Hot Stuff!

Kellie must’ve run out of ideas for us to write about, because for her Free Write Friday, she’s left it up to us to pick a subject, simply suggesting we write about what we’re passionate about. But, I’ll give her a break; she’s busy promoting her awesome new book, Magic in the Backyard, and I know how time consuming that can be! So here you go; my passion: (drum roll, please)… Hot Stuff!

Hot Stuff!


I’m passionate about many things, but my passion is writing! I love to write!

My best pal!

I write poems, stories, novels, and even the

occasional article about this or that. I’ve been told I have a way with words, and maybe it’s true, but mostly, I just write what I feel, and do it in a way similar to how I would say it.

Another of my passions is spicy food and my no-longer-boyish-figure shows it. I used to be somewhat broad in the shoulder, and narrow at the hip, but these days I’m just, well… broad. I blame it on Mexico and Italy.

I worked for a pizza joint for several years in my early twenties, and, I kid you not, I ate pizza at least once a day every day I worked there. And, I still love pizza! People I worked with used to joke and say my blood type was oregano positive.

A fine new crop of Hot Stuff!


Jalapenos are a close second to pizza. Pizza with jalapenos kicks butt! In fact, just about anything is better with jalapenos on it, if

you ask me. I love me some hot and spicy!

The last couple of years I’ve begun developing a new passion; gardening! I started out with tomatoes and, of course, jalapenos; and I added sweet onions to the mix this year. Which, by the way, was so I could make my own fresh pico de gallo; a Mexican side-dish, made of chopped jalapenos, onions and tomatoes.

Tomatoes are on the way!

It adds a kick to just about anything you like to eat (well, maybe not desserts), and I love the stuff!

So there you go! Give this big ol’ boy a slice of pizza with pico de gallo on it, put a keyboard in front of him (and maybe a beer), and watch a big grin spread across his face. A passionate grin!

Chow, y’all!


  1. Sherry Mashburn said

    I can attest to his passion about hot and spicy. He LOVES grilled peanut butter and jelly on jalapeno cheese bread.

  2. Mama Zen said

    Gotta love those peppers fresh from the garden!

  3. Raivenne said

    You are a man after my own spice!

    I am spoiled by my fave deli near works whose grill master knows no matter what else I put in my omelets it also must always have jalapenos (with the seeds dammit), pico de gallo and pepper jack cheese. You can smell my nuclear buffalo wings with suicide dipping sauce on the side wafting in the air thirty minutes after they are just a memory.

    Though I must admit, considering the title, I really thought a not so tongue-in-cheek mention of Sherry would be included in this 😉

  4. Mary said

    Your eating style is similar to mine! When I go to a restaurant and ask a waitress if a particular dish is spicy, the waitress will often make some kind of apologetic comment IF it is..when in reality, I am HOPING she will say yes, it is VERY spicy / hot. And yes, bring on the jalepenos. I love jalepeno cheese. Nothing better.

    • Our local grocery store (H.E.B.) makes the best jalapeno cheese bread! Make any kind of sandwhich on it, and it’s twice as good. My favorite is to grill the bread, then put peanut butter and jam on it (Our homemade jam, of course).
      As for menus, I always look for the little logo for how spicy each item is. No logo=not for me, one logo=maybe, two logos=now we’re talking.
      Thanks for the visit and comment, Mary!

  5. I’m right there with you on the pizza…I could eat it just about every day. “Oregano Positive” cracked me up!

    Huge fan of Mexican & Italian food…just not the jalepeno’s…as much as I enjoy spicy food, that’s always been a bit much for me.

    Fun read here!

    • I don’t over-do the jalapenos. I like spicy, but not into edible pain!
      Thanks for the read and comment, Reggie!

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