My Bad! ~ July 28

My Bad!

Even when it’s not?

Since we have now been justified by his blood, how much more will we be saved from God’s wrath through him! Romans 5:9

I spent most of my career in construction as a superintendent. Something I learned quickly, was I had to accept responsibility for any mistakes made. If an employee or subcontractor made a mistake, I had to answer to the owner. Many times I took the wrath upon myself, to the amazement of those who actually made the blunder. But! I did pass the wrath on to them later!

I took the responsibility, but I passed the discomfort on to the one who messed up. Jesus took it all and never said a word. Even though we are the ones who messed up (and continue to mess up), He doesn’t condemn us, and continues to shield us from God’s wrath. When He stepped up—following God’s plan—He did so, knowing His actions were a forever thing. He knew there was no out, no do-over, no re-negotiating; He would take the responsibility for our sins upon Himself, and we would be forever in His care and protection.

Sometimes I think about this stuff—these things God has done for us—and I shake my head in wonder. I wonder… how big is God’s love? Can we even imagine a love so immense, so immeasurable… so forgiving… so forever?

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