Buttons Out

A few days ago, I posted a poem, Grandma’s Button Box, about the box or jar grandma’s used to keep extra buttons in, in case we lost one off our shirt or jacket. The last stanza in this follow up poem kept running through my mind, and since it didn’t seem to fit in Grandma’s Button Box, I wrote another poem just for it. Sharing it on dVerse Poetry Pub’s Open Link Night #51 this afternoon.

Buttons Out


Button, button

Who’s got the button

A little song

Climbed into my thoughts


Google Image

I couldn’t recall

If it was real

A childhood game perhaps

Or something newly sewn


Buttons were on my mind

A line from another poet

Another poem

Spilled them from the box


A box from another time

Who sews these days

No need for spare buttons

We just buy a new shirt


Copyright © 2012 C. Mashburn


  1. claudia said

    nah…don’t buy a new shirt…take needle and thread and sew that button back on..smiles..

  2. it is a bit sad that we do not mend our shirts and just buy new ones…says much of our attitude and lifestyle…and the magic of the button box disappeares over time….

  3. You’re right, it’s actually a LONG time since I sewed on a button. LOL

  4. Sherry Mashburn said

    Sad to say, we are a disposable society that wants instant gratification.

  5. Gay said

    Yes. Clothes are not dear, time is not treasured, nor doing for others. Time was when these were the sweetest presents – preserving common place things and sharing time with family especially children while doing so. Quite a poem, sir.

  6. I got an A+ every six week period in Home Economics so I sew on those buttons to use those skills. I also was the only person in my class to successfully raise a boiled egg (stand in for baby). If you didn’t break it while keeping a care journal you passed as a parent – ha. You may actually enjoy my post tonight, mostly fun and action, very little thinking ;). Fun to see the button prompt stuck with you.

  7. ayala said

    True…no one sews anymore 😦

  8. itssrijana said

    i do mend and sew feels good everytime i do like iam incharge of good things 😀

  9. kelly said

    Ha, so true… we don’t fix much of anything at all these days, everything is disposable… i still have a big jar of buttons, just in case…

    • Yes, we have lots of buttons, too. I don’t think we’ve sewn a button on in the last 15 years, though!
      Thanks, Kelly!

  10. Susan said

    Neat that you notice the die-ing of this art and skill. Button, button,indeed! I still sew on buttons, but I throw away socks that need darning. A hole is a hole, in a bucket or not!

    • Yep. I keep my old socks to use for cleaning, but when they get a hole in ’em, they’re done as far as wearing them.
      Thank you, Susan!

  11. This is sad ~ I remember my mom lovingly sewing those buttons and patches of our clothes ~

    • I don’t remember Mom doing a lot of sewing (that’s not to say she didn’t) but iron on patches were a popular item when I was a young’n.
      Thanks, Heaven!

  12. Mary said

    Ah, I do sew on buttons. It is about the only kind of sewing I do. I enjoyed your poem. So much really has changed since childhood days, hasn’t it?

  13. Glad I’m not the only one with buttons lingering in my mind! lol. Loved this. And I can’t sew at all! 😉

  14. Raivenne said


    For your information young man, “I” still sew buttons back on clothing, thank you very much! I even hold on to those extra -just in case you lose one- button packs most manufacturers send with clothing these days for exactly that reason.

    • Young man?? You got the wrong number, lady!
      I’d probably sew them on, too–wouldn’t eveen care if they matched–but I wear T-shirts about 95% of the time, so it’s a moot point!
      Harumph! I love it!

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