Simple Math

When I was in my twenties (yes, that was a long time ago), our nation was struggling with high unemployment, government over-spending, and a bad economy. A friend asked me what I thought the problem was, and I said, “There’s no doubt in my mind what the problem is; our government is too big, it’s broken, and it can’t be fixed.”

I might have been correct in my assessment back then, but today, that statement I made more than thirty five years ago is even more on target. Our government has grown enormously, and when you add in the unionization of government workers, the swelling number of those on the various forms of government assistance, and the overwhelming illegal immigrant situation, the problem is greatly exacerbated. However, I’ve changed my mind about the last part of the statement I made back then. Our government might seem to be broken beyond repair, and perhaps it is, but we have to try and fix it.

What it comes down to is simple mathematics; the wage earners, at some point, will not be able to support those who choose to do nothing to earn their way, but insist they be given a share of the proverbial pie. Compounding the problem is the fact that many who could be earning a wage and supporting themselves and their families are opting to not work. Part of their reasoning is, “Why should I work hard for my pay, and then be forced to give part of what I make to the person who’s not working—not because they are unable to work, but because they choose not to.”

The hard-working people of this country have proven over and over that less government, lower taxes, and individual freedom to succeed according to ones efforts is the best system. Big government, high taxes, and sharing the wealth in an attempt to make it “fair” for everyone, is unsustainable, and will ultimately result in no one having anything to share. It’s a matter of simple math!

Susan Narvaiz is a conservative Republican candidate for Texas’ District 35 United States Congress. I can promise you she knows what balancing a budget on time means and she knows what accountability is. She will work to help get this country back on a road that leads to maximum available jobs and a strong economy.

We can fix our government, folks, but the key to fixing it is taking charge, and the way to take charge is to send the right people to Washington. Susan Narvaiz is one of those hard working folks we need to send. She is ready, willing, and very able to do the job that needs done!

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