Maybe I’ll Shine

This is something new for me. I don’t often write poems of a religious nature, but as I read today’s “Daily Encouragement”, I saw a poem in it. So if you read the encouragement this morning, this will sound very familiar. You can also listen to me read this one if you’d like to.

Audio version of “Maybe I’ll Shine”. <— click on the title

Maybe I’ll Shine

Have you ever looked at something

Something you’ve seen many times before

And suddenly it looks different      

Maybe it’s the way the light hits it

That obviously happens

A table that looked clean the day before

Looks dusty when the morning light streams across it

The light of God’s love shows things as they truly are

I cringe at the thought

Wondering how I must appear

When God’s light shines upon me

But then I ponder God’s love

And the fact that He loved me

Even before I knew Him

And I realize His love is much the same

As the morning light on the table

As it suddenly occurs to me

Things are not as I thought they were

… They’re better

I am far from perfect                               

I’m a bit dusty, blemished, and scarred

But like an old chunk of coal

I am being worked and polished

And one day…

Maybe I’ll shine

Copyright © 2012 C. Mashburn

Pictures courtesy of Google Images

Sharing this with dVerse Poets Pub on their Open Link Night ~ Week 57

Audio version of “Maybe I’ll Shine”. <— click on the title


  1. Sherry Mashburn said


  2. jmdh said

    I like it ! if u got some of that polish left over, send some my way!!

  3. This is so beautifully written, Charles. We are all God’s children with His hand as our polishing cloth:>)

  4. oh i am pretty sure you got a good shine on you already…smiles…but yes, we are constantly being worked and i imagine as well in the light that he gives we look a whole lot more beautiful…smiles.

    • Aw, now, Brian. I’m still pretty dusty and rough, but I’m full of hope!

  5. Jody Lee Collins said

    Charles–you’re shining already! this was wonderful.

  6. Shine on my friend, shine on! Great article Charles, Love it.. Blessings.. Bro Pat.

  7. Or maybe we all shine in god’s eyes–lovely write–raises a pensive note in me

  8. ayala said

    You shine now 🙂 Nice..we are all a work in progress 🙂

  9. Aren’t we all just lumps of coal waiting for our moment to shine?
    Beautifully written

    Peace to you

  10. we do need that polish and shine, that work to be done…but, we are also told it is already done; seen through the Son, we already shine.
    Nice work.

  11. I think you’re shining but then l love blemishes, dust and scars they make us who we are, and we can shine just the same! No one is perfect!

  12. I agree with Brian, there’s a good ol’ shine on you there already Mr Mashburn!

  13. Mama Zen said


  14. hedgewitch said

    Hey, I already have to put my shades on when i come by here, man.

  15. A meaningful share Charles…We would like to shine more brightly as the years go by ~ Happy day to you ~

  16. Mary said

    The light of God’s love DOES show us as we really are; bur the important thing is…….He loves us anyway! Chunk of coal or not!

  17. Raivenne said

    Oh you’ve got that shine on, that is definite. You are not the Candle but one of His many mirrors. Excellent write Charles.

  18. I think you’re already shining.

  19. Ginny said

    By the grace of God, we will shine. This was an encouragement–feeling very dusty today as I raise my voice with my children, expect more than they are capable of, and yet I am loved. More than I know and so are they, thanks be to God. Thank you for this, Charles–

    • I’m just passing along my own daily lessons. We are all human, and unfortunately we need constant training and forgiveness. If God was a drill sergeant, I’d be deaf from Him screaming in my ear.

      • yoga-adan said

        this was such a great reply to such a nice comment, “If God was a drill sergeant, I’d be deaf from Him screaming in my ear” – i’m gonna cheat a bit and make this my comment on both your poem and comment stream 😉

        thanks charles!

      • Thank you very much, Adan!

  20. Susan said

    “And I realize His love is much the same
    As the morning light on the table
    As it suddenly occurs to me
    Things are not as I thought they were
    … They’re better. . . ”

    I like the dust on the table analogy very much. I too am in the process by being on the path–I leave the product for God.

  21. Raven said

    Wonderful self-images!

  22. rmp said

    I can see how the light shining on you (or me or anyone) can be intimidating. Seeing our flaws and faults. It’s not always easy to find the good in all of that, but you did. To steal from the movie Aladdin, we’re all “diamonds in the ruff.”

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