What a Beautiful Day

I try to look at the good stuff, not the bad. I sometimes write about the bad stuff though, because it’s part of life, and needs to be looked at. Seasons come and go, and there is something good in all of them. The same is true of our lives; there will be good times and bad, hot and cold, rain and sunshine.

What a Beautiful Day


Some days just stick in your mind

I remember it like it was yesterday

The fresh warm feel of spring

Grass wet with mid-morning dew

Leaves green and bright

The smell of fresh turned earth


Another one pops into my mind, just as vivid

Hot summertime; brutally hot

Sweat running down my back

Brown grass; the air smelling like dust

Leaves hanging like they’ve given up

The back of my neck hot; eyes too


The one on that winter day was hard

The ground even harder; frozen and white

Cold and shivering, shoulder to shoulder

Wondering if there’d ever been grass… anywhere

Naked tree limbs shuddering in the wind

Hands so cold I couldn’t feel yours in mine


And the one in the fall… that gorgeous day

Kids across the street playing football

No fair, no fair! One of them kept yelling

The grass still had a touch of green on it

The leaves, a hundred shades of gold and red

Still clinging to the trees


The kid was right; it’s never fair

It hurts like hell regardless the season

It doesn’t matter what color the grass is

Hot, cold; leaves green or gold

Nobody ever said…

What a beautiful day for a funeral


Copyright © 2012 C. Mashburn

Sharing on dVerse Poets Pub’s Open Link Night #54


  1. Sherry Mashburn said

    Wow . . . that last line! Made me go back and find the hints. Good write, Charlie!

    • Well, as you know, I had my doubts about this one. It seems to be getting good reviews though.

  2. Oh, the ending took me really by surprise Charles. I wasn’t expecting that at all. Lovely write.

  3. ouch…that closing line…you hinted at it a bit…but once it hit, it did…heavy…and i remember a few of them…

  4. Jody Collins said

    wow……..Charles, that last line is a keeper! wow.

  5. I agree, some days just stick to your mind like it was yesterday ~

    Still I like the shades of green still clinging to the trees ~


  6. Well, I may have heard that said, Charles! But I agree, it’s pretty unusual, and only said in a kind of sad way of wouldn’t the person have enjoyed it much. Lovely panoply of memories here, caught in seasons, very simple, and love bringing in the boy. k.

  7. Raivenne said

    Oddly enough, part gallows humors and part consideration of the person whose funeral we were attending – whose favorite season was autumn – on the lovely fall afternoon we buried her, I said exactly that at the repast. It was not a happy day, but weather wise it was a beautiful one.

    • I’m sure the reality of it is it’s been said many times. My reality is I don’t even know where this one came from. One of those Jack-in-the-Box poems; just popped into my head.
      Thanks, Raivenne!

  8. okay, I did not see that ending coming. As you captured the seasons so beautifully, I admit the end made me a bit sad. but you’re right life has good and bad, sun and rain….and it definitely never feels like a beautiful day for a funeral.

  9. zongrik said

    you really manged to describe a lot of different states of the grass (dry, wet, green…) and fit them into a story

    four child with book senryu

  10. No that is true – but the day after Kennedy died in Dallas was almost the most brilliant, crisp, clean smelling day I remember living through and all the while thinking how opposed to the feeling of the day it looked. Apt observation and powerful poem, Charles

    • I remember that day too, Gay. It was an equally beautiful day in Arizona. I can still picture the bright sunshine, and the steps where I was standing when someone told me the president had been shot. Funny, how our memories work; I have no idea who told me, but can picture it vividly otherwise.
      Thanks for the kind words!

  11. RD said

    and from left field, our ever present corrector : reality

    I accept the beauty and the horror equally…they need each other

    if you care to:


  12. Susan said

    Nicely done! I love the link of the child’s protest with the inner feelings. I did not guess the funeral until you named it, though I was adding details up about earth and hard ground, etc. it still works and is a great read.

    • Thanks for the great comments, Susan. I appreciate it, and I’m glad you enjoyed the poem.

  13. ayala said

    Some days do stick in our minds. A good write.

  14. lucychili said

    it is a day we will all have. something we share i guess. birth and death.
    and the moments in between =)

  15. Darkness and light – you play them off against each other to great effect here Charles. It’s very touching and I like it very much.

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