Guest Post ~ Blissful Adventurer

Today, I’m guest posting at a friend’s blog; Michael Housewright writes a great blog about food and travel called The Blissful Adventurer, and while he’s vacationing in Italy this month, he’s invited some of his blogger pals to host his blog for him. I am pleased to be among the invitees! The post I’ve shared on Michael’s Blog is another piece about the wonderful weekend Sherry and I spent at Fayette Lake a few weeks ago. I wrote the poem on Saturday morning, and took the pictures throughout the weekend. The shot of Maisy blurred a bit, and I wish I’d gotten a better one. To see the post and visit Michaels blog, click here —> The Blissful Adventurer

Copyright © 2012 C. Mashburn

A big thank you to the Blissful Adventurer for a chance to guest host his awesome blog while he’s away.

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