A Gentle Nudge

Too many times—too much of the time—we wander through our days, feeling only the pain, seeing only the bad things, when there is so much beauty, and so much to be thankful for. Even I, as positive about life as I’ve become, find myself grumbling and blind at times. Forgive me.

A Gentle Nudge 

It sometimes seems we’re never satisfied

Grumbling and groaning, we go

Head and lips pulled down

Avoiding cracks in the sidewalk

Not remembering why


Around the corner, side of the house

Rarely seen, except on trash day

When the bin gets dragged to the curb

I wonder what kind of flowers they are

But don’t really care


Life draining me; pulling me to the ground

My problems blinding me to the beauty

Depression consuming my joy

Deaf to the sound of birds singing

In a colorless world


Tunnel vision; a prison of sorts

Strips of sunlight unseen

Road to nowhere goes two ways

Neither direction one I want to travel

Too busy today; wallowing in my misery


A gentle nudge from somewhere; then looking down

I see the beauty and smell the fragrance

Then hear His voice… a touch of pain within it

As He whispers to my soul

What do you want from Me?


Copyright © 2012 C. Mashburn


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  1. Sherry Mashburn said

    How sad that so many of us are blind to the beauty of His creation . . . it is all around us. We become too focused on our own thougths/pain and forget to open our eyes and our hearts to Him.

  2. Pats Devotions said

    Charles; what can i say! “Just plane good” Hows that!… Blessings my friend… Bro pat.

  3. we def allow gravity and pinholes to narrow our view and we miss the bits of beauty like those flowers…unless we intentionally look…beauty surely surrounds us…smiles.

  4. Yes, we can tend to focus in on the small stuff around us and yet if we looked at the bigger picture we’d see things are not nearly as bad as we think they are.
    Lovely pics and words Charles.

  5. So true for so many people, well-captured.

  6. I relate to this piece so much–sometimes, I just have to listen closely to someone else’s voice –Nice write!

  7. Avoiding the cracks, not remembering why… Ah yes, been there. It can at times feel like hard work to be in the moment, pick the good from the bad and hold it up to the light rather than scratching around in the dirt. Nice write Charles.

  8. Excellent, poignant. The latter part reminds of the song In The Garden

    • I wasn’t thinking of that song when I wrote this, Mark, but it’s one of my favorites!
      Thanks for the visit and comment!

  9. We all need a gentle nudge from time to time, to remember the miracle of beauty around us…love the flowers and that gorgeous bike!

  10. We look but don’t see…we rush by thinking we are living…beautiful reminder to stop and take in the wonder around us.


    • In our world today, we would do well to simply slow down and see the things we are passing by.
      Thanks for the visit and comment, Susie!

  11. Kristina said

    It’s hard to see the beautiful when you’re down.

  12. Charles, as a manic depressive with accent on depressed, I can truly appreciate those days when I forget to focus on the Creator by focusing on creation… this was a good reminder to keep things in perspective. Sometimes when I’m down, I get the most inspired, thanks to the Spirit, the Divine Sofia… Peace, Amy

    • it’s good that you are able to turn the situation around by focusing on the good things.
      Thank you for the visit and comment!

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    Focus on the good stuff!

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