At Ain’t No Bunk

Okay, Claudia, you asked for it. I was sittin here mynin my own bidness, an you thode down the gontlet. Reed it an weep, dahlin! (Sumbody bess worn Anna not to read issun.)

At Ain’t No Bunk


Ah seed a young feller in a lil blue car

Ah node ride away heez a row-day-o star

Is bucket-sized at wuz black azz night

Wuz a look on is face, sayed he’s a ready ta fight


Ah node loss a cowboyz  long time aygo

Most from a drugstore an not row-day-os

They chawed toobaca, cussed an drunk beer

Wore pointy-toe boots an was never afeared


They rode em a bull, wuz juss a machine

An roped a old cow a munchin its feed

Them boyz wood fight if a dood drop is at

Or if a consarn galoot hit dare boot winny spat


Yep, ah use-ta ride wit a orneree bunch

We rode are horze an got are nose puncht

Them wuz a dayz when we wuz fulla some spunk

Now it’s cowchiz we ride, an at ain’t no bunk


Copyright © 2012 C. Mashburn

Sharing this trafistry with dVerse Poets Pub on their Poetics: Logophilia 1 feature.


  1. Fantastic Charles, it kept me smiling the whole time. I think incorporating colloquialisms is quite the challenge and admire your skill. I used to live in the South where I was teased mercilessly for my strict pronunciation and excellent diction. When I returned to the West I was again prodded terribly for my strict pronunciation and excellent diction delivered with a southern twang. I never win.

    • Ha! I’m glad you enjoyed it! I’ve also been through the accent wars. I moved to AZ when I was 10, and the kids teased me so much, I forced myself to tlearn to talk like them. Then I moved back to Texas and was saying y’all and fixin-to in less than a week!
      Thanks fo the comment, Anna. I read yours earlier, and my eyes crossed. I’ll try again later!

      • I’ve lived all over the US and in England so I am no stranger to the accent wars. One of my cousins lives in London and traces of his Texas accent still peak through his English accent which is really quite amusing :). Hope your eyes uncross soon (better than the usual compliant leveled against me (brain damage!)).

      • compliant leveled? Now that is cute!
        London/texas accent… I’ll have to give that some thought.
        Thanks again, Anna! Have a good night!

  2. brian said

    haha this is awesome…it reminds me of where i grew up by the accent…way to hold that together through out as well…hit dat boot wit da spat…lol…def not as much fun a life to ride cowchiz…smiles.

  3. I can imagine you reading this out loud in your accented voice ~

    I enjoyed the ride ~

  4. Mary said

    Cowchiz are definitely easier to ride than horses or them machine bulls! Loved your accent and your story.

  5. terri0729 said

    LOL! I ran with some of them fellas that was fulla some spunk back in my days too 🙂 must be the country boy thang! and now I gotta nother of ’em!!!! xxx

  6. Always so much fun to come and read you. Sorry I haven’t been over much this past week or so, been super super busy… Glad I found the time today, this was brilliant, loved it!

  7. Claudia said

    very cool…you painted the atmosphere and picture perfectly with the use of dialect..a pleasure to read…and i just love the word afeared…

  8. Susan said

    Wow! “Ah node loss a cowboyz long time aygo / Most from a drugstore an not row-day-os: To the tune of . . . . These are lyrics just begging to be sung. I loved reading “At Ain’t No Bunk,” and gather from the other commentators that this is a genuine place-able vernacular. Bravo!

    • Oh! You are so right! It would make a cool song!
      I’m glad you enjoyed it, Susan!

  9. Ravenblack said

    Very interesting to read and hear the accent coming through. I feel like I would’ve loved to hear more his tales. 🙂

    • Yes, this is one that brings my grandpa, “Bunk”, to mind.
      Thamks for the comment!

  10. David King said

    Very giggleworthy! Love it.

  11. ds said

    Dialect is so hard to write. This is great. Ah kin heah him chawin’ uhway an tellin his tale an spittin…
    Well done–and fun! thank you.

  12. A lot of fun. You managed to keep it this side of readable as well (which was no small feet — errr…..) k.

    • I actually had Sherry read this one, and comment on its readability, and she made some great suggestions that helped. I know I could have worked on it and made even more readable, but it was late (for me) and I just went with it. Just havin some fun!
      Thanks, Karin! I always appreciate and enjoy your comments!

  13. Chazinator said

    Man, you got the drawl down pat, hombre. Those days was mean and ornery fer sher. Can’t say I ride with such a wild bunch as these, but I knowed some cussedly mean guys in my life. Great slice of Texas here.

  14. zongrik said

    this reminds me of the dialogue in a Faulkner novel!!

    bonus track

    • I haven’t read a Faulkner novel in years. I’ll have to see if I have one,and check it out!

  15. Dark Angel said

    Oh lord, as a rancher’s daughter I actually understood that. 🙂

  16. Raivenne said

    Hee-hee-hee-hee! I can’t stop giggling.

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