Grandma’s Button Box

A fellow poet and blogger posted a poem the other day that mentioned a shiny new button, and while commenting on it, I thought about my grandma’s jar of buttons. Sherry still has her grandmother’s beautiful button box, so I included a picture that shows it, as well as Sherry’s button jar. Anyway, the memory inspired the following poem. Enjoy!

Grandma’s  Button Box


The worst thing is losing a button

Or so it seemed back then

Grandma getting her button box down

Grumbling ‘bout your careless ways

As she began the hunt for one to match


The box full of every kind of button

A boy could possibly lose

Some of them shiny

Small ones and large

Every color of the rainbow in there


Chittering ‘cross the table

When she poured them out

Tired of stirring them ‘round with a finger

Hoping to get lucky

Knowing that wasn’t the way it would be


And when at last ‘twas found

That perfect shiny button

Or at least one so close no one would notice

Back into the box the rest would go

Until the next time


I’d watch the little box

Go back into its place

Marveling at the question

Handed down through all time

Wondering from where

Do the buttons come

That keep the button box full


Copyright © 2012 C. Mashburn


  1. Raivenne said

    “Wondering from where

    Do the buttons come

    That keep the button box full”

    * Giggles * As a mother who raised two sons and had her own button collection of sorts for many years — the answer? Little boys!!!

    Such an adorable write bringing back lots of buttoned down memories.

    • Thanks! I think I was reading your latest while you were reading this one. Yours is a little different than mine 🙂

  2. Sherry Mashburn said

    I spent many hours playing with my Grandma’s button box. Thanks for bringing back those memories!

  3. Everyone loves a button box… I keep mine in a tin with a picture of a tall ship on it. But enough about me ;)) lovely poem, thanks Charles.

  4. Buttons I love em…have heaps of them and in those old op shops I can’t help buying the odd assortment jars… Terrific poem much enjoyed!

    • Now that you mention it, button collecting would probably be fun. I bet you could find lots of buttons and button jars at antigue shops.
      Thanks, Dianne!

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