Buttons Out

I posted a poem yesterday, Grandma’s Button Box, about the box or jar grandma’s used to keep extra buttons in, in case we lost one off our shirt or jacket. The last line in this follow up poem kept running through my mind, and since it didn’t seem to fit in Grandma’s Button Box, I wrote another poem just for it.

Buttons Out


Button, button

Who’s got the button

A little song

Climbed into my thoughts


Google Image

I couldn’t recall

If it was real

A childhood game perhaps

Or something newly sewn


Buttons were on my mind

A line from another poet

Another poem

Spilled them from the box


A box from another time

Who sews these days

No need for spare buttons

We just buy a new shirt


Copyright © 2012 C. Mashburn


  1. Sherry Mashburn said

    Sad . . .

  2. Raivenne said

    Hey, we’re not all living in a disposable world darn it!

    I still sew buttons on shirts and coats and pants. I even know how to hem my own clothing and by hand – my occasionally stabbed thumb takes much offense.

    • Oh… did I leave out the “almost”? My bad!:)
      And just so ya know, yours truly sewed a tear in his jeans here a while back, so nanner nanner!
      I claim poetic license!

  3. ayala said


  4. terri0729 said

    i have one of those too, Charlie!! Every time I throw away a shirt, I cut the buttons off of it first 🙂 Telling my age again, lol!

    • Actually, most of my shirts don’t have buttons. I’m a T-shirt kinda guy!
      How old ARE you??? Jeez! hahaha
      Thanks for the visit and comment, Terri!

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