to that memory, and I’m glad you enjoyed the poem!
      Thank you for the visit and wonderful comment!

  17. A beautiful mayday poem – for it is surely this time of year when the elves and faeries come out to play, crowning king and queen and celebrating beldane. You captured the scene perfectly.

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