Raw Emotion

Yessir, we are talkin’ pure undiluted, unadulterated, and possibly unforeseen raw emotion. That my friends is what will take place when the great white hunter returns to his humble abode and finds me here. Oh, I won’t be here—on this ledge by the balcony—but I will be where he least expects me to be, and I cannot wait to see the look on his face when I show him my pearly whites.

The look? You know! The look your old man had on his face the time he got woke up from a nap by the doorbell, and had taken about three steps before he realized that funny squishy sound was coming from his slippers. The slippers he’d just put on so he could see who was so all fired persistent at the freakin door! Little brother got the ringing-the-bell job, because he was the fastest runner, and you went out the back door while the old man was hopping around on one foot, pouring Jello onto the carpet out of his one shoe, while pineapples, grapes and pieces of apple were shooting out around his ankles on the other foot. Who’d a thought Jello salad in slippers could be so funny! Yeah, that look; a little bit surprised, a whole lot pissed off, and just a teeny bit of fear, which he vehemently denied years later, when he was able to laugh about it. (Refresh my memory; you boys were how old when he reached that point? Forty or so?) Heh heh.

Well the tanned guy is going to have the same look on his chiseled face in a little while, but with fear dominating. Oh, he’ll be extremely surprised, and pissed off that I caught him with his guard down, but the dominate emotion will be shaking-in-his-boots fear, and it will not be Jello squishing in his shoes as he turns and flees into the night.

Yep, he’ll think crocodiles and zombies are mere distractions when he sets his eyes on my smiling face. Yes, it’ll be a smile, but to your kind, my smile—up close as it will be—looks like a room full of huge razor sharp teeth. That’s it! I know where I want to be when he first sees me!

It’ll be the reverse of the doorbell trick, you see; I’ll be parked on my haunches just inside the door, so the first thing he sees will be the aforementioned room full of teeth.

I wish I could say “boo”; real soft like, you know, “boo.” <giggle>

Okay! Here he comes! I see he made quick work of the crocodiles and zombie. He still has that blasted torch, but he’ll put it out before he opens the door (I detest fire).

Okay okay okay. Shhhhhh…


  1. Sherry Mashburn said

    Jello salad in the shoes? Really?
    Great story-within-a-story!!

  2. I love your imagination!!! This is super entertaining, Charles! Thank you!! I also like how you delve into different types of emotion felt, too. Well done!

  3. adlt1226 said

    i enjoyed reading this..i like the humor you’ve come up with 😉

  4. Oh, this is a great direction for the image ~~ what an imagination you have and you express this imagination well. I was right there with narrator!! 😀

  5. I can see the old man hopping around with jello squishing between his toes! (Ewww!) lol!!! Delightful humor yet once again! I didn’t expect anything less =) Thanks you, Charles! xoxox

  6. Deborah said

    Too funny. Very entertaining.

  7. terri0729 said

    LOLOL! Yes, we were definitely not on the same wavelength this time 🙂 but I loved it just the same!!

  8. wonderfully hilarious! I remember doing this to an uncle with vanilla pudding in his basketball shoes….I had to do the switch dance over that one, no one thought it funny (I still do LOL)
    you are a fab writer and I always look forward to reading whatever your imagination comes up with.

  9. So inventive! I totally missed the zombies when I did the FWF as I was taken with the tiger and the light – so neat how we each discovered different things in the photo! I am pleased to have found your blog now. Take care.

    • Thank you, Christy! Yes, these prompts are interesting,, because each writer sees differnet things in them.
      Do drop by again!

  10. Haha! You made me laugh with this one, especially the line ‘I wish I could say “boo”; real soft like, you know, “boo.” ‘ Priceless

    • Yeah, I got a kick out of that line, too. I could just see this scene in an animated movie; Sylvester Stalone doing the voice of the tiger. hahaha
      Thanks for the great comment, Rachael!

  11. Boomie Bol said

    Very nice :)!!!

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