You’re A Tornado! ~ July 2

You’re A Tornado!

But you can’t hurt me!

He maketh the storm a calm, so that the waves thereof are still. Psalm 107:29

I was talking to Mom the other day, and she was telling me about a customer that was rude to her. It upset her, but the fact is we’re going to encounter people who don’t want to get along. Some folks only care about themselves and their agenda, and as far as they’re concerned anyone who doesn’t do things exactly the way they want them done is a problem.

I was encouraging Mom to let go of the experience, because the fact is it was over, so there was no need to keep thinking about it. I mean, it’s okay to vent, and I’m as good a person to vent at as any, but after we’ve got it off our chest, we need to shake it off and get on about our business.

Earlier in the conversation, Mom had told me about some severe weather they’d had that morning, but how it had missed her and her RV. (Always does.) As we talked about the rude guy, a thought hit me, and I said, “Mom, if you can’t handle that rude guy for ten minutes, how are you going to handle a tornado?”

We laughed and talked about it a bit more, then another thought came to mind, and I told her the next time you get a rude customer like that guy; smile, look him right in the eye, and say “You’re a tornado!”

We will have storms in this life, but we can get through them.


  1. Sherry Mashburn said

    God is holding me and mine in His hands . . . the winds will not buffet us and the waters will not rise against us.

  2. Pats Devotions said

    Another very great article Charles…Thanks and God Bless… Bro pat.

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