Filled With Joy and Laughter! ~ May 27

Filled With Joy and Laughter!

I want to live in a world like that!

He will yet fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy.    Job 8:21

Yes! To shout with joy, to laugh; how wonderful does it feel when something causes us to do those things? How often do they happen? With most of us, they don’t happen often enough.

We were in the grocery store a while back, and when we arrived at the check-out the young woman at the register greeted us with a genuine smile and chatted merrily as we made our purchases. She laughed several times as she did her job and talked of nothing in particular. My wife commented on her cheerfulness, to which the young woman replied; “Well, you know,” she said, her eyes wide with excitement and her wonderful smile never wavering, “I figure I can either be happy or sad, and I choose happy!”

What a blessing she was! I wonder how awesome this world would be if even a small percentage of folks we meet were as filled with laughter and joy as she. I can imagine a world like that. I believe we will live in such a world one day. Perhaps that world will not be on this earth, but then again…. I like to hope it will be.

I encourage each of you to fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy. It could become extremely contagious!


  1. itssrijana said

    love each of your post so simple yet filled with wisdom

  2. Good News said

    Hay Charles; I Love it Great article… Blessings my friend.. Bro Pat.

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