You and Me

I often lament the fact that my family is scattered all over the country and beyond, and I yearn for the good ol’ days when we all lived in and around the same small town.

You and Me


Alone again… the house is quiet

The kids are gone; kinda sad

Just you and me

But ya know… that ain’t so bad


They all live so far away

It hurts sometimes, ya know

I miss the way things used to be

When everyone lived so close


Families stuck close together

It was unheard of to move away

Nowadays it’s quite the opposite

It’s unusual if they stay


And so this old world keeps spinning

Our loved ones we don’t often see

But ya know… I ain’t complaining

As long as there’s you and me


Copyright © 1998 C. Mashburn

I’ll be sharing this oldie with dVerse Poets Pub this afternoon on their Open Link Night ~ Week 59.


  1. sharing on fb if you don’t mind it is so beautiful!

  2. Great post Charls; Sounds like my family.. Blessings my friend… Bro Pat.

  3. We are just now starting that part of life–and loving it–

  4. It is a shame when families all become separated by long distances. Here on the island, it’s whole population is 139,000 and everyone knows everyone and kids build houses along side their parents and grand parents. It’s good to see it. Touching.

  5. So true. Wishing you long and healthy life together. So much lonelier when the other is gone…and all the other ones too. Still one must bravely forge on even so – when eyes are bright, minds are curious, and there’s another sunrise – life is filled with hope.

  6. Sherry Mashburn said

    you and me, babe . . . together, always

  7. hedgewitch said

    With my family the song has always been how can I miss you if you won’t go away? 😉 Just jokin–people do an awful lot of moving in their lives now–and I always wonder if they find what they thought they would when they get there. Enjoyed this, Charles.

    • I do understand the joke. And I certainly can’t point fingers at any of my family with regard to moving. I was a construction gypsy most of my life, and locst track of how many times I moved.

  8. Bodhirose said

    That seems to be the way of families today…sorry yours is scattered, Charles. But nice that you have a ‘someone else’ to be with.

  9. smiles…i have come full circle…i used to be the one at the greatest distance but the last 6 years we have been the closest….there is a pining for the days when people did not live so far apart man…

    • There sure is. I can’t imagine what life would be like if I had lots of family around. I probably wouldn’t be such a recluse!

  10. Mary said

    Charles, I hear you on this. It is definitely nice to remember when the family all lived under the same roof and had that closeness that changed when the children moved away. I think your poem expresses something pretty universal. Children grow up and go far away from home, more often than not.

    I am glad I have a daughter who lives near and that I can be a regular part of (and influence in) my grandchildren’s lives.

    Interestingly enough, I know some parents who, when they visit their adult children, opt to stay in a hotel/motel so as to be able to get away from all the hubbub in the adult child’s home. Seems odd to me…as one could have had all that privacy and quiet if one had not traveled to see them at all!

    • I would much rather stay with them, too! On our last visit we stayed in a hotel simply because my son’s house is very small, and it would have been uncomfortable. No couch sleeping for this old dude!

  11. As long as there’s you and me. . .beautiful!

  12. Simple & touching. I miss the days when my family were together, too. “You don’t know what you have until it’s gone.” That saying seems to ring truer every time I use it. Thank you for taking me back a bit, Charles.

  13. yes, the ‘just you and I’ will be nice when it comes, but really in no hurry. them moving away is not something I care to contemplate just yet.

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