Karin is on duty over at dVerse Poetics tonight, and she’s got us writing about things French. I’m thinking this ain’t what she has in mind, but, hey, French is French!

Back in the day, my best pal Barry and I used to roam the neighborhood late at night. One night, when we were in eighth grade, or maybe freshmen, we ran into a couple of neighborhood girls and experienced an awakening that to this day remains vivid in my mind. I’ll bet you Barry hasn’t forgotten it either.



We were minding our own business

One summer night ago

Standing in the vacant lot

Bored to tears with nothing to do


Then came the sound of giggling

We turned and there they were

Two lovely lasses smiling big

And sauntering straight our way


The lot dimly lit by a hazy street light

The girls definitely out of our league

A little older you see, but not only that

Two of the prettiest girls in school


They slid up to us, all coy and mysterious

Our brains went plumb on the blink

Then one blurted out a question

Asking something I will never forget


Have you ever been French kissed?

We answered in unison, NO!

I’d heard of the practice of course

But never thought I’d get to do it


The two exchanged grins full of mischief

Their eyes sparkled in the glow of the light

Me and my pal stood like dumb statues

Eyes bugged and mouths open wide


One grabbed my pal, the other grabbed me

And a demonstration quickly ensued

Tongues were darting and dancing

And minds went fuzzy and blurred


We were obviously startled and a wee bit excited

At this sudden education

One we’d discuss in amazement

At great length in the weeks to come


It was over as quickly as it had begun

And we stood in dumbfounded silence

As the two giggling girls ran away

And vanished into the darkness


We heard a backdoor bump shut

Then turned slowly and stared at each other

Wondering what had just happened

Eyes glazed over, we said not a word


My pal slowly turned and walked down the street

I watched him fade into the night

Then smiling I spun and headed for home

Thinking, these are the good ol’ days!


Copyright © 2012 C. Mashburn


  1. Sherry Mashburn said

    and you were a very able student . . .

  2. Ha – very cross-cultural, Charles, and a lot of fun. k.

  3. Well that’s cute as pie!

  4. What an education…ha..ha…enjoyed it Charles ~


  5. haha…wow…what a moment charles…lol…that is was out of the blue and girls that you thought might be out of your league…i can see where that mightput a young heart a twittering….lol…yes the age of innocence….ha…the good old days….smiles…

    • Obviously a moment I never forgot. I liked upon those two lasses with glazed eyes for the rest of our high school days!
      The good ol’ days for sure!
      Thanks, Brian!

  6. Where were those girls when I needed them?

  7. Mary said

    This made me smile! I’d say you learned this lesson earlier than many. I won’t tell you at what age I learned it…but ‘a bit’ older than you. It definitely is good to have a broad (however one defines it) education! Smiles.

    • You just didn’t spend enough time in vacant lots in the middle of the night, Mary.
      And yes, my education got broadened that night. I think I skipped a couple grades!

  8. lucychili said

    hehe =)

  9. Bad girls!~! They were using you boys as target practice…he he… 🙂
    I bet you two never forgot it either.

    • Bad girls? We thought they were really good girls! hahaha
      We were most happy to have been available for target practice, too!
      Thanks, Daydreamertoo!

  10. Chazinator said

    This is very fun reading; the memories started flaring up of my oen experience. French kissing indeed. I’m glad your wife thinks you learned well! 🙂

    • I think we all can relate to this one on some level, Charles.
      Thanks for the visit and comment!

  11. Claudia said

    haha..so good…ya know..back in my good old days when we were kids, we played this game..sitting on the lawn, we let an empty bottle spin and the one who spun and the one where the bottle stopped spinning had to french kiss each other..yikes..if it stopped by the right person it was magical..if not..well…smiles

  12. janehewey said

    this makes me smile with memories. I enjoy your take on the prompt…with really good storytelling.

  13. a dare turned into a dream– 🙂

  14. ds said

    Cute! And so well told. Thank you.

  15. yoga-adan said

    “We were obviously startled and a wee bit excited

    At this sudden education”

    i could’ve used a few more of those “moments” 😉

    great memories indeed, thanks charles 😉

    • We all would have like more of those moments, Adan! Great memories!
      Thanks for stoppig by!

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